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Symmetrical Astrology

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 Triple Ring Charts

   Fundamental to nearly all astrological prognosis is the use of transits, progressions and solar arc directions.  Symmetrical Astrology makes use of a 'triple ring chart' whereby a dial is placed in the middle of three charts: natal, directed, and transit.  Secondary progressions can also be used, and all of this can be put on a quadruple ring chart.

   When the Transneptunian Points are included, the resulting chart is quite impressive in its complexity. The next time you are at a (non-Symmetrical) astrological conference, take out a triple ring chart and start spinning the dial with a concentrated effort until someone asks what you are doing.  Make your reply with an air of expert authority, and see how you are treated thereafter.  Either you will be seen as a respected  professional, or as someone who has finally 'gone off their rocker!'

   Joking aside, after you complete this assignment you will feel like an expert astrologer and will have great satisfaction with what you have accomplished.  Get ready to make great progress! You will engage in a fascinating analysis of a major event, in the life of a world-famous person.

One of the most important technological inventions made in the last couple of centuries has been that of the telephone, and it was made by a remarkable person: Alexander Graham Bell. Since the age of 18, Bell had been working on the idea of transmitting speech. In the United States he began teaching deaf-mutes, publicizing the system called visible speech. The system, which was developed by his father, the Scottish educator Alexander Melville Bell, shows how the lips, tongue, and throat are used in the articulation of sound. In 1872 Bell founded a school for deaf-mutes in Boston, Massachusetts. The school subsequently became part of Boston University, where Bell was appointed professor of vocal physiology. He became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1882. 

      Bell produced the first telephonic transmission on 5 June 1875, and patented the telephone the following year.  His February 1876 patent is described by an historian "as the most valuable ever made".  Interestingly, his 5 June transmission was on what he called a 'harmonic telegraph', and his six-page patent only mentioned the 'telephone' at the end, nearly as a postscript.  Actually, his famous words "Watson, come here - I want you!" were uttered on March 10, 1876, when he spilled acid on his trousers. This was the first emergency call, and it is 'interesting' to think what actually happened when his assistant Mr.Watson came to help Bell <smile>     ;-)

In 1880 France bestowed on Bell the Volta Prize, worth 50,000 francs, for his invention. With this money he founded the Volta Laboratory in Washington, D.C., where, in that same year, he and his associates invented the photophone, which transmits speech by light rays. Other inventions include the audiometer, used to measure acuity in hearing; the induction balance, used to locate metal objects in human bodies; and the first wax recording cylinder, introduced in 1886. The cylinder, together with the flat wax disc, formed the basis of the modern phonograph.

After 1895 Bell's interest turned mostly to aeronautics, where he and his associates developed many important inventions. He was also one of the cofounders of the National Geographic Society. Bell's continuing studies on the causes and heredity of deafness led to experiments in eugenics, including sheep breeding, and to his book Duration of Life and Conditions Associated with Longevity (1918). He died on August 2, 1922.

                              Note:  Read the entire assignment before you begin.

Cast a 360 triple ring chart with the following: 
      Bell's natal chart on the inside ring, 
      solar arc directions on the middle, 
      and transits on the outside ring.

  Alexander Graham Bell 
  3 Mar 1847 NS, 07:00, +0:12:52
  Edinburgh Scotland 55°N57' 003°W13'
        [ Asc = 16 Pi 17 ] 

The event date is for 5 June 1875, which was his first 'harmonic telegraph' transmission. 
Details: 11:00 AM, LMT +0:00, Boston, MA. 
The Ascendant of the transit chart is:  9Can29, and the solar arc directed Jupiter = 6Can14.

If you do not have software that will make a triple ring, then don't worry.  Just place your dial on a blank sheet of paper and enter each of the three chart points in different colours, trying to 'layer' them as concentric rings.

 You may want to check your charts: Bell's natal 360 and 90 charts (but without the TNPs) can be found found at: bell360.jpg  and bell90.jpg
 You can also find all chart placements at the very end of this assignment, in 360 format (as well as Zodiac placements which you do not need).

