‘hard Angle 5

'soft' angle 5

'talent' angle 6

'given' angle 7








"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence

is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being."

- Carl Jung




As mentioned before, The Sun represents the "living being", and in a sense, should be the dominant factor in the chart, which it is, after your somewhat problematical Mars. Anyway, let's look at the definition of the Sun's principles in more detail - shorn, at the moment, of its modifications by placement or contacts:

Positively, it represents the fundamental life purpose, the essence, the basic levels of perceptions and values, the power which fuels the self, the self's basic authority.

Negatively, a frustrated, directionless Sun can seek compensation in conceit, arrogance, manifest in a lack of confidence, leaving the chart as a whole with nowhere to go.

How the Sun operates in a chart depends on how we perceived the father from the moment of birth; for the Sun represents the father (and the Moon, the mother). What we are looking for in our fathers is someone who operates in the same way as our Sun is destined to operate as we develop; or at least whose modus vivendi is not irreconcilable with the structure of our Sun. It is from our father that we get the key to our Sun's operation. If we are unable to do so, we are left somewhat rudderless, and it might take a mature self-assessment for us to understand what we are about so that we can exist accordingly.

So, how did your 'living being' want to see your father, and how are you meant to be living your life? The Sun's placement by House and Sign and the influence exerted by the connection factors will tell us









The Sun, being in the later degrees of Pisces (21°) carries with it a Scorpio colouring; making your basic perceptions and values more ethereal than practical. It would be ideal for you to direct your fundamental life purpose to the achievement of sainthood. And if you take Mars along the suggested path, the rest of the chart should happily follow. So, the power which fuels the self is: denial.

There is a two-fold challenge confronting you with the Sun's Sign placement: It is utterly non-materialistic, without any armour to deal with the slings and arrows of the rat-race; and it is a feminine Sign, without the macho male qualities. Failure to come to terms with it is likely to produce the negative manifestations. To deal with it the process outlined by the following grid may be of help:
















Acts as human


Professional sufferer


People naturally walk over you; reinforcing the negatives


Assess yourself; respect what you are - God doesn't make mistakes.


Ability to express compassion for others; and to sacrifice yourself to their needs.









Limits self;


Inner turmoil.


Drowning in an inner sea of despair & no-one knows.


You have the ability to inspire others; so be prepared to take credit for it - and then forget it.


You are unassuming on the outside but inner confidence will reach those who need you.








Beset by inner doubts;

Oblivious to what is really happening;

Vagueness & lack of candour


Fear of being seen as wrong, or unrealistic


The music has to be faced; learn to deal with it; you have the skills to absorb, analyse, and to use insight, intuition to determine the right answer.



Acceptance of other points of view;


Others are confident of confiding in you.








Escapist tendencies;

Deceiving (self & others);



Generally adrift;

Ridden by confusion.


Respect your inner feelings, intuition, and express them.


Shows sensitivity;

Positive use of imagination;

Inspires fascination.








Lacking enterprise;

Seeing no point in anything;


Acting the slave.


Life a thankless task;

Your many possibilities dissolve into improbabilities.


Give yourself starting and end-points that stay, then trust in your creative process.



Selfless in approach;

Devotion to your career;











The Sun's principles, as coloured by its Sign placement, have been assigned the following roles through its House placement:

Duty and Service - the Dutiful Helping and Purification Through Humility; the Conscious Service to Another. Your ability to turn any of the negatives of the Sun's Sign placement as outlined above, will be dependent on your acceptance of your role as a server of humanity. I see this as the starting point of the whole chart: Your 'living being' is dedicated to a subordinate, altruistic role (its Pisces placement), and to a life of Service (House placement). The Midheaven, representing your life's aims and ambition in the greater world is in the caring and nurturing Sign of Cancer; and the rest of the chart can happily follow this path. It must be borne in mind, though, that you have to have freedom to move around, to generate your own unique ideas; for any obstruction would be at odds with your career needs and drive you away into your own, frustrated world.

Unequal Relationships - Where The Sun Most Appropriately Stand in Unequal Relationships - the Dominant or Subordinate Role. The Sun, in general, is more comfortable in a leading role; but the Pisces element would prefer the background. There is the Retrograde factor, which drives many of your factors inward, away from the world. Your Midheaven, however, requires you to be in the forefront, leading those who need your caring and nurturing. A way to deal with this dilemma would be to be the mentor of an altruistic organisation (such as that suggested in the final analysis), its guiding light and to have a practical, executive officer to deal with the outer world. That executive officer would have to be a diplomat as far as you are concerned, because you would need the freedom to pursue your own ideas, and these may not be necessarily related to practicalities.

