By Mary Downing

A frightening glimpse at a national horror


We exist in time and space. People link with place. We know that. We intuit such resonance whenever we walk down a new street. It erupts, bypassing rational analysis. We smell "home" or danger. It attracts or repels through gut wrench, not abstract apprehension, and calls buried scripts from our psyche.

Why Littleton? How do we finger it? What do we use? How narrow can we focus? Where do we start?

Littleton isn't a cookie-cutter Denver suburb, and Columbine High School wasn't actually in Littleton, but rather in adjacent and unincorporated Columbine Valley. It served students both from Littleton and areas stretching towards Denver. The town itself was founded in 1872 by Richard Sullivan Little and incorporated March 13, 1890 just 14 years after Colorado was declared a state by U. S. Grant. Littleton was a small western agricultural town built near irrigation works on the Platte River. It had newspapers, churches and schools and was described in 1889 as a growing "resort.". There is nothing in Littleton's persona that suggests seething repression. It seems from media reports almost boringly wholesome -- but it wasn't.

Tormented dogs that bit back

What was wrong? Were the boys crazy? No, although Harris was depressed, they were alienated to a degree even astrologers would find daunting. We aren't required to run a gauntlet of bully-boy jocks every day. Harris's "Kill them all!" website cries frustrated rage with no outlet. Is there something about Littleton that signals both the abuse and the revenge behind an accepting exterior? Yes, there is.

A wide-angle lens

Eclipses are like a strobe light, isolating a single frame in the constant rhythm of transits. Planets inhabit real-time angles, and activate natal chart configurations. The solar eclipse actually traces a path across Earth's crust. The March 2 lunar eclipse straddled Littleton's MC-IC while Mars/Pluto bracketed the ascendant. Two weeks earlier, during the Feb. 16 solar eclipse, Mars rose, the Nodes were on the MC/IC while Sun-Moon/ Uranus bracketed the IC.

Different types of charts show different things, and combining mundane events with states and cities can be a real eye-opener. The 8th Koch cusp for the murders is the March 2 Uranus. On a 90° dial, the murder Moon square Mercury (conjunct MC) is

a.)--exactly semisquare its own Uranus-South node combo; and

b.)-- conjoins solar eclipse MC by minutes.

Astromapping angular planets and parans ( latitudes where combined planetary stress is high and events are likely to happen) shows us the likely location..

Both preceding eclipses highlighted a strip of mid-America stretching from Oklahoma to Utah. The solar eclipse also had a startling collection of parans activating the latitudes between 35° and 43° North:

On Feb. 16--

Parans Within 2° of Littleton

40N57 Sun Rising / Plu Upper

40N48 Mar Rising / Ura Lower

40N38 Ura Rising / Chi Upper

40N10 Ura Upper / Chi Setting


39N32 Mon Rising / Plu Upper

39N15 Sat Setting / Nep Lower


On March 2 -- Chiron/Uranus parans exactly crossed Littleton. Solar Maps offers the following capsule interpretation: "Here you may experience a strong desire to be an individual and feel pain if circumstances block your efforts to be unique and original. If you can develop the ability to see things from other people's points of view, you could be a caring and compassionate advocate for human rights." Inherent in this "positive" interpretation is the warning one might otherwise be uncaring and ruthless.

On Feb. 16, parans were unusually rich in the range of latitude from Omaha south to Washington DC. So through the astromap we can determine "stressed" areas if not exact location. March 2 selects 39° North.

Warning Flags

Mars/Pluto brackets the ASC from Oklahoma to Salt Lake City (39° North) at the lunar eclipse. A Mars/Pluto = ASC event should occur; when the solar eclipse degree was activated by a daily (Sun, Mercury, Venus) transit.

Mars/Pluto = ASC is rendered by Ebertin's Combination of Stellar Influences (COSI) as: "The attainment of one's own objectives by means of ruthlessness to others, brutality , cruelty -- the desire to face danger." Areas where the lights are angular usually register strong planetary pictures as headline events.

Medium focus

Eclipse effects are seldom confined to degree and minute of arc, and are as likely to happen before as after an eclipse. However, lunar eclipses usually signal events within months, and both eclipses affected this same geographic area. The first (lunar) eclipse trigger was Venus on March 14-15, the second Mercury on April 17-18, and finally Venus on April 22. The shooting occurred on April 20.

We now have mid-March and April 17-22 as target dates. Are there any noteworthy celestial events that might really blow the lid off? Mars opposes Saturn on Monday the 19th, the Sun goes into Taurus Tuesday morning, and Venus opposes Pluto in the wee hours Wednesday, with a Mercury-Neptune sextile that afternoon. A veritable feast.

Zoom in

Every community in the given region is a candidate. We are now at our second layer of significance. Eclipses , parans and angular planets show the connection to the Earth surface itself. Here there is no degree of freedom at all. They are either up there or they aren't. Does anything else resonate? Yes.

Man made "human constructs", such as cities, states and corporations form group entities that have much less degree of freedom than humans simply because they are "group" -- one individual's action can cancel out another's. Quite often neighboring cities have similar charts, and certainly Denver was equally affected by what happened in Columbine Valley.

Colorado statehood was declared on Aug 1, 1876. If we solar-arc progress Colorado's Sun, it is exactly square the lunar eclipse degree of 11 Pisces. An eclipse diurnal finds Colarado's Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct angles. A combination, according to Ebertin, indicating "…the desire for power and pursuit of fanatical aims."

Transit Uranus opposes Colorado-Uranus and conjoins the eclipse node Barbara Watters believed planets inhabiting the degree of the nodes signified death. Colorado's Mars/Saturn = Pluto configuration conjoins the eclipse DSC., the "open enemy" position. There is a shopping list of additional connections. Colorado's Saturn on the eclipse MC, Uranus on the node, Mars on transit Uranus, Sun on transit Mars, and Neptune on transit ASC More than enough for further investigation. Whatever else is going on --wherever -- a "member" of the larger Colorado community will see a violent event.

