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Scott Silverman wrote:
"(We had discussed the need for work on incorporating 
transneptunians into relocation work)."

 .... This brings me to make a long overdue comment about adding the TNPs to traditional astrology work.  If we take a 'purist' view, which IS the Hamburg School, then use of the TNPs should be restricted to using Hamburg School techniques.  In other words,  we would be 'walking on very thin ice' if we treat the TNPs like other planets along with traditional (non-Hamburg School) techniques.  I am not a student of the Hamburg School, but I would think that those astute German astrologers would disapprove of the way many of our Uranian Group members use the TNPs.

Having said this, we must acknowledge that most Uranian astrologers (imho) are not Hamburg School purists.  From what I have seen, many Uranian astrologers are eclectic in their work, combining Hamburg School techniques with various items from their 'bag of tricks'  -  with good results !  I recall a post on this matter from John Jenkins, just after this list started last year (you can read this on the Uranian web site, in the Archive, probably under Oct/Nov '97 or Beginner's Info).

To clarify this further, the bottom line is this:  Witte established a unique system that is now found in the Hamburg School.  If you prefer a 'purist' approach, then stick with Hamburg School methodology - they are the experts.  If you prefer a wider scope, then my advice is to be cautious in your approach, and from time to time investigate the Hamburg parameters.  If you have come from a traditional astrology background (that is most of us !) then be aware that the Transneptunians should not be 'dropped into charts' and treated like ordinary planets, using wide orbs and interpretations for hard and soft aspects.


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