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From:   Tuomo
DATE:   30.11.1997 18:41

Dear Deb,

So, here you get my prediction of Feb 28:

1. This is a moment when your directed ARIES axis is under severe stress.
First I predicted this is your wedding day, then I her
separation day. Anyway, this is a day of CU/MO which is "wedding day"
or....nomination day for ladies association. And I suppose that is a correct
prediction because the participants seem to be mostly ladies. Anyway, there
is somekind of party going on and something has been changed at this moment.
Is it a president of the association or something like that but anyway
something is on there. Anyway, transiting HA+HA= your natal NO, showing
"inner hostility" in your connections.

Let say that you was a nominee at this meeting....and it is very difficult
to say...did they nominee you or other person. I suppose you got bad news.
Yes...I suppose this was a separation...or then your chart is showing very
good fight.

There is a repetition of (SA/PL=MO) t.=(MCr/ASd=NOt)....(SA+PL-MO) r= SU
d....(SA+PL-MO) d=MC r

SU d+MC r-NO t =" this native at this age in her connections" = UR t
="suddenly"=NO/SA= " separating"
regards Tuomo

PS. Other dates are coming in three-four days.