"ABC fuer Planetenbilder"
The German Language Book That Replaces
"Rules for Planetary Pictures"

Date:          Fri, 3 Apr 1998 

Hello, Steve and Fellow Uranians,                   

 Last week I got my copy of  Udo Rudolph's "ABC fuer Planetenbilder" 
in German.    (The ABC's of Planetary Pictures).

 It is quite different from the book we are familiar with.   At first 
glance it looks like the original, in that the planets and points are 
arranged in almost the same order and that it basically follows the 
A + B = C construct,  but it is not a "cookbook".   It requires 
active participation on your part.  Herr Rudolph gives you a myriad 
of possibilities to choose from    In that way it is somewhat similar 
to Michael Munkasey's "Midpoints" book.

 Since many of us were recently thinking about the Mars/Saturn 
conjunction which just occurred in Aries, soon to be separated by 
other planets, I thought I'd give you a few examples from the new 
book.  I must say, though, that I don't think Herr Rudolph was 
familiar with the idea of death. <G>   The nearest he comes to it in 
the Mars/Saturn combination is "separation".   Those familiar with 
"Rules for Planetary Pictures"  know that the whole Mars/Saturn 
section seems to concentrate on different manners or circumstances of 
death. Excuse my clumsy translations, but this will perhaps give you 
the flavor of the new volume.

Mars + Saturn = MC Serious mental work, I work hard, my patient 
toiling,  my persistent will, my painful labor, my earnest activity, 
my concentration on work, my burdensome work, psychological 
disturbances, mental strain on the job.

Mars + Saturn = ASC Older colleagues, serious tasks in connection 
with the environment, troublesome relationships, patient endeavors, 
my concentration on work here, my disturbing  work environment or 
working conditions, difficult work, separation intentions of others, 
working environment in my mature years, loss of a job.

 If anyone is interested in a particular planetary picture, please 
let me know and I'll be glad to furnish a loose translation, as in 
the above. 

Best wishes to all,

Date:          Sun, 05 Apr 1998 22:41:24 +1200
Subject:       ##ABC for PP's

Hello Marion, Steve and all,

Thank you, Marion, for your offer and comments on Udo's new book.
I have also seen the format, but I don't have the advantage of 
understanding the German text.

I was interested in your reference to the absence in the book of "death" in
relation to Mars/Saturn. Given the title of the book, this is not
surprising. As your translation seems to indicate, Udo is confining his
phrases to the  core meanings of the factors involved, as one would expect,
whereas death is a *derived* meaning for Mars/Saturn.

After all, we all have many Mars/Saturn contacts by direction and transit
during our lifetime, but we only get to die once!

Regards to all,



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