The School of Cognitive Astrology

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Date sent:       Wed, 23 Dec 1998 22:45:44 EST
Subject:         midpoint patterns

Just for your information: There is in existence since late 70 's one more school of astrology using midpoints as a main source of horoscope analysis. The school name is The School of Cognitive Astrology, the method used are midpoint patterns on planetary harmonics (to differentiate from J. Addey zodiacal harmonics...).

The focus is on the development of self awareness of individual planetary influences, method does include wide spectrum of harmonic division, beyond 4 and 8 used by Cosmobiology. Interpretation of midpoints is based on the contemporary research and while we greatly value work of Ebertin, we also continue to supplement all that he started. School started in Vancouver, BC, Canada and now extended to Poland with over 300 active students.

Jan Sar (dir)