A Summary of 
'Midpoint Keys to Chiron'

A book review relating to midpoints, 
Uranian astrology, Alfred Witte, Reinhold Ebertin and Cosmobiology.

This book was written by Chris Brooks and published by AFA. 


Table of Contents:



Chapter 1: Chiron For Signs and Seasons

Chapter 2: Midpoints Their Time Has Come

Chapter 3: By Transit and Direction

Chapter 4: Transiting Midpoint Keys

Chapter 5: Chiron Catalysts

Chapter 6: A Bridge to Rectification

Chapter 7: Transitions and Turning Points

Chapter 8: Synastry

Chapter 9: A time for Chiron

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Brooks starts off by giving his readers a brief history of Chiron and the events that were taking place at the time of Chiron’s discovery. He talks about Chiron being "the maverick" that brings transition and turning points that can lead to progressive change in each person’s life.

The author moves on to talk about midpoints in his second chapter and how famous astrologers such as Guido Bonati and Alan Leo were fore runners in showing the importance of midpoints in the natal chart. Alfred Witte "famous for his Hamburg School of Astrology" also used midpoints and formulated the concept of "planetary pictures." In this century Reinhold Ebertin popularized the use of midpoints through his book "The Combination of Stellar Influences." 

Brooks gives some examples of midpoints between two planets and then goes on to show how Chiron brings a new dimension by adding "transition" and "breakthrough" scenarios to the midpoint picture. This brings new discoveries in science and the medical field as well as transitions in our personal lives.

Chiron transits bring different turning points. In regard to Moon/Venus midpoints women, emotions, family, and love are involved. Chiron/Mars can show the beginning of a new job. Brook says that Chiron seems to "serve as a triggering factor for the exact day of an event." During these transition periods we are often forced to make major life decisions. Brooks says that Chiron acts more like an outer planet transits in that it brings significant changes in the life. 

Chiron gives the ability to synthesize by putting all the facts together, helping us to find the missing denominator. It acts like a bridge that links things together. Brooks also says that when Chiron joins the outer planets that it is not very active unless activating a planet that is going direct. Chiron tends to add dimension to whatever planet it is aspecting, with Mars the work scenario, Venus…the love life, Moon...daily emotional transitions, etc.

In synastry, Chiron can add a challenging situations that requires that healing takes place for the relationship to work well. The person who has Chiron aspecting the other person’s planet is the one who is the instigator of the challenging situation. Chiron often shows the person as having a "maverick" like attitude where he is really attracted to the person but not wanting to make a commitment. Brooks recommends that no more than 30’orb be used between the two planets in midpoint synastry.

I thought that this was a very interesting book and the first I’ve seen that uses Chiron in midpoint symmetry. The author adds some interesting new ideas, i.e., the fact that Brook believes that Chiron has as powerful of an influence in life as the outer planets when used in midpoint delineation. Much more research needs to be made in this field, as Chiron is still a relatively new discovery. We still aren't sure if Chiron is a comet or a planetoid. Experts in the field no longer believe that Chiron is an asteroid as it is larger, seems to have a greater significance, and is found outside the asteroid belt between Saturn and Uranus.


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