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Hi, Steve, 
Here's an article from another mailing list, that includes midpoint 
analysis. Thought the group might find it interesting. 

This message (ACT# 5921) was sent by  (Bill Sheeran)': 

Hello everyone, 

In the wake of the US Embassy bombings in Africa, here in Ireland we 
have just experienced the worst atrocity in over 30 years of 'the 
Troubles'. The last I heard was that 26 people (including 9 children) have 
been killed, and over 200 wounded (some of whom are not expected to 
survive). It's unutterably awful, and very depressing. 

The explosion happened at 15:10 BST (14:10 GMT) on August 15th in  
Omagh, Co.Tyrone (54N36, 7W18) in Northern Ireland. A warning was 
given 40 minutes beforehand, but the information didn't make sense, as the 
location referred to for the placing of the bomb doesn't exist. The 
ambiguity surrounding the true location of the bomb led to the situation 
where civilians were being cleared from the supposed location towards the 
area where the bomb had actually been placed. It isn't clear whether this 
was deliberate on the part of the perpetrators, or whether there was an 
unintended error in communication. Retrograde Mercury perhaps suggests the 

The chart for the bombing doesn't immediately shout out major 
atrocity. The Moon in the 7th is applying (3 degrees) to an opposition to 
Pluto in the first (the ASC being 23 SCO). However, in terms of true 
altitude, Pluto was exactly rising at Omagh at 15:09:52 (according to 
Solar Fire), which is effectively exactly the time the bomb went off. The 
Moon set at 15:32. Mars is aspecting Neptune and Saturn, forming a loose 
enough T-Square. As is often the case, it is the midpoints which tell the 

If anyone needs confirmation about the power of midpoints as a tool, 
the following may be convincing. Quotes are from Ebertin's 
'Combinations of Stellar Influences', the square brackets are my 

SA -0- MA/UR (orb 10'): "Violent destruction" 
SU -0- MA/MC (orb 13'): "The desire to attain success at all costs" UR 
-180- SU/MA (orb 41'): "Sudden events" [unexpected violence] MA -90- PL/MC 
(orb 2'): "The urge to dominate other people" PL -90- SU/MC (orb 0'): "The 
violent attainment of one's aims" SU -135- UR/PL (orb 15'): "A 
catastrophe" PL -45- AS/MC (orb 18'): [Pluto manifesting at this time and 
place]=20 NE -135- MA/SA (orb 3'):"A grievous or grave loss" MC -135- 
MA/UR (orb 26'): "The execution of violent measures" 

The bombing was carried out by a dissident Republican group who call 
themselves "the Real IRA". The Provisional IRA have a meaningful 
ceasefire in place and their political wing Sinn Fein have committed 
themselves to the democratic path. Although both Sinn Fein, the 
Provisional IRA and "the Real IRA" share the same goal of a united 
Ireland, the latter recently split from the PIRA and continue to 
pursue violent policies. The Republican movement itself can be traced back 
to October 1791. I find that the horoscope for a lunar eclipse on October 
12 1791 (two days before the true birth of the Irish republicanism) is 
very alive as a chart for the Irish republican tradition. The change in 
approach of the PIRA and Sinn Fein, as well as many other events the 
history of the quest for Irish independence, are well signposted in this 
chart. Given that there is a widening agreement that the "war" is in the 
endgame or effectively over, it is most perplexing that the worst atrocity 
in Ireland since the civil war earlier this century should happen now. 

Astrological clues seem to lie with the horoscope for the 1916 Easter 
Rising (Dublin, April 24 1916, 12:25 GMT, 53N21, 6W18). Coincident with 
this was the Proclamation of Independence for all 32 counties from British 
rule. This has yet to happen, the 6 counties in N.Ireland being still part 
of the UK. The Real IRA are dedicated to the use of violent means to 
fulfill the aspirations of this proclamation. The PIRA and Sinn Fein have 
seemingly moved towards a long term strategy of achieving the unification 
of the country by peaceful means. That this is the case is made clear from 
the expressions of outrage and condemnation by senior members of Sinn Fein 
in relation to the bombing. This condemnation in response to republican 
violence from Sinn Fein is unprecedented. The fact that a turning point 
has been reached is perhaps highlighted by the fact that when the troubles 
started on October 5th 1968, Saturn was at 22 deg 52 Aries. When the Good 
Friday Agreement was signed by all parties (including the representatives 
of the major paramilitary organisations) on April 10th this year, Saturn 
was at 22 deg 59 Aries. What's more it was also the Jupiter return of the 
decision made by Sinn Fein in 1986 to pursue a non-militant agenda. 