Under the Microscope

We don't have times for Colorado or Littleton. Noon charts express the concept of a corporation and municipal authority. On the day of the murders, the transiting Sun conjoined the Lunar Eclipse Saturn; and transit Mars-Saturn on a 45° graphic ephemeris slams Littleton's noon Midheaven. If we had a database with every incorporated entity in Colorado, we might be able to isolate Littleton as the site. We might even be able to pinpoint the school if we had a building certificate of occupancy. In actuality we'd simply narrow the field because human (ergo flawed) judgement calls would come into play. But one town our mythical computer would surely select would be Littleton. Someday, if we had the cooperation of civil authority and a good programmer, we might be able to do just that.

Littleton: incorporated March 13, 1890. Time noon LMT. 39N37 105W01.

Littleton has a surprising Mars-Pluto opposition with only eight minutes orb. On the solar eclipse, this opposition straddled the diurnal Koch second-eighth cusp with Neptune lurking nearby. By solar arc, this Mars-Pluto directed to the murder transit Node-Asc and natal MC. The murder Mars-Saturn opposition is exactly semi-square that same MC. Transit Pluto-Venus semisquares natal Uranus; Neptune conjoins natal Jupiter and semisquares natal Moon. Again transits and solar-arc directions reveal a picture of brutality and death -- but also compulsive desire and Neptunian delusion. It isn't surprising either that someone declared himselves uberfuhrer on this particular Hitler's birthday.

The press has been quick to champion anti-firearm laws. It's been oddly silent on a philosophy of education that allows a select group to bully nonconformists with impunity. Does the Neptune companion of Mars-Pluto obscure it? Why should one child's dignity be of lesser concern than another's? Finally, why is anyone surprised under these circumstances that somebody flipped?

What of Harris and Klobold?

What we couldn't have predicted was the identity of Harris and Klebold. Is there anything in the charts that a school counselor, for instance, might have identified as potentially lethal at this particular time? Again we're limited to noon charts and the Moon can be 6 degrees in either direction. Noon charts will show how a human relates to his civil environment, so it's totally appropriate in this instance.

Dylan Klebold: Sept 11, 1981 no time (set for noon LMT, Littleton with transits.

Truth: when worms turn they spit venom. Many of the other young men involved in similar incidents have shown a no-exit mentality; their still emerging masculinity violated. Mars-Pluto is both rapist and victim, and rape doesn't have to be physical.

The Mar-Saturn opposition formed an exact (16 min.) T with Klebold's native Mars simultaneously semisquaring his native Sun, (noon) MC, and Neptune. Neptune (two degrees away) bracketed Sun, MC and Mars between natal and transit positions. Natal Neptune + transit Neptune = natal Sun, transit Mars/Saturn, MC, Mars.

From the COSI:"Impressionability, a negative attitude, a person who is exploited by others, subject to moods ( SU + NE), mental stress (MC), a weak will to live (MA), illness through mental or emotional suffering (SA)". Both the Neptune and Mars traits are being reinforced by self-transit. A person with a poor concept of self is further confused and absorbed by a stronger, perhaps deranged and violent personality. By itself, the formula MA+SA=MC is death. Other active transits: Node/ Mercury = natal moon. Common or joint plans, making oneself disliked by others (Mer + Node).

Eric Harris April 8, 1981

At first blush this seems a bright and brash individual, not what you'd expect in a loner. Natal Moon may be in Cancer, not Gemini. However, this chart reveals its secrets during 90° analysis.

There are two problematic groupings: Jupiter applies conjunct Saturn and opposes Mercury --SA + ME = JU. The principle is depth of though and mental work. Jupiter here indicates a good, organized mind. It can at worst be distrustful. Suppose the Moon were forming a T-square (totally possible)? That would confer a liability to depression.

However this complex was under extreme transient stress. At the murder the t MO squared and the t ME conjoined, t Uranus and the t Nodes semisquared "Great inner tension, excitability, haste . A sudden release of tension" and "the stage of making plans … a short journey in company.". To make matters worse the Pluto-Venus opposition was exactly 22.5 ° away, the 16th harmonic: "Instability, grappling with unusual problems, inclination to brood over destiny, plans to determine one's own destiny." VE+PL combinations are obsessive.

ME by solar-arc had progressed to his n SU, and n SA had progressed to his n PL -- which in recent years was repeatedly semisquared by t PL.

The other salient configuration is n MA,(noon) MC, SU, VE.all in Aries. A very creative combination and by itself positive. But the t Mars-Saturn opposition is exactly on solar-arc MA, and the whole transit configuration including the Neptune T-square forms a gigantic fixed grand square with his natal Node.

MA+SA=NE/NO The principle is harmful or destructive energy. " …violence, self-willedness, tests of strength, death (negative MA/SA); self-torment, mysterious death, a grave loss (NE); association with mourners (NO)".

Klebold's MA/SA midpoint equals Harris' Sun. It directs to his own Mars and the Mars-Saturn opposition. Harris's MA/SA midpoint directs to the Sun for the murders.

The Tragedy

Klebod was under Harris's sway, and Harris was afflicted by simultaneous and extremely negative transits. If he'd been able to weather them, both boys would have survived, and so would 15 other Columbine students. Could a school guidance counselor , using simply a date of birth and a 90° dial have seen the danger? I think so. It's evident on a 45° graphic ephemeris. This is one of those cases where an astrologer might have derailed fate.

Charts are Koch, small n = natal and t = transit, prog. = prog.