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July 99

Navigating By The Stars - 
Astrology And The Art Of Decision-Making - Edith Hathaway

The Hathaway book "Navigating By The Stars" is not primarily a Uranian text. I got it for the information on Astro Mapping. It does have a lot of other stuff in it though. It is NOT too basic. Just was looking through this book. Uranian Astrology is referred too, but I haven't found anything on the TNPs. She does cover the six personal points however.
Edith Hathaway’s book "Navigating By the Stars" was published by Llewellyn in 1991. I would repeat, however, that it is NOT primarily a Uranian Astrology book. I believe it is very good for a number of other subjects, particularly Astro Mapping. I recall that Edith Hathaway is a certified Astro-Cart-Graphy interpreter. She also has a number of other Astrological appellations.  I did enjoy the book and gained quite a bit from it. Not in Uranian Astrology however.
Jerry Foulger

Hathaway’s book...speaks some to Uranian Astrology...The 45 Graphic Ephemeris and the 90 degree dial. Hope this helps some.
Dixie Turner

Regarding Navigating by the Stars by Edith Hathaway I have the text and have used it as a reference, not having time to read it in its entirety.   It was recommended at UAC and I am not disappointed to have it in my library.  The book is well INDEXed with substantial footnotes and references.    As for its use in Uranian astrology I recommend it as it has pretty substantial Uranian material plus some very good information on history/validation, special tools, and for me the Meridian House Tables which I have not found elsewhere.  The price is 14.95 US from Llewellyn Publications.   I give it a YES + overall and really handy too.

Roger Jacobson's "The Language of Uranian Astrology"

For anyone starting in Uranian Astrology, I would recommend Roger Jacobson's "The Language of Uranian Astrology". I am not sure if it's still in print, however. It does cover a lot of beginning steps in Uranian astrology, though. It discusses the Uranian use of houses. (One needs to go through this section a few times, slowly, and work with a 360 dial to then understand what is going on. I would suggest working with the dial set from Penelope Publications.) It does have the one thing I find annoying in too many basic books, in that it goes into exquisite detail on casting a chart. However, the book was written before everyone had PCs and good astrological software. So one can forgive that. (I find details on chart erection annoying in some beginning books, because I favor teaching that quite separately from interpretive lessons.)

I think we really do need a good, comprehensive, Introduction to Uranian Astrology book. One that covers all the basics and explains the techniques clearly. An emphasis on its use in natal analysis would be really useful.
Jerry Foulger

"The Principles of the Uranian System" by Hans Niggeman

"The Principles of the Uranian System" by Hans Niggeman. Index: Planetary Pictures, How to Find the Planetary Pictures in a Horoscope, The Witte Disc and its Application, The Finding of the Planetary Pictures by Systematic Computation, Computation of Halfsums and Differences, Computing Examples by Disc, The Ascendant, the Moon and the Nodes in Delineation, The Evaluation of the Planetary Pictures, Combinations of Planets, Use of the "Rules" with Orthodox Astrology Directions, How Mr. Witte Discovered the Trans Nejptunian Planets, .......and so on.

Due to time constrictions I haven't been fully able to investigate this book...but it looks wonderful. "The Key To Uranian Astrology" is fantastic. It has 100's of formulas for planetary pictures...indexed according to subject, ie, childbirth, etc.
Dixie Turner

If this is the original Key, and not the edited-by-Gary-Christen Key, it is a difficult book to use but very rare.  Certainly if the party is able to purchase it they should.  It is no longer in print.

The problem with both books is Hans Niggemann's use of English.  I speak some German, so it doesn't confuse me to look up "work" under M for "make work".  However, that isn't what most English-speakers expect.  It's also mimeographed on rather low quality paper that is beginning to crumble.

I would recommend Principles (for Uranian only) however; since there simply aren't that many other books available and it is comprehensive. It isn't particularly clear. I had studied with Hans long before I bought the Principles (and I was already a cosmobiologist!) -- but I still don't consider it clear. The Key is the only work of its kind in English.  There is a cosmobiology "key" in German.

The way the key works:

If you want formulas for "accident".  You look it up and find general and specific combinations under accident and subcategories; i.e. accident --- "while traveling", "by a fall", "Lucky", etc.

I've found it very useful when trying to disprove something. If someone says they have been diagnosed as having a specific medical condition and I can't see indications in the chart, I'll go to the key and investigate every combination that should relate to it.