In the 1916 chart, Saturn (3 deg 37 Taurus) currently sits conjunct 
the radix Sun (3 deg 58 Taurus). One could see this as the spirit of 
militant Irish republicanism (of the old school) rearing its head 
again, albeit under pressure. Or as an indicator of the swansong for 
the same. The fact that Jupiter (retrograde) is currently heading 
towards a conjunction with the 1916 SU/UR midpoint (orb 6') suggests a 
transient period of optimisim and expansion of the revolutionary spirit 
implicit in the chart (which was after all for a rebellion). This may well 
be short lived (I certainly hope so).

In the 1916 chart, the Moon (28 deg 24 Capricorn) sits opposite 
Neptune (29 deg 55 Cancer). The MA/SA midpoint (a point of suffering) lies 
at 28 deg 44 Capricorn. This is a horrible combination, and does not 
promise much for those people who resonate with whatever is left of this 
particular current in the collective psyche. It says a lot about the 
psychic state of the Irish people from 1916 to1975 in particular (one of 
inferiority and victimhood). The progressed true lunar node is currently 
at 28 deg 57 Capricorn. This carries connotations of a group or groups of 
people (the Real IRA?) who encapsulate and perhaps give expression to this 
challenging and frankly God-forsaken pattern (the Sun also squares the 
Moon-Neptune opposition). Or perhaps it's destiny time (amplified by 
Saturn conjunct the radix Sun by transit), and the resonances in the 
collective of this particular chart may fade out sooner rather than later. 
Saturn will move retrograde, back and forth over this Sun,Moon-Neptune, 
MA/SA combination November and February/March. In the context of 'the 
Real IRA', Spring should be interesting .... 

It is intriguing that the 1916 progressed Moon, Jupiter and Neptune 
currently form a tight T-square. This does suggest much potential for the 
kind of grounded realism required by Saturn conjunct the Sun, square the 
Moon and Neptune.

Considering the astrology and the overall context, my feeling is that the 
recent bombing will rebound seriously on the 'Real IRA', and that we are 
indeed witnessing the bloody swansong of a tragic period in Irish history. 
Without wishing to offer any excuses for their atrocity, I doubt whether 
the intention was to create such a slaughter. No lives were lost and there 
were no injuries in any of their previous bombings. In terms of generating 
(and maintaining) support, it has long been seen as counter-productive to 
kill masses of civilians (their own people). Basically, they blew it and 
scored an own goal, with horrific consequences. If their actions do not 
completely collapse the fragile new Northern Ireland Assembly (which was 
what they are attempting to achieve - if the Unionists have any sense they 
won't fall for the bait), they will not be a force to be reckoned with for 
very long. They have very few friends, even among the nationalist 
republican community. After this, they will have less friends, and a more 
determined set of enemies. 

Sorry for the long post - I had to get something out of my system. 


(Sent by Ur Group member: Lea) 

Subject:       Church blast in DANVILLE, Illinois  
Date:          Mon, 25 May 1998 17:17:07 +0300 


Here's an item from the news: 

