90 Degree Chart, Capricorn Ingress, Belgrade


There are more planetary pictures than are indicated above on this Solar Fire 4 chart.
For example:
Ar / Su = Pl / As  =  M / Ur  =  Ma / Sa

Another axis to investigate is the Moon. E.g. ...
 Mo = Su / Ha = Ur / Po

From The Uranian Group post 15/16 April '99 

... For example, I might challenge everyone on this site to enter all the
planets on the 90 degree dial for the Capricorn Ingress on Dec. 22, 1999
(2000 Annual diagram). Let us say that this chart will predict something
about the year to come (2000).

I might ask everyone what planetary midpoints are found in the Aries Axis? Then I might ask what all these midpoints might indicate for the year 2000? Do you believe it will be a good year from reading the midpoints equal the Aries axis? Since the world at large is worried about, lets say Y2K . . . well, will the Aries axis give us any information about electronics or computers or communications through computers? 

If we call the Aries axis (zero degrees Cardinal Signs) the World Axis, can we say that this point will tell us something about the world in general for 2000? We would probably all agree that if the world were to worry about electronic breakdowns, then the planet Uranus would be involved with the Aries axis. Is it? 

    And now with the introduction of a war over Belgrade (nobody has dared
speak of this horror and what is to come from it and where is it in the
chart?). Well, as was stated on an earlier post, will we find terrorism,
murder, and death in the midpoints with the Aries axis?

I say this would be a good exercise and I would invite a dialogue with all of you concerning what midpoints (only midpoint interpretations) you find in the Aries axis at the Capricorn Ingress on December 22, 1999. 

I will also just state that sometimes, with midpoints, the message is so direct and simple that we want to read more into it. 

I do have a certain frustration myself. For example right now. The messages in space, there is a tremendous gathering of malefic energies . . . nobody is mentioning them. Yet, I am sure everyone can see them. THESE ENERGIES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HOUSES, WITH SIGNS, WITH RULERS OF THIS OR THAT HOUSE OR SIGN  . . .  THEY ARE TERRIBLE. 

Right now, at this moment, they are so clear and all astrologers should be having a dialogue about them. The astrologer is a messenger, a reporter of the cosmic language. People and locations should be warned about these energies. Can you see what I am referring to? Did anyone take note where Mars retrograded, in what midpoint patterns and equal what TNP? What is Saturn doing this week and will Saturn meet up with Neptune and Mars. Will the 1st quarter Moon link up with Hades? Who lives in these places and what planets do you and I and our family have in these places? Are these good energies or bad energies? 

    My point is this, the real story is written simply with the planetary
interactions. The total message is there.


  Midpoint Astrology: http://members.tripod.com/~junojuno2/
     Uranian Web Site: http://contact.net.nz/users/juno/

Steve Lee
16 April 99
New Zealand