The one problem with republishing Hans Niggerman's books is that he had some of his works copywritten. I had some of my associates in MD check it out and discovered that if someone dies and had only piece of work copywritten, everything written by that person is protected by the copywrite for 50 years after his/her death. That is why it is being sold under wrapes. We know that Hans had a son and a daughter and that the daugther is a nun. No one know where they are or how to contact them so that the astrological community could reproduce Han's works. All this happened right after Han's died.

I was very interested and surprised to read the above info. From Arlene.  Whilst we need to acknowledge the role that Niggemann played, (along with Richard Svela) in introducing Hamburg School Astrology to the USA and the rest of the English speaking world, we should also realise that Niggemann (unlike Svela) refused to pay any royalties to Hamburg for the texts that he plagiarised to translate into English. (Relatvely little in the books he published were his own work, but were largely his translations from German texts).

Udo Rudolph told me that he and his father, Ludwig, arranged to meet Hans in London to come to some agreement over royalties. They met him at the airport as arranged, but Hans hadn't obtained an entry visa and was immediately sent back to New York!

In view of this it's surprising that there could be any legal difficulties in republishing this work. I've seen copies of the "Dictionary" here in NZ, published by Charles Emerson, and this has obviously been photo-copied from the Niggemann publication, as it has exactly the same identifiable marks on the pages as in the  one which I bought from Hans in 1978 (Copyright 1977, Hans Niggemann)  - so I guess this is what Arlene refers to as "being sold under wraps".

Maria Simms "Dial Detective"

Concerning good beginners texts:  I highly recommend Maria Simms "Dial Detective" published by ACS for both Cosmobiology and Uranian, and "Applied Cosmobiology" and "Rapid and Reliable Analysis" for Cosmobiology.

 Both system are visual, and unfortunately most books don't approach the explanations in a visual fashion with the exception of Simms.

Uranian Astrology Tools & Techniques by Martha P. Taub

IMO this book is an ok basic instruction manual but I really would recommend Roger Jacobson's instead, much, much more information in there for your money.

I own Martha Taub's book entitled " Uranian Astrology -Tools and Techniques" and I personally think it is a book worth having. She gives a good explaination of using the 90 degree dial, plus planetary conbinations.

She explains how to put a horoscope around the 90 degree dial and how to find midpoints. She then gives basic meanings of the TNP's.

Martha then takes the MC, AR, ASC and all of the other planets and TNP's with meanings. She goes down the line, example: MC with AR A moment of time on the earth. MC with Sun The " I", body and soul etc.

What I like is that she uses the expression MC with AR. that means that they can be 11 1/4 or 22 1/2 from each other, or touching each other by solar arch not only forming a midpoint.

Martha then uses example charts and shows events in the example charts using solar archs.
As I had said I think it is a book worth having.

Yes, for bacis and learning about the 360 degree dial, Roger Jacobson's book " The Language of Uranian Astrology" is better, so is the book "Uranian Astrology" by Sylvia Sherman. That does not mean that Martha's book is not good.
Arlene Marcia Nimark

Marha Taub's book is a good, basic book for the conventional astrologer wanting to learn Uranian techniques. There is a strong emphasis on setting up the chart(s) and a lot of good information on supplies (pens, colors, work boards, etc.) and techniques for drawing up the chart.

This is truly a workbook and is meant to be interacted with and is formatted in Six sections, plus additions, as follows:
Section 1 -- An Overview of Uranian Astrology
Section 2 -- Making and marking Uranian Charts
Section 3 -- Finding midpoints and equations
Section 4 -- The planet-with-planet lists (meanings of all planetary pairs)
Section 5 -- Using Uranian Astrology (The Kennedy Charts)
Section 6 -- Ephemeris for the Transneptunian planets (1880 through 1990)
Questions & Answers
    The Notation Tree
    Finding Anticions
Ms. Taub works exclusively with the 90 degree dial, although she includes a traditional, Tropical-Placidus wheel chart---including TNPs---for each example she gives in the Kennedy section.

There is a large 90 stiff paper dial included, as well as a paper ruler to draw circles outside the basic 90 chart.

She also includes a smaller 90 dial which is meant to be cut out and used with the Kennedy 90 example charts in the book itself, a useful and unique approach.

My copy is 8 1/2 by 11 inches and 150 pages, copyrighted 1981; perhaps later additions include a TNP ephemers which extends beyond 1990.

I would recommend the book to any conventional astrologer who wants to learn Uranian through self study, or as a source to any Uranian astrologer looking for class material in a teaching environment.

As for the experienced UA, there might not be much new in the book but, as there is so little available in English (read "readable"), on the system, it would probably be nice to have.
Buz Overbeck

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