The Buddha's Natal Interpretation
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Date:          Tue, 07 Jul 1998 13:03 +1200 

The Buddha's natal interpretation ! 

  1 May 573 BC  9am. Lumbini 28N00  85E00.  TZ +5.5 

The Buddha was born at the full moon in May, 
which gives him a Taurus sun and a Scorpio moon. 

The Buddhist teaching is quite structured eg four 
noble truths, eightfold path, perhaps one of the few teachings with a 
structured path to a goal. The Scorpio moon is evident in his summary of 
his teaching: " I teach one thing and one thing only. Suffering and the 
ending of suffering". 

The Buddha's mother was heading back to her parents town for the 
birth, when she went into labour and he was born in a grove. 
Assuming that the party would have left  early in the morning so as to 
avoid travelling in the heat of the day,  9 am would be ok for a birth 
time - giving a Cancer ascendant. 

I haven't had a good look at the chart and haven't plotted the TNPs. 
Sun mercury Venus Uranus Neptune and Pluto are in Taurus 

                    Regards George 


Subject: %% The Buddah was a Taurus 
Date: Sunday, 5 July 1998 08:49 

Hello 101'ers, 

>Frankly speaking--I find TAURUS to be the MOST clairvoyant sign in 
>the zodiac. Why?  Because they can GROUND/MANIFEST the energy into 

I seem to have lost my file on the natal chat of the Buddah, but as I 
recall, not only did he have his Sun in Taurus, but 4 or 5 other planets 
as well (a stellium).  Perhaps my friend George Skuse can help here - I 
think that he has the chart details (George just joined our new group). 

There has been no greater 'clarivoyant' than the Buddah. 



Date:          Mon, 6 Jul 1998 11:19:40 EDT 

LOL Penny.  "The ball's in your court".  Good one! 
As if I don't have enough to do. 

Yes I agree that this format is somewhat better or rather more satisfying 
or rather instantly gratifing but I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!  There was a point 
in time 7 years ago when I felt like I was channeling Mr. Witte while I 
was working with the dials.  I was definitely channeling someone who knew 
more than I because techniques were flowing into my mind as fast as I 
could grasp them. Then the mundane realm took over and reality smacked me 
into day to day awareness and so the diving into charts was put aside and 
making money took over. 

When I turned 48 last November I decided that I had had enough of all the 
Saturnian tears on my MO/HA/JU and Admetos opposite (or rather) on my Sun 
and that the stress of my boring existence was just too much to handle and 
that I wasn't being true to who I was, just being a 24hr work-a-holic mom 
("I'm stuck inside the life of drudge, always doing dishes...").  I was 
tired of living on the highway with the constant susurush of the cars and 
lack of walk-by customers.  So I 'created' a crisis to have to deal with 
(Ah the joys of the subconscious mind, "you are unhappy but don't want to 
deal with it? well let's do something about changing it") and ended up 
moving 60mi away from family, friends and customers to a wonderful house 
on the shores of Clearlake California that was half the rent and the same 
amount of space where the only annoyances were the noisy next door 
neighbours who occasionally step out of bounds.  (Like the 4th celebration 
with the comment at full voice at each boom of the fireworks "Yeah!!!!!!! 
Bring it on Home!".  Oh plueeeze, after 300 of those you sort of want to 
send HIM on home). 

Now every morning instead of the traffic noise and the constant bump, bump 
of the loose manhole cover, I look out at the quiet lake and see the 
reflections all around of trees, sunlight and algae in the water.  Some 
mornings the lake is smooth as glass and then there are the mornings when 
the wind whips up and the surface is extremely choppy.  Just like life. 
Here I am next to this giant reflecting pond and I'm actually happy.  Put 
a water sign next to water and the psychic energies come to the surface 
full force.  Now my big thrill of the day is to see Carp leaping out of 
the waters and listening to the thwack of their bodies as they come back 

On Admetos in Taurus: 

Eileen Nauman of Athena Garden mentioned that Taurus was a very psychic 
sign. I had always thought that it wasn't.  Thought that Taurians were 
deeply involved with gaining money and possessions, but now upon 
"reflection" I realize that there is intuitive wisdom which runs through 
nature and therefore since Taurus is connected (rooted) to the earth that 
I really shouldn't be cursing Admetos in Taurus aspecting my Scorpio Sun. 
I should turn around instead and look clearly at the subtle undercurrents 
which are flowing through Taurus and therefore me as it journeys through 
my 2nd house.  Now that SA is there approaching a conjunction, I need to 
understand instead of fearing the worse.  To top it all off, the big 
eclipse that everyone is chatting about next year is at the same degree, 
oh what fun. 

Admetos allows (or 'forces' depending on your point of view) one to focus 
on one subject or one detail.  I looked up the combination in the Rules 
for SU + AD and it said "Perseverance."  Hmmmm, that sure sounded like the 
way I was acting while desparately hanging onto a place of business and 
home and not making enough money for all the bills but persevering every 
day opening up my shop and taking orders through the internet (I have a 
mail order sewing business).  But it was not enough. 

So I looked some more to see what else was in the mix.  My natal SU is x 
PL (Scorpio to Leo) at 18' - 19' fixed.  With AD aspecting that midpoint I 
looked up in the Rules under SU + AD - PL to find the following statement: 
"Transformation."  Ah!  Now that makes a lot of sense.  I have been 
transforming in several ways.  First of all there is the menopausal stuff 
(memory departing, body changes, crankiness, etc), then there was the 
change of environment, but most of all the transformation from the 
work-a-day drone into fulfilling the seeds of my abilities on all levels. 
Because these planets or energies are in fixed signs the changes and 
transformations take a while, unlike the quick fast energy of cardinal 
movement, to sink in. 

Ok so I see that through perserverance there is transformation.  Well I 
could go on a diet and this time it WOULD be successful.  Or I could start 
a project and perserver and it could transform my money and career.  Hmmm, 
Penny maybe a revival of the Uranian Forum is indeed called for ....  I 
will have to look more closely at my "mix" to see. 

Any idea where Bill Meridian is?  Maybe someone else knows about the deep 
space probes.  Sure would be neat if Mr. Witte's calculations were 
validated by the "scientific" world. 



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