If you do not have a 360  dial, you will need to download all or at least one of the following images of dials.  Some are better than others. This may take a long time to get right.  Be patient.  You may have to use a photocopier to get the correct size.  If your printer does not produce a decent result, and if you cannot use another printer (a friend or printing shop), then you will have to make your own dials (this will not take as long as you may think, and will be very rewarding). By the way, you can actually use a 90 dial on top of a 360 chart; the degrees will be incorrect, but you can see patterns of symmetry and midpoints.

  Be sure your dials have markings at these degrees:  0, 180, 90, 45, 22.5
      Place an arrow pointer at zero degrees.

                                The Questions

  1.  Give several natal planetary pictures that relate to Bell's life of the man we know today. They may be in any form, e.g.  A = B,   A = B / C,    A / B = C / D.  Include interpretations. 

     Suggestion: it is usual to start with the personal points, but considering that he dedicated so much of his life to developing improvements to speech and aeronautics, you may find it interesting to choose the associated astrological indicator. You you do this correctly, you will be amazed at what you find! Use a 360 chart if at all possible since the patterns are more prominent.  Use orbs of 2 to 3 degrees; these 'wide' orbs are acceptable for most 360 work, especially if personal points are involved. 

    Now consider the directions and transits.  There are many items to consider, and remember that we must relate all of it to the natal chart!  However, we do know what happened on the event date: a (rudimentary) telephonic transmission successfully took place, by one of the world's greatest inventors. So, there are a few astrological indicators to look for...
   2.  Place the pointer on solar arc directed Jupiter.  There are enough planetary pictures here to keep you interested for a long while!  Give at least 8 planetary pictures that are relevant to Bell's achievement.  Include interpretations.  Be patient.  Keep looking for patterns, symmetry.
Another axis to study is:   Ur (d) / Ur (t)  ...  you should be in awe of what you find! 

Note that it is important to indicate (d) for a solar arc directed planet, 
(t) = transit,   (r) = radix, natal. 

It is valid to combine the three charts as midpoints and half sums. 
It gets a bit tricky 'writing it down'.  Example:     Su (d) /  Ne (r) 

Another suggestion:  Inspect  Ap & Ur combinations; and the transiting Sun

  3.  Optional:  What other Symmetrical techniques indicate Bell's telephone event?
Use any of the following:  New Moon chart or other Moon phase charts, Lunar Return, Solar Return. Choose the chart date prior to the event date of Bell's success. 
Start by putting the pointer on the Moon phase point and comparing it to the natal chart:  in this case, you do not need a double ring chart, all you have to do is to use a natal chart (90 or 360 format) and add the extra Moon phase point.  Of course, you can use the entire Moon phase chart on the outside ring, with Bell's natal in the middle. It may sound complicated but it is actually easier than the triple ring chart that you did above.  You do not have to use the TNPs.

   4.  How long did this assignment take you, and how difficult or easy was it ? 
Any other comments would be appreciated.

   Email your answers with this in the Subject line: 
        +++ Your Name - 8 Bell              Example:  +++ Mary - 8 Bell

Do you need dials and software? 

If you go to  you can download an excellent, FREE- for-ever  astrology program which does include a 90 degree dial amongst many other very useful features, except that it does not have the Transneptunians used in Uranian astrology. There are other free programs for you to download: see the Links page on the main index of Steve Lee's site: MAIN INDEX

To get a 90 degree sort of all the planets TNP's asteroids in your chart, go to 
Select the 'all positions for a date and time, then use option 1 for colour. On the entry fields, change the sort from 360 to 90, make sure you tick for 'non astronomical bodies' and I suggest you use the 'reduced list' box to save time, and also because otherwise you will have more data than you can handle. This will give you a nice clear sort for your dial that you got free from Astrowin.  In fact on Jon's site you can sort by whatever harmonic you choose!! 

You can also go to for books and tools.

