The 20 April 99 Colorado Killings
An Uranian Astrology Perspective


Littleton Killings,  11:15 AM
Triple 90 Degree Chart

From:            "Dechen" <>
Subject:         Littleton Massacre
Date sent:       Mon, 26 Apr 1999 22:14:49 +1200

Hi all,

Wow,  thanks for the corrected data Bill.
I had said to Steve that I thought it would be slightly earlier because the
symmetry of the was a little off.  Then I thought if it started when the
school bell went then I must be wrong. The ascendant was too far from
Vulcanus but looking at the corrected time back 5 minutes the ascendant and
midheaven are almost equally spaced out from Vulcanus and Zeus   
making the picture:
= Vu/Ze (me, mo)  mighty force involving machines military
= (sa, ne) ma/ha  murder most foul
= asc(ap)/mc  Place (in an institution of learning) and the moment.

Now what I have been doing now the DOB for the two assasins is putting the
three chart on a triwheel to test my hypothesis that this would be a
significant point in these boys charts that was triggered off.  I have sent
Steve the adjusted chart for Littleton for 11 15  and the triwheel with the
pointer on 11 17 cardinal first for Dylan and then for Eric  (remembering
these are just midday charts at Littleton  time and place is unavailable).
It would appear that Dylan was the driving force with in his chart this
transit activating
= ur = vu  (just a little off side)  mighty forceful erratic unexpected
= ju/ap     expanded success in mission?
= me/sa   cold calculating thought
= cu/kr     to do with leaders in the community
(just trying to apply principles  I can't find my book)

  All midpoints are exact to two minutes.  I am ignoring other wider midpoints.
Remember the position of moon mc asc unknown  fast moving planets only

For  Eric the only exact midpoint revealed although alot of interesting less
exact midpoints is ???  = Kr/Ad.    The ultimate in being lead astray on the
death mission.  The same as stated for Dylan re accuracy applies

The Janus triple wheel is great for comparing a group of charts.
It is not as easy to manilulate the pointer as with the cosmogram where you
just click the desired position but is still very interesting.

Enough for now

Eric Harris' Natal Chart (Midday)


Dylan Klebold's Natal Chart (Midday)



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