Assignment 2 
Symmetrical Astrology

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Part A  -  Planetary Combinations

Each planet or point represents a different energy.  For example, Mars can stand for a person's physical work such as exercising, while Saturn can be the discipline of learning a new subject.  For each of the following, give one planet or point.  Use only 'traditionals' and not the 'hypotheticals' or other newer bodies and points.  This should be very basic and easy for you to answer.
1.   Rational thought, the mind.

2.   A person's creative spirit, vitality.

3.   Transformation, power imposed on others, dominance.

4.   One's aim or goal in life.

5.   Associations with other persons, cooperation, connections.

Following on from the explanation above, we can combine the energies of Mars and Saturn, which will manifest as a 'serious approach to work' or 'resisting harmful energy'.   For this section, give the two-part planetary combinations from the list given below question 11.  If you have a book such as The Combination of Stellar Influences, your task will be much easier, but first answer the questions without referring to a book (then you can confirm your answer later). 

 6.  Depth of thought, mental work. 

 7.  Spirit and soul, vitality and feeling, inner balance, parents and partners. 

 8. The stage of rearranging one's environment; sudden incidents; an accident. 

 9. Successful creative activity, clearing the air after a dispute, rebelliousness against rules. 

10. Individuality, a positive ego consciousness, self knowledge. 

11. The release of tension or strain along with a positive outcome and sudden recognition - 
     or - missing the best chances and opportunities. 

    CHOICES : 

  Ma / Ju    Ju / Ur
  Me / Sa    Ur / Asc
  Su / M    Su / Mo

  The founder of Cosmobiology, Reinhold Ebertin, gives Venus energy as 'love, attraction, beauty' and Ascendant energy as 'a person's environment, behavior towards others, development of the personality'. Combining Ve and Asc energies, we get 'a harmonious personality or attitude towards others; beautifying the environment'. Now, what would happen if a third factor influences this Ve-Asc energy?  For example, this occurs when a transiting planet activates a natal midpoint, or a point in the natal chart makes an aspect (angle) with a natal midpoint.  If you cannot understand the concept here, please refer to the Mini Lesson on Steve Lee's Symmetrical Astrology web site, or the article located at:
   If Neptune were to activate a combination of Mars-Saturn energies, it would result in 'weak vitality, deceptive hard work, or perhaps death caused by drowning or poisonous gas'. We could write this as Ne=Ma/Sa.  By contrast, Mercury with Mars-Saturn (Me=Ma/Sa) would stand for 'talking about serious work, or news of someone leaving'.  As you can see, we are getting into advanced concepts now.  The combination of such energies is the prime factor of all astrological work, and especially important with Symmetrical methods.
  Each of the following represents a form of Venus-Ascendant energies (as explained above) but with one extra factor added to form a three-part combination.  Choose one planet or point that would represent the following descriptions. Express your answers in the form of A = B / C.
12.  Wealth and luck with art.  Expanded artistic qualities.
13.  The end of a relationship, a love of solitude.
14.  Expressing one's nurturing or mothering nature.
15.  The special ability to find and meet others and then to impress them with charm and sympathy.

  The Sun / Moon is one of the most important midpoints in any chart, and especially so in natal Cosmobiology charts. Sun-Moon energies have been explained in the Mini Lesson located on the Symmetrical Astrology web site. Here are some interpretations of  [Su + Mo]:
 The balance of male and female within the psyche, which expresses itself in terms of relationships with the opposite sex. Inner psychological balance. May also at times relate to one’s experience of the mother and father as a pair. Marriage, parents, friendships, partnerships, body of a woman, body-feeling. 

  For each of the following, give an interpretation. (At least one sentence in length. You may refer to a textbook but do not copy - use your own words.)

16.   Me = Su / Mo
17.   Ma = Su / Mo
18.   Ur = Su / Mo
19.   Ne = Su / Mo
20.   Pl = Su / Mo

In PART B of this assignment, you will put all of what you have learned 
into practice by working with 360 and 90 degree charts.

Please copy and paste the questions with your answers (do this for all of the assignment).

( i.). How long did this part of the assignment take to complete ? 


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