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From:            "Edward  Gillam"
Subject:         Re: ##ACG Question: Role of Latitude
Date sent:       Tue, 22 Dec 1998 21:11:57 -0000

Hi Lea and Uranians

The ACG maps take account of celestial latitude. This is a measurement of the degrees and minutes north or south of the celestial equator that the planet falls at the moment the chart is drawn. Pluto can vary a great deal in terms of its celestial latitude; hence its rather eccentric path in relation to Mercury. (Mercury can also take quite a range of latitude.)

From Harding and Harvey, Working with Astrology: '...the ACG map takes celestial latitude into account and thus depicts things as they are, relative to the earth. Planets are thus shown where they really are rising, culminating, setting or anti-culminating.' (p 308)

Re. the role of the Moon in the ACG of the Ingress - one interpretation of this, certainly in relation to the USA, is that 'the people will prevail'. It is remarkable how the people of the USA are supporting the President - every time his situation worsens, his popularity increases. The latest poll figures quoted in the UK are an approval rating of 73% which must be virtually unprecedented for a President in the latter stages of a second term in office.

In the standard chart, there is quite a tie-up of Uranus, Moon, Neptune with Moon ssq Jupiter, and Mars and Venus in tight square. The following midpoint tree seems to be suggestive (excuse the pun) of sexual issues, conservative, Republican power and a popular President - VE=MA=SO/SA=MO/JU. The Saturn tree is also worth a look - SO/NN=VE/UR=SA=MA/UR.

I know this is a simple way of looking at it, but I do think the Moon has an absolutely crucial role to place in this Ingress chart.  I wonder if group members think that it is appropriate to try and delineate broad themes from an ACG map?  Some people think they should only be used very specifically to relate to identifiable towns, cities etc.

I didn't analyse every factor, and there is no doubt that Pluto/Mercury is exceptionally powerful in the chart.  Any suggestions from group members about this symbolism at this time? Something to do with technology?

Best wishes