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JFK Assassination Anecdote


A quick anecdote. Many people have heard of the Solar Eclipse 27Cn24 [6th July 1963] on JFK's 10th House Saturn at 27Cn10 prior to his assassination [22nd November 1963].

I noticed recently it also conjuncted 10th House  Zeus 27Cn25 - 1 minute orb. That deadly lightning bolt that struck him - the Gods must have been jealous of his success and popularity [a popular notion in ancient Roman days].

 JFK, 29th May 1917, 3pm Brookline MA, USA 42N20 71W07

The Solar Eclipse of July 63 - when one casts a new moon chart for Dallas - Ascendant 04Sg12, Zeus 04Vi35 / Ur 03Vi18-IX, Kronos 03Ge09, Jupiter 18Ar51-V. For astrodetectives, I believe Kronos on descendant may suggest the involvement of some government in the assassination plot.

These synchronicities have no doubt been noticed by Uranian astrologers previously.

For those who use asteroids - Icarus 03Pi00R shows the sudden "fall" from power.
Orpheus [death & grieving] at 03Vi07 and Pallas 03Vi40 [politics] & Tisiphone 04Vi44 [revenge]. These points all elucidate the event.

For those further interested check out the Uranian midpoints to MC [Dallas] 15Vi21 !

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