A 22.5 Degree Dial
Note that this dial does not show 22.5 degree aspects, but those less than 22.5, eg. 11d15m.
Therefore, the orbs must be very tight: 15min for 11d15m,  7m for 5d 37m, etc.
There are 12 divisions of each degree shown on this dial, so each = 5 minutes.
If personal points are not involved, be careful of using too wide an orb.
What to do:  Print this dial and laminate it or glue it onto cardboard. Cut carefully - leaving the degree and minute markings - and then place it on a plain sheet of paper.  Stick a pin through the center, onto a work board.  Use a pencil to enter the positions of the planets and points (unless you are lucky enough to have a perfect fit of the 22.5 chart onto this dial). "Spin the dial", keep orbs tight, and have fun !
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