Discipline & Routines - Your Sun's Attitude to Routines, with the Aim of Enhancing Your Performance. The Sun in Pisces needs to be tactfully guided to follow routines, as it naturally would tend to dream its way through life's daily exercise. There is also, through the influence of the ruling planet, a need for you to be able to make your own independent way. Providing, however, that the routine can be logically seen as enhancing your programme of caring and nurturing, the ruling planet has the ability of rationalising the need to exercise some discipline to achieve your goals.

Health and Overall Bodily Well-Being. Your Sun is concerned with your health. This being so, it is important that you are able to perform the role determined by your chart - an altruistic career of caring and nurturance through a life of service, whilst maintaining your independence. Failure to do so can produce stress-related, nervous conditions. There could also be an element of hypochondria; so it would be an idea, if you are feeling poorly, to determine the reason. It may, for instance, be an escapist mechanism, which could come about if the Sun is not pursuing the path laid out for it. If that is the case, come to terms with it and try to find a way to follow your chart's ideals.

Technical Mind - The Ability to Discriminate, Organise, Analyse, and to Use the Brain for Practical Purposes. These are not qualities that come naturally to a Piscean Sun, but it is being directed through the House's ruling planet (Uranus) to do so rationally to achieve your life's goals. The Sun should be able to gain intuitive insights, though, from everyday living. These insights should then be added to the data mix to produce a result that gives you the basis for the Sun's effective operation.



































































































DOMINANT ANGLE: 'Soft' easy option angles - needing motivation to activate them

WEAKEST ANGLE: 'Given' angles - The Sun is not driven significantly by preconceived notions.



Although your Sun needs a bit of a push to get going, its driving force through factor connections suggests that its life of service will be driven by achievement of growth (Jupiter) using your artistic creativity (Venus in Fifth House).


  1. When the Factors Are At Odds with Each Other - the Hard Angle Connections. These connections, based on the 8-fold division of the circle, require constant attention and an active attempt to bring the potentials of the factors involved into harmony; otherwise they will just impact on each other without discipline, most probably to the detriment of each. So, the analyses below will imply by their positive manifestations that one has met the challenge and brought the factors into line; and by their negative, that one has not done so.
    1. There is a strong leaning given to the artistic creativity infusing the Sun through the hard connections. You should certainly have a strong appreciation of artistic form. Others features of this cluster will be largely dependent on how your mother was able to meet your needs for love, care and nurturance. If positive, then your Sun's principles, if you work at it, should be infused with a happy, harmonious nature, with loving warmth and charm. It generally enables you to trust others. Negatively, though, indolence, viewing love and caring in material terms could be seen in the Sun's performance, along with misguided trust, susceptibility to flattery, and the demand for affection.
    2. Your service is also strongly infused with the need for career growth in the caring and nurturing environment; the challenge is, though, to bring the connecting factors together, so that their merged potentials can operate as they should:
      1. Particularly critical for your Sun is that you will only gain happiness in achievement if you can give yourself good marks in the caring and nurturing role - you have to convince yourself that you are growing in it. Ability to apply great efforts towards this are given to you.
      2. You are also able to apply considerable creative thinking to determine how you can grow through service in a caring and nurturing role. You would be expansive in thought and communication, and there would be a unique creativity about the ideas you come up with. You want to be careful, though, that you don't go overboard with your ideas and what you promise - for you may not be able to deliver.
      3. You have the potential to ensure that your service is relevant to your growth and evolution, instil it with a determination to succeed and to fight for justice, although this is not a very strong feature.

  2. When the Factors Provide You with Easy Options - the 'soft' angle Connections. These aspects, based on the 12-fold division of the circle, tend to be seen when things are going smoothly; although the 30° and 150° angles can carry tension, which maturity generally can deal with. They are not things the factor can safely rely on when things are tough. They nevertheless continue to the overall colour of the factors they connect.
    1. Provided that you are prepared to turn your mind to it, you have attached to the Sun's principles the ability to apply great and powerful efforts to achieve its full potential. It is essential for your peace of mind that you do so, because your self-assessment process will be using the Sun's output as a major criterion in determining the value you place on itself. Positively, although the angle connection is generally seen as a 'fair weather' one, it does naturally allow the connecting factors to work in harmony with each other. Lack of confidence, withdrawal, a sense of inferiority are the negatives here.
    2. Also, potentially working in harmony with your Sun's serving role are a number of connections involving your associative side. If all are able to work positively, they should give your Sun a natural sensitivity, sociability, charm, an ability to gain personally from those you are closely working with. The downside of this cluster of connections is that, unless you can gain fulfilment through your service in a caring and nurturing environment, they can turn your Sun to seek satisfaction through materialistic, money-oriented, luxury-generating activities.
    3. Your Sun's service is also very much tied in with your need for career growth, and an individualistic expression of it in a caring and nurturing environment. Again, if you are unable to operate in this environment, your Sun could proceed along a rebellious, acquisition of gain for self-aggrandisement purposes.
    4. Finally, in this 'easy-going' cluster of aspects, your Sun could benefit, with maturity, from an influx of original, creative ideas. If, however, your creative urges are not respected, or if you are thwarted in the expression, your Sun could become nervous and unsettled.

