An Excellent Explanation of Planetary Pictures
in the Formats of  A = B/C  &  A+B-C

Date:          Sun, 28 Jun 1998 


A member of the group asked about the difference between the two different 
representations of midpoints in Ebertin's (COSI) and Witte's (Rules for 
planetary pictures) books of midpoint (and planetary pictures) interpretations. 

In COSI it appears as:  A = B/C 
which means that planet or  personal point A is halfway between points B and C, 
on the dial (meaning it occupies the B/C midpoint, where B and C are planets or 
personal points too). Mathematically, this means, that if we take the zodiacal 
positions of the three points A,B,C and calculate the numerical value of (B+C)/2 
we get the numerical value for A (or a zodiacal degree that forms a hard aspect 
to A's position, where a hard aspect is 22.5XN. N is an integer. 
For example: 22.5, 45, 67.5, 90, 112.5, 135, 157.5, 180 (degrees) are all 
considered hard aspects). Of course, all this looks much easier when working 
with a 90degrees dial, or a 45degrees dial. 

Steve already gave a few examples of such midpoints and their occupants (along 
with their interpretations), from the group's natal chart, in his previous 

In Witte's book the formulaes appear a little differently (A+B-C), and can be 
used in two different manners: 

1. Just like in Ebertin's book. 

This is a planetary pictures, where the numerical result of using this formula 
with three given points will be equal a fourth point in the chart. So: A+B-C=? 
One way of dealing with this sum is by putting C in place of the '?', where we 
with a bit of algebra we get: 
Then we divide two sides of the equation by 2 and get: 
(A+B)/2 = C  or C=A/B 
This means we can use Witte's fomulas the same way we use Ebertin's formulas: 
Where we have A+B-C, we can replace it with C=A/B, and use it the way Steve 
already explained. 

2. Using planetary pictures. 

When we analyze a chart we can find a series of midpoints that occupy the same 
point (axis) in the chart (within a given orb). This forms what we call a 
midpoint tree: 
X = A/B = C/D = E/F......and so on. 
We can also write this as: 
X+X = A+B = C+D = E+F ...... 

We can also present the tree the following way, to show all the midpoints that 
share the same axis in the chart: 

Here we can extract from the tree any part we wish, for example: 
A+B = C+D 
Say, we want to find a formula for C. With a bit of simple algebra we find: 

We refer to Witte's book and find the interpretation for the formula. What we 
find is actually a description for C, within the given chart (C is a planet, or 
a personal point, as are A,B,D,E,X..) 

Other descriptions for C, would be: 
E+F-D , X+X-D and so on.... 

Let's take for example the group's chart. 

Say we wish to find descriptions for the Chart's MC (Meridian), which represents 
(in Uranian astrology) the "ego" of the native (the group) per se, its soul (or 
the moment, in an event chart). The MC is considered the most important point in 
the horoscope, its very basic essence. 

Let's look for sums that involve the MC as one of the factors. 
MC+A (where A is any other point in the chart we choose). Say we choose Saturn 
as the other factor. Let us find the Sum MC+SATURN and search for other pairs of 
points that share the same sum (the same midpoint tree, or midpoint axis). If we 
mark the MC/Saturn midpoint on the 90Degrees dial, we can easily find other 
pairs that share the same axis, and the same midpoint. 

For example, in the Group's chart we find: 


that we can also wrte as: 

MC + Saturn = Venus + Mercury 

Giving us the following formula for the MC: 

MC = VE+ME-SA  (We use abbreviations in Uranian/cosmobiology). 

We search for this formulae in Witte's book and find: 

"Acquaintance with older or more serious people." 

We conclude from this that the group's "so-called 'EGO', or 'I'" involves 
"Acquaintance with older or more serious people." 

We then proceed in the same manner to find more formulas for the MC, further 
descriptions of "the group's intellectual and personal impressions". Below are a 
few examples of what we may find, along with suggested verbal interpretations: 

MC (The group's "I") = (equals, has or involves) 

"Self-esteem, honor and dignity bring personal joy and happiness." 

"Evil things are palliated" (such as the bad interpretations of HADES). 

"Nice conversations with others." 

"A mighty authority" 

"A young girl" (well, this is a young group...) 

"love of diplomacy" (netiquette ?). 

"Act of marriage" 

"to recieve benevolence from superiors." 

"the independent people. daily consultation hours." 

"The person who organizes, plans, copies, leads, supervises..." (Is this the 
list or moderator?) 

"The person who appears as an astrologer." 

"Thoughts and debates about art and science." 

"Mighty artistic mental project." 

"Revolutionary creartive person." 

"Leader of the people." 

"Revolutionary  development which suddenly takes form." 

"Mentally connected with others in a suprising/innovative/revolutionary manner." 

"Innovative/revolutionary powerful astrology." 

"Sudden change in the mode of life." 

"Mysterious people who suddenly change their approach towards the native." 

"Ability of thinking. The general opinion in relation to the hour." 

People inclined toward powerful astrology (science of the past). 

Daily nourishment and its influence on growth and development. 

That's all for now. I would recommend new members to  take the Group's chart and 
apply the method described above to find more formulas for the MC (there are so 
many more). You may use an orb of up to 30 minutes, or 1 degree, but no more. 
This is the best way to practice midpoint work, in my personal opinion. We will 
all benefit if you share your conclusions with the whole group and ask more 

Best regards, 


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