The Mythology of Chiron


There are several versions of the Greek myth of Chiron. Kronos took the form of a horse and had an affair with Phylria, a sea nymph, and from this union Chiron was born in the form of a centaur, and was educated by Apollo and Diana. He was the priest/king of the centaurs, which were a wild and savage bunch but Chiron was famous for his wisdom, along with his many skills. Hunting, medicine, warfare and astrology were some of the things that Chiron taught. Chiron founded the temple of Asclepian and Achilles, Hercules, Peleus, Orpheus and Jason were among his pupils. 

Usually when people talk about Chiron astrologically, it is in reference to a wound. According to the mythology, Chiron and Hercules were amongst the other centaurs, which were noted for their drinking and rowdiness, when a fight broke out and Hercules accidentally shot Chiron with a poison arrow. Chiron was immortal, and could not die, so was doomed to eternal suffering and pain.

Now Prometheus had angered Zeus by giving the gift of fire to humans. Zeus ordered Force and Violence to take Prometheus to the Caucasus and had him chained to a rock. Every day an eagle attacked Prometheus and pecked out his liver. By night the liver would regrow, and the attack would begin again the following day. The only way he could be released from his fate was if an immortal would agree to take his place and give up his mortality.

Chiron wanted his suffering to end, and had Hercules approach Zeus about taking the place of Prometheus. Zeus agreed, and Chiron was finally able to die, though his immortality was remembered by Zeus placing him in the stars to become the constellation Sagittarius.

Chiron in the Chart

When we delineate Chiron in our natal chart, usually one applies the key words of Chiron combined with the sign involved. The most common key words associated with Chiron are "wounded" "healer" and "teacher". Which way Chiron is manifested in your chart depends on other aspects, and with the transmutative energies of Chiron, you can manifest all three. 

We are "wounded" in some manner, this is healed through work and realization of ourselves and we then use this knowledge to "teach" and "heal" others in some form. Chiron is also considered a bridge between Saturn and Uranus principles in the chart, and the key to learning how to manifest the energies of the planets beyond Saturn. A "search" also comes to mind as Chiron had to search for a way to end his pain and also sent his students out on a "quest".

The jury is still out on the rulerships, if any given, to Chiron. As Chiron was only discovered in 1977 I believe it is too soon to tell. We need more observations yet. Favorite placements for rulership include Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Virgo, the healer; Libra the balancer; Scorpio, the taking of energies underground and bringing to light a higher principle (transmutation); and Sagittarius, the teacher.

Chiron in the Signs

(According to Barbara Hand Clow)

Chiron in Aries:

When Chiron is in Aries the search for identity predominates. Courageous people, trailblazers. Must incorporate the mars energy in order to activate the subtlety of Chiron and may not be able to depending on the aspects to Chiron. These natives are usually frustrated unless active and the house position of Chiron will show where they can initiate progress. Limitation will drive them crazy.

Chiron in Taurus:

A search for values on the material predominates. This position takes the question of material values to a critical level. These natives rarely bring something new into reality. They want to preserve the values in something which already exists. Usually they are heavily influenced by a morality system which they value greatly and can be blocked to the exclusion of creativity. The house position of Chiron is the key to the blockage and realizing it. They may have bizarre sexual habits because of the strong influence of Chiron with Venusian energy, making them receptive to Kundalini energy.

Chiron in Gemini:

A personal crisis about integration here on earth which affects balance and the nervous system. These natives are highly attuned to the consciousness of individuals around themselves and to the mass awareness. They are natural teachers and communicators.

Chiron in Cancer:

When Chiron is in Cancer the native has a crisis over roots/or a crisis of personal protection. The native is tied to the past and usually have an intense insecurity dynamic operating. This is revealed by the house position and shows where the native is seeking a release and is probably experimenting.

Chiron in Leo:

A crisis over the ego exists which will gradually refine the native into a mastery of will and a struggle to break the self into the higher self. They must become the ego in order to let it go and become grounded.

Chiron in Virgo:

Subtlety and exactitude describe these individuals. As Chiron is the bridge between Saturn and Uranus energies, Chiron can take two forms here. The low form is compulsive, Saturnian, the workaholic. They try very hard to keep the Uranian energies in check. The high form uses Saturn in order to give form and mold those energies.

Chiron in Libra:

The native is balancing the self in relation to the other side. They measure him or herself by other people's responses almost constantly. On the low side, the sense of self is undeveloped and the individual constantly seeks out new experiences. On the high side, this individual has a remarkable understanding of the self that has come from observing others. This native may express great artistic skill.

Chiron in Scorpio:

When Chiron is in Scorpio, the transformative and evolutionary energy of Pluto becomes the personal quest. These natives are either extraordinary in their personal evolution or have not found an avenue to express this increasing power within. They may also manifest the low form of Pluto by seeking pleasure or power at the expense of others. Some of these natives had a death crisis with themselves or someone close to them around the time of their Saturn return.

Chiron in Sagittarius:

When Chiron is in Sagittarius, there is a crisis about integration of the higher self into one's consciousness. These natives are on a quest to become ensouled, to bring the highest self into their own form to connect with. Until they do this, they will go on many quests and explore many different religions. Individuals with this placement will require counseling if the natural acquisition of high consciousness has been blocked. Kundalini integration is very important for this individuals.

Chiron in Capricorn:

A karmic crisis about succeeding in one's quest and balance in life between success and nuturance. This is hard because they are trying to be successful personally while they are still rather unevolved and have difficulty being open to any path outside of their own. The secret in reaching them is to examine the Part of Fortune and the fifth house very carefully. These people aren't having any fun and the seriousness must breakdown or they will find themselves alone.

Chiron in Aquarius:

Here there is a crisis in being grounded, over existing on Earth in a balanced way. They are "electrical", not grounded, "air heads". These natives are meant to manifest idealism, to bring great gifts to the culture in areas ruled by house location, but must carefully connect deeply to the earth and become realistic. They possess great potential if they can do this. Saturn lessons are harder for these natives to get then would seem to be usual.

Chiron in Pisces:

A crisis over connecting with the "God-force". With this placement comes the necessity to manifest high Neptunian energies; being in touch with the divine. Healing opens the heart and is the way to use Chiron in this placement. Natives need to be taught about the healing aspects of the house containing Chiron and then need to learn how to activate their sixth house. High levels of consciousness seem to be spontaneous, and those who do not connect seek out the use of drugs. They have the choice of a high level of synchronization of Chiron energy or bringing destruction into their manifestation.


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