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Subject:          Witte "Complete Astrological Works" 
Date sent:        Sat, 15 Aug 1998 13:58:46 +0400 

Dear Uranians, 

Few weeks ago I have received Witte "Der Mensch" from Mr. Udo Rudolph. As 
I always wrote, this book contains all articles by Alfred Witte, founder 
of the Hamburg School of Astrology (and Uranian Astrology as well). 

I and my friend, Yuri Karpenko from Kharkov, who lived in Hamburg and 
attended the lectures in the Hamburg School, have started to translate the 
articles from German to Russian. 

At this time we have translated 15 of 40 articles. I should note that 
modern Hamburg School and especially Uranian Astrology (because it's 
slightly simpler) don't use MORE THAN HALF of all methods and ideas 
contained in these articles. 

To compensate our expenses on translation, we plan to publish the book 
with Russian translations: Witte "The Complete Astrological Works". There 
are NO copyrights on the articles by Witte, thus we may do this without 
any authorizations. But to be on the safe side, I've asked Mr. Rudolph 
about this publication and he said that he has nothing against it. 

In week or two I plan to create web-page about Witte on and put the translations of his several selected 
articles. After the book will sold completely and/or there will few 
requests for it, I'll publish ALL articles on the web. This policy is 
reasonable, I think. 

Maybe I'll publish the German sources on the web too, but I'm not 

All these I wrote because I want the project becomes international, 
i.e. it will great to translate all Witte's articles to English too. 
Requirement for the translator are the following: - native language is 
English - good understanding of German - understanding of common 
astrological, Hamburg School and Uranian 
- basic mathematical and astronomical skills (to be familiarized with 
  astronomical calculations, tables, ephemerides, etc) 
- an ability to express in literary English the meaning of translated 

The participation in project means the translation of all 40 articles from 
German to English. The publication of English translations is the 
translator's private affair. The only demand is to publish articles on the 
web (according to the same policy as for Russian translations: several 
articles while book is well-selling, all articles when demand for the book 
will essentially fallen). 

Thus, translator's work will be compensated by the printing of the  
book with English translations. I think, it will not difficult to find the 
publisher for this book. 

I write some comments to articles, maybe they are useful in English 
edition too. I'm able to translate them to English, but they will need a 
correction, because my English is not perfect to publish it "as is", 
without editing ;) 

If you know candidature(s) answered the above requirements to 
translator, please let me know. 

Albert R. Timashev                         E-mail: St. Petersburg, Russia  

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