Cindy gives her ideas on what "Midpoints 101" should encompass,
at the very start of our new list.

Date:          Sun, 21 Jun 1998 08:39:06 EDT

Hello to all,

Hello to all,

Steve and I are still looking into times to begin the new group.  As he's already mentioned, this group would be open to anyone who is interested in learning or helping others learn.  I will point out that many of the people new to midpoints and and Uranian astrology are a little intimidated by the long strings of formulas that sometimes appear on the Uranian posts. So the key is to keep it simple.  Steve will act as post office for this group. He'll forward others e-mail to me and distribute what I might submit.  I consider us to be acting as partners in this endeavor.

Some individuals have asked what would be covered in this group and how it would be done.  It's still pretty tentative and if someone wants to make suggestions for additions or changes to the game plan, please feel free.

Initially, we'd cover the very basics, using information from the book "Dial Detective" as a general guideline.  If you don't have this book, don't worry about it.  We aren't using it as a textbook, just following it's outline for procedure and topics.  I'll e-mail what is needed informationally.  I suggest you print the material from the e-mails and set up a binder for easy reference.  And of course, you should have a chart of your natal information with the TNP's and also set it up on the 90 degree dial.  The best place to learn is your own experience.  You don't need to purchase dials if you don't have them. I can e-mail paper copies as jpeg files or maybe Steve can post a blank on the website.  Granted if you want to get real sticky about it, the clarity of the copy may be a little off but it'll be enough for you to follow.

 Material to be covered:
      Definition of the TNP's
      Definition of the dial system and how to read it
      Understanding midpoints, how to calculate mathematically and how
      to find them using the dial. Midpoint trees
       Planetary pictures
       Solar Arc
       Putting it together
             (we'll do samples here and you can work with your own)
      Using Rules and so on.

What I'd planned on doing originally was to post information via e-mail for the listed topics.  Questions and comments could then follow during the week with exchange and explanation between members. Please provide some feedback about this idea.  Would you prefer a more structuredenvironment or something free flowing where people submit information on the given topics without a weekly main posting?



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