<<<"33 injured in blast during service at Illinois church 
Federal agents seek cause of massive explosion May 24, 1998 DANVILLE, 
Illinois (CNN) -- Agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and 
Firearms are investigating an explosion at a church during Sunday morning 
services that injured 33 people. About 300 people were in the church when 
the blast tore a hole in the side of the predominately white First Assembly 
of God Church. Danville Police spokesman Larry Thomason said the blast 
occurred about 10:40 a.m. against a wall outside the church. Police do not 
know the cause of the explosion yet, but ATF agents are helping in the 
investigation, he said...... Church organist Romona Logan was 12 to 14 feet 
away when the explosion occurred. "It was a huge blast and smoke was just 
everywhere and debris was everywhere," she said. Church members remained 
calm with the exception of a few mothers who ran to the nursery to check on 
their babies, Logan said. The Rev. Dennis Rogers said the explosion was near 
a section where young people sit and many of the injured were teen-agers. "I 
couldn't see," Rogers said. "The place was completely darkened by smoke. I 
told the people to move as quickly and quietly as you can out of the 
building.".... The blast reached to the church's roof, which is 2 1/2 
stories high, and damaged an area up to 15 feet wide. The blast left a hole 
in the ground about 4 to 5 feet wide. Shrapnel was scattered for about 100 
yards across the street from the church. "It was just a huge blast ... it 
was a ball of fire ... it was bad," said eyewitness Chris Lehman, 34. a 
member of the congregation. Lehman said the explosion was near the 
air-conditioning unit outside the church, but Thomason ruled out the unit as 
a possible source. "With the type of damage, I would say that it had nothing 
to do with it," Thomason said. ...>>>> 

May 24 1998 10:40am ST +5:00  87:38W 40:07N 
Danville, Illinois, USA. 

Uranus is on the Desc (semisquareVtx and Square Chiron). 
Saturn in conj. the MC from the 9th (hmmm...doesn't Saturn's glyph (icon) 
look somewhat like a church's roof?) Poseidon is conj. the IC,   square 
Neptune that is square the MC and trioctile Hades. Mars is tightly opp 
Cupido. Sun is semisquare Vulcanus and trioctile Appolon. 

Some midpoint trees: 
   (would someone else attempt an interpretation of this 
     tree, please?) 

MA=CU(community activity? martial group?)= 
=UR/HA(sudden mean deed or damage by weapon) 
 =ME/HA(cause losses to other community? base act by youth or to youth?) 
=SA/ZE(interrupt activities. losses in establishment. injuries through 
firearms) =KR/PO(religious authority/establishment) 

MO(hour? the public? women?)=ZE(fire, firearms, nearby?)= 
=SU/NE(uncertain times, masses of smoke) 
=ME/AD(standstill? youth at rest?) 
=SU/MC(day and moment) 
=SA/NO(difficulties in connections) 
=HA/VU(great danger, capital crime, mean/brutal act) 
=MA/PO(religious activity) 
=HA/AP(misery of the masses - by massive destruction) 
=CU/PO(religious community) 
=NE/CU(unfortunate, unhappy community/group) 
=SA/PL(difficulty  to apply? secret police?) 

    ME/JU(optimistic mood) 
=UR/KR(emphatic expression, collected power) 
=JU/AS(lucky or religious place?) 
=HA/AD(stunt or shrivel, secret origin/material) 
=MA/NO(concerted action) 
=AS/KR(come from above) 
=SU/NO(connected with the public, to witness) 
=AP/VU(great power, expansion) 
=PL/CU(tradition? political party?) 
=JU/UR(sudden luck/misfortune) 
=MA/PL(planning? violence? political/secret action? act of revenge?) 

AS(place)=UR(sudden? excitment? terror?)=Vtx=CHIRON(teacher? 
MO/CERes(nursery? mothers? ) 
=VE/MA(act with devotion? excitability?) 
=UR/AS(tense/ecxited surroundings) 
=SU/VE(peaceful day?) 
=ME/AS(youthful place? being thought of by others?) 
=MO/AS(people/women in the environment?) 
=NO/VU(eagerness? powerful relationship? mighty connection?) 
=NO/AP(union with many?) 
=PL/VU(hothouse development? great change ?) 
=AS/CHIRON(wounded surroundings?)= 
=PL/AP(occurence with great consequence) 
=JU/ZE(lucky activity) 
=VE/CU(peaceful/loving community) 
=ME/UR(sudden thoughts/ motion) 



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The Omagh Explosion and the Sidereal Ingress
Date sent:       Thu, 20 Aug 1998 19:42:49 +0000 


The recent very good article on the tragedy in Omagh made me look at 
the Sidereal Capricorn ingress chart (capsolar) 15/1/98 02:06 GMT 
London. This chart puts out a powerful message: 

Moon 27°25' Cancer -180- Mars 27°09'  
Capricorn exactly along the MC/ICaxis with PL/AS at 28°25' Libra,  
Explosion 15:10 BST Omagh 
with the transit Sun 27°49' in sidereal Cancer!.  


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