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Could you please tell me how you came up with this?  I'm not seeing this
at all.  I'm using a 360 dial with a manual dial (ya, I know), but it's
good practice.


>[ Su / Ve ]  = [ Ma / Pl ]
>[ personal attraction, magnetism, to repeat, to multiply, to 
>lead] = [the attainment of one's own objectives by means of ruthless
>cruelty, brutality]
>This can also be written as:   Ma + Pl - Ve  =  Su
>Perhaps someone with a decent book on planetary pictures could 
>interpret this for us.

Dear Denise and other 101'ers,

Before I answer your question, I would like to present a new 
planetary picture and an associated question:

The Brazilian Killer also has the following:
Su = Ur / MC
From "Rules": To become enraged; nervously excited, physically 

Let's look to see how this was calculated. (The reason why I am now 
side-stepping your question is that it is more complex.)

On the ordinary 360 dial or wheel (the one that nearly all 
traditional astrologers use), find Uranus and the Midheaven.  
Denise, you have a dial so this will be easy for you; others may 
have to use the tradional chart. Now calculate the point half-way 
between them.  Just count up the degrees between Ur and the MC and 
divide by two.  You should get 7 Sag 24.

Immediately you will notice the sun at 6 Sag 55;
therefore,  Su = Ur / MC  by 29 minutes orb

A quick (but not as accurate) method of finding the midpoint is to 
use a compass (like high school math pupils use).  Put the sharp end on
Ur, then the MC,  and do a "criss cross of two arcs" with the pencil and
this will indicate half way, or the "midpoint".  Draw a line from the
intersecting arcs to the middle point of the chart, and it will be nearly
be on top of the sun's position.

Denise, try putting the pointer of your 360 dial on Mars.  Now, can 
you see that it falls right smack on top of the Merc / Saturn 
midpoint, by only 4 minutes ?  Having fun ?  ;-)

COSI gives Ma = Me / Sa  as the following (yuk !):
"Incompatibility, the desire to quarrel, the tendency to treat others
badly, the tendency to bring about a separation by force...". This guy's
karma is awful !

OK, now to your question about [ Su / Ve ]  = [ Ma / Pl ].
I really should not have used the 22.5 degree dial.  Instead I should have
kept to the 90 degree dial.  This is a beginner's group and I should have
only presented easily-calculated midpoints.  Apologies.  So here we go...

Using the above techniques, calculate the point half way inbetween 
the Sun and Venus.  Then do Mars and Pluto.  The answers:
Su / Ve = 14 Sc 12
Ma / Pl = 25 Sc 34

And as you can see, they are not at the same point !
No wonder you asked the question !
But how far apart are they ?  Let us subtract:

           25 Sc 34
        -  14 Sc 12

The answer is significant, as it is part of the hard aspect series.
The series is: 
360 degrees (conjunct), 180, 90, 45, 22.5, 11.25 (etc.).
[Each time we divide by 2.]

11.25 degrees (part of the series) is equal to 11degrees 15 minutes, which
is very close to our subtacted answer above.

In other words, the midpoints of Su / Ve and Ma / Pl
make an 11.25 aspect to each other, by an orb of 7 minutes
( 11deg22  -  11 deg 15 ).


This is what I suspect many astrologers reading this would conclude. 
Their next step would be to send Steve and Cindy an "unsubscribe" email
and go back to the astrology email lists that dump 100 letters in your
mailbox each day !!

But wait - there is an easy way to do all this !
Use a dial !   The 90 degree dial is the one most often used, and it has
markings (usually dots or stars) that signify aspects down to 11.25
degrees.  No need for arithmetic maths or school compasses.  Just put the
pointer on Mars (or whatever), and you will easily SEE the planetary
pictures.  There are numerous examples on my web site, in jpeg image of
charts and dials.  You will miss a lot by only using the 360 dial.

Of course, the real easy way to do all of this is to use a computer.

For ordering those necessary books and dials, go to my web site where you
will find many choices.  Penny and Arlene sell sets of 4 or 5 dials, of
360, 90, 45, 22.5, and possibly 11.25 degrees.  They are inexpensive, so
if you want the real professional and expensive dials, order them from
Germany (see Scott's letter on my web site, under "Resources / Dials".



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