  3. What Talents Do the Other Factor Connections Give this Factor? - the 'talent' angle connections These angles are based on the 5-fold division of the circle. They potentially enhance the role of the connecting factors by instilling them with a natural talent. They shouldn't be frittered away because the obverse, negative, side of the talent could come to the fore out of frustration.
    1. Your Sun is instilled with a natural artistic talent gained from an insightful understanding of your environment. Use it, because the negative manifestation is a talent for escaping in realms of fantasy, and an avoidance of any challenge.
    2. You have also a natural talent to apply your service for the pursuit of your life's aims in a caring and nurturing role. Frittering away that talent could lead to meaningless self-aggrandisement exercises, and an 'anti' attitude to anything that has to do with caring and nurturing. This could have been instilled if you felt your mother was impatient in performing her role with you in the early years.
    3. Your mother's approach to you in the early years would also be critical in the outward manifestation of the next talent attached to your service. You have the natural ability to gain an understanding of the caring needs of those you have formed a fraternity with to help. If the input you gained from your mother was not positive, then this talent could be used to act in a very 'Uriah Heep' way - obsequious subservience to gain material benefit from those in your charge.
    4. Your Sun is also given a talent for coming up with creative ideas to give to others for their benefit. There is an originality there which may take some explaining, but with providing you have been able to establish the trust of those you are guiding.
    5. Your Sun also has a strong and persistent talent for solving problems and employing great efforts in bringing those problems to a successful solution. You are able to gain from the wisdom of others, and by enhancing your own store of knowledge, you are able to serve others more effectively. You have the ability to establish realistic standards of excellence; and to ensure that what your Sun does is of benefit for the future. For this connection to work positively, though, you have to be able to give yourself top marks for your efforts in achieving the chart's potential in a life of caring and nurturing. If this is not the case, then you could feel that getting help from others is an indication of weakness. As compensation, you may use the talent to gain from others purely material or financial benefit. If you are aware of this happening, you know that you are on the wrong track - quite unnecessarily.

  4. What Are the 'Givens' - Inputs From the Early Years - Establishing the Way this Factor Operates? the 'given' angle connections. If a person is liable to be influenced by preconceived judgements, generally instilled through the influence of those one relies on for guidance in the early years - parents, elder siblings &c, they should come through connections between factors based in the 7-fold division of the chart. If negative, the clue is to recognise them for what they are and discard them.
    1. Instilled inside you is the feeling that your Sun cannot perform its service role unless you are able, where necessary, to break with the shibboleths of the past and to be able to express your creative individuality; and to break with all groups that inhibit, or are not in sympathy with, what you are trying to do. Ideally, your early environment should have been conducive to your obtaining this freedom, because this connection is central to your obtaining a creative individuality in life. It will also give the Sun the ability to eliminate anything that is unnecessary to its purpose; as well as a deep insight into the psychological make-up of those you are dealing with - particularly via your understanding of yourself. If not, then a general intolerance towards the world at large could drive you further inwards, or to a deep inner frustration and anger.
    2. You are also strongly responsive to the concept that your whole career and ultimate fulfilment centres around service to others and to associate with others to give to them.
    3. A tricky 'given' for you is the natural feeling that partnerships are to be made to gain from - tricky because it can have a purely financial connotation. Providing, however, that you realise that this 'given' is for the purpose of your life of service, the gain should be for the benefit of those in need and not yourself.
    4. Finally, your Sun's role can be enhanced if you can encourage the 'given' that feelings for the environment and those in it can be encouraged. It can, however, cause your Sun to operate for personal luxury.





altruistic role 3

artistic creativity

service, and 5

career growth

service, and 5

caring and nurturing

creative thinking 5

caring and nurturing

'anti' attitude to 6

service 5

service, by 3

confidence, lack of 2

creative thinking

caring and nurturing 5

denial 2

essence 2


Sun, and 2

growth, through service 5

health 4

hypochondria 4

life purpose 2

perceptions 2

routine, attitude to 4

sainthood 2

server of humanity 3


artistic creativity, and 5

career growth, and 5

caring and nurturing 5, 6

evolution 5

growth 5

shibboleths of the past 7

thought and communication 5

Uriah Heep, and 6

whole career and ultimate fulfilment 7

service, by growth 5

Sign placement, Sun 2

subordinate, role 3


definition 2

father, and 2