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This page is under construction.   Please return later for more material.

          -  Steve Lee, Project Co-ordinator, 30 August 2001 


4 Jul 2001 

BOLIVIA EARTHQUAKE: Jun 29 2001; 2:35:51pm AST; 19S28/66W11 (corrected minutes)
NOTE: This earthquake occurred opposite the globe from the Philippines volcano eruption.

1) Astro*Carto*Graphy for Lunation - July 5 2001
This Earthquake responded to the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. The Sun-Moon ACG lines for this eclipse ran directly over Southern Bolivia. There was no exact alignment for the June 21 Eclipse over Bolivia. 

2) Solar Activity & the KP Index:
This was an extremely calm period. Even the x-ray activity was extremely low. 

3) Lunation Data:
a) Perigee/Apogee - Perigee occurred on June 23; N/A
b) Declination/Latitude - 6S/4N
c) Magneto-Tail - N/A
d) Solar Cycle - 97B Sun-Moon separation

4) Planetary Stations:
a) Mercury Station on June 28

5) Relationship to Solar Max Cycle:
In 2001, all earthquakes will occur at the peak of Solar Max

6) Meridian Placement at Earthquake:
Both Uranus and Saturn were angular. Uranus was squaring Venus on Desc. Neptune was exactly conjunct the IC, almost exactly square Saturn in 7th House. Using Transpluto, there was a Fixed T-Square with Venus on Desc square TP and Uranus. Highly Significant!

7) Perigee of Planets:
Mars reached closest approach on June 21

8) Sun Spot Cycle:
This earthquake occurred during a relative sun spot minimum. Not Significant.

9) Unusual Astronomical Phenomena:
On June 29-30, there were 7 near-Earth fly-bys of asteroids and comets. This is a very unusually high number occurring within a short period of time and, averaging 0.5 AU, these can have a significant gravitational pull. Not quite as tight, the end of July 2001, 23-24 strong/26-27 less strong may generate stress. There is a Mars/Saturn-Pluto alignment at this time. The New Moon on July 20 highlights southern China and Peru.
Earth reached Aphelion from Sun on July 4


This site is under construction.   Please return later for more material.

          -  Steve Lee, Project Co-ordinator, 28 August 2001