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Steve Lee

Symmetrical Astrology Tutor, Email Moderator

     Steve graduated from the University of Colorado with a B.Sc. and teaching certificate. As a  young man he followed an analytical scientific approach to life but later found this to be incomplete and unsatisfactory without a metaphysical perspective. In 1972 he travelled to Australia where he and his wife lived for three years before settling in New Zealand where he now resides. Although he has lived away from his country of birth for nearly thirty years, he travels back regularly to see relatives and friends in Colorado and Ohio, and lived in Denver for two years in the early 1990ís. He taught popular courses at Colorado Free University which included the 'I Ching and Taoism'. Although a professional educator for many years, Steve has also worked as a small business owner, corporate worker, marriage counsellor, and on the national executive of Amnesty International New Zealand. He has two children, is remarried, organizes menís healing meetings, and maintains a Montessori education web site for his wife.

     His interest in astrology started in the 1970ís and intensified during the last fifteen years. Starting with a traditional approach to astrology, the works of Witte, Ebertin, Harding and Harvey convinced him to pursue a different path. For three years he closely studied from twenty to thirty transits to his natal midpoints on a daily basis, finding many psychological insights as well as physical manifestations. Steve feels very fortunate to have been introduced to Uranian astrology by several highly skilled astrologers in New Zealand. Today he actively promotes the use of Uranian and Cosmobiology techniques. Having a successful year of graduate studies at Auckland University in psychotherapy and working for the Marriage Guidance Council of New Zealand, he incorporates counselling skills with astrology clients.

     Steve is the moderator of two email lists: the Symmetrical Astrology (for Uranian Astrology, the Hamburg School, and Cosmobiology), and Midpoints 101 (for beginners of midpoint techniques). His web site associated with these email lists comprise the largest midpoint astrology resource on the internet. While teaching midpoint and dial techniques on the internet one of his students he give a 'cyber-lecture', and he has done this twice on the topic of Midpoint Astrology via the Online College of Astrology. His internet students have sent him many notes of thanks and explain how the use of midpoints have enriched and transformed their professional work. He is grateful for the thousands of emails that he has received that substantiate the use of midpoint based astrology.

     Searching for a deeper meaning of life, Steve's metaphysical and spiritual experiences include twenty-five years of exploring the Ďundefinedí through various meditation techniques, membership as a Quaker (Religious Society of Friends) in his 20ís and 30ís, Tai Chi, yoga, chakra balancing using crystals and gem stones, the I Ching, and holistic breathing. Fulfilling a life-long goal to fully engage a serious spiritual life, he left an active life of working in an environmental science corporation and mountaineering in the Rockies, to live in Theravada Buddhist meditation monasteries for three years. He was ordained and wore the monk's robe of an ascetic mendicant, in the lineage of the Thai meditation master Ajahn Chah.

     His astrological teaching approach is structured and challenging, yet filled with humor and encouragement. Most of his students  chose to do optional assignment work, spending extra hours and even days in pursuit of the greater understanding that comes with midpoint techniques. As one of his students put it, "I find this material so interesting that I cannot stop myself from studying more and more!" Steve finds much satisfaction guiding students (especially those who lack confidence in their studies) so that they can produce accurate and insightful results.  Future plans include writing a midpoint resource text, software development, and teaching workshops on dial and Cosmo-Uranian techniques.

June 2000

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