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...  I wonder if you have read KT Boeher's work on declinations:  Declinations, The Other Dimension.  I have found it most helpful, particularly with regard to the out of 
bounds placements.   KT is very knowledgeable, and if you would like to 
contact her directly, I'd be happy to forward her email address.   I do not 
understand what you mean by "progressed Ascendent by declination unto a 
benefic planet".  Could you explain further? 

Date sent:       Sun, 22 Nov 1998 22:54:48 -0500

I have used KT Boehrer's book in declinations & find that the
information is most helpful.  To me, it helped to explain why some
things occurred when I was not expecting any particular event, and of
course, the opposite.

Using her theory of out-of-bounds planets and after calculating the
'additional' point of contact, the result is that 'new' positions are
available to test or prepare for activity.

I would recommend it to anyone interested in astrology.

June J

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