Also go to Steve Lee's site (actually you are already on it!) which has multiple sources for dials, books and software.   Click on the links at the bottom of this page, or here:   Books  Dials  Software
The best free Symmetrical Astrology software program  can be downloaded from Michael Feist's site:  - go to the English section of his site; send him an email if you have trouble. "AstroLogicPC"  is used by many Uranian experts world-wide.  It is an expensive program to buy, but you can have it for free.  The catch?  Well, first of all it is in DOS, not Windows, and second of all there is a 30 second delay for every chart or other feature that you want done.  Also, you cannot see the chart on the screen.  But if you can tolerate DOS (we all did ten years ago!) or get a computer whiz to help you download and use the program (if you are not good with computers)..... then believe me, it produces the best ever charts for dial work and has many features such as a graphic ephemeris section. 


 Alexander Graham Bell - Natal Chart
 3 Mar 1847 NS, 07:00, +0:12:52
 Edinburgh Scotland 55°N57' 003°W13'

Sort Modulus 360°00'

 Ven  000°34'  00°Ar34      Nod  199°07'  19°Li07
 Ura  012°24'  12°Ar24      MC  265°49'  25°Sg49
 Plu  024°28'  24°Ar28       Had  284°31'  14°Cp31
 Vus  026°38'  26°Ar38      Mar  284°43'  14°Cp43
 Cup  031°18'  01°Ta18     Adm  320°46'  20°Aq46
 Zeu  060°52'  00°Ge52      Nep  328°23'  28°Aq23
 Jup  068°09'  08°Ge09      Sat  334°24'  04°Pi24
 Apo  104°22'  14°Cn22      Kro  340°59'  10°Pi59
 Pos  139°41'  19°Le41      Sun  342°07'  12°Pi07
 Mon  174°47'  24°Vi47      Asc  346°17'  16°Pi17
 Vx  176°10'  26°Vi10         Mer  354°53'  24°Pi53


 Alexander Graham Bell - Directed - Solar Arc
 5 Jun 1875 NS, 11:00, LMT +0:00
 Boston MA 42°N21'30'' 071°W03'37''
 3 Mar 1847 NS, 07:00, +0:12:52
 Edinburgh Scotland 55°N57' 003°W13'

Sort Modulus 360°00'

 Sat  002°30'  02°Ar30   
 Kro  009°05'  09°Ar05   Pos  167°46'  17°Vi46
 Sun  010°13'  10°Ar13   Mon  202°52'  22°Li52
 Mer  022°59'  22°Ar59   MC  227°10'  17°Sc10
 Ven  028°39'  28°Ar39   Nod  227°12'  17°Sc12
 Ura  040°30'  10°Ta30   
 Plu  052°34'  22°Ta34   Asc  292°58'  22°Cp58
 Vus  054°44'  24°Ta44   Jun  309°48'  09°Aq48
 Cup  059°23'  29°Ta23   Had  312°37'  12°Aq37
 Mar  312°48'  12°Aq48
 Zeu  088°57'  28°Ge57   
 Jup  096°14'  06°Cn14   Adm  348°52'  18°Pi52
 PofF  125°37'  05°Le37   Nep  356°28'  26°Pi28
 Apo  132°28'  12°Le28

 Bell's first "Telephone" - A.G. Bell - Natal Chart
 5 Jun 1875 NS (24 May 1875 OS), 11:00, LMT +0:00
 Boston MA 42°N21'30'' 071°W03'37''
Sort Modulus 360°00'

 Kro  001°37'  01°Ar37   Asc  099°29'  09°Cn29
 Nod  015°43'  15°Ar43   Apo  122°05'  02°Le05
 Nep  032°05'  02°Ta05   Ura  132°07'  12°Le07
 Vus  042°55'  12°Ta55   Pos  152°56'  02°Vi56
 Ven  045°20'  15°Ta20   Jup  202°02'  22°Li02
 Plu  052°41'  22°Ta41   Vx  236°53'  26°Sc53
 Cup  071°26'  11°Ge26   Mar  272°38'  02°Cp38
 Sun  074°20'  14°Ge20   Had  313°18'  13°Aq18
 Zeu  084°19'  24°Ge19   Sat  326°05'  26°Aq05
 Mon  095°53'  05°Cn53   Adm  337°46'  07°Pi46
 Mer  097°53'  07°Cn53   MC  346°19'  16°Pi19


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