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There is a monthly 20 or so page publication available by yearly 
subscription for $22 US, called 
"The Bulletin of the Global VolcanismNetwork,"  
published by: The American Geophysical Union; 2000 Florida Ave., 
NW; Washington, DC 20009 USA; voice phone 800-966-2481 or 202-462-6900; fax: 

This monthly publication covers all of the major volcanic and earthquake 
events throughout the world during one month.  Usually the publication is 
three months delayed.  That is, if this is May then you will receive data 
for February.  In that monthly bulletin the dates and times as well as the 
latitudes and longitudes of all "Earth" events of this nature are given. In 
addition descriptions of each event are written up in paragraph form by 
scientists close to the events.  There is a handy U.S. Government publication which does this for any researcher at a reasonable price. 



Date:          Tue, 28 Apr 1998 22:21:43 +0300 (IDT) 
Subject:       Earthquake 22-Nov-1995 
Hello all, 

I recalled today of one major earthquake we've experienced in Israel a few 
years ago. Other people here often report minor earthquakes, that I can't 
sense, but that one was  6.4 on the Richter scale, so it couldn't have been 
ignored. I remember waking up in the morning, getting off my bed, suddenly 
feeling the floor dancing wildly under my feet. 

Actually this "Plutonian" earthquake was predicted by at least one Israely  
astrologer and by a few rabbis that practiced the Qabbalah (jewish mystical  
wisdom). The Eldest Qabbalist flew to Eilat, the most southern Israeli city, 
by the red sea, and took a trip in the yellow submarine (that usually serves 
tourists, who wish to watch the beautiful coral reef and great variety of 
colorful fish), some time before the earthquake, where he conducted  a 
qabbalistic ritual and prayed for the people's well-being. 

The Earthquake took place on the 22nd of November, 1995, around 6:20am  
(gmt+2), and was sensed from Egypt, all through Israel and Cyprus, to 
Syria, Lebanon and south-east Turkey, actually along the Syrian-African Rift. 

Although this was a relatively harsh earthquake (6.4), there was hardly any 
damage done to people or property, apart from a few cracks in Eilat's hotel 
buildings and roads. 

Looking at the Astrocartography chart one can see the very tight  
Sun/Mercury/Pluto conjunction right on the Ascendant at 0 degs Sagittarius. 
These lines run all through the Syrian-African Rift (where the earthquake 
was took place). Cupido was also conj. the Asc within 2.5 degrees, into the 
12th house. 

Saturn is Stationary direct at 18 degrees Pisces, trioctile Apollon ("big 
hindrance"?). This may reflect a big restraining factor, that prevented this 
mighty earthquake from causing real damage. Looking at this from a different 
point of view, I remember reading soemwhere, that in old jewish astrology 
books, Saturn is described as the protector of the Israeli/jewish people, 
and related to angel Michael, who was in charge of the Israelites. A 
stationary Saturn trioctile Apollon seems like a very strong protection 
against earthquakes.  


Browsing through that new on-line encyclopdia of fixed stars ("Anne Wright's 
fixed star website" at, a few fixed stars 
were found, that seem to be relevant in this particular case. 

1. Fixed star ALRAI ("Shepherd. Star in the left foot of the Ethiopian 
King", Constellation: Gamma Cepheus - NGC 32875), known to be related to 
"Earthquakes and other events that affect large portions of mankind. 
(Noonan)" is on the Cart's Descendant (0 Gemini). 

2. Fixed stars "KAJAM" (Club of Hercules the Hero, Omega Hercules - NGC 
22090), and "KORNEPHOROS" (Club-bearer. Star in the right shoulder of the 
Man Kneeling or Hero, Constellation: Beta Hercules - NGC 22193), both 
related to "Events that effect large portions of mankind. Earthquakes. 
(Noonan)", are on the Ascendant.  

3.  Pars Fortuna (23SCO+) is conj. the fixed star "ZUBEN ELAKRAB" (Star in 
the middle of the northern Claw, Constellation: Gamma Libra - NGC 20949), 
that is related to ". Events concerning sacred rites and changes in 
religious custom. (Noonan)".  

The Asc/Pluto/Sun/Mercury tight conjunction is on the UR/ZE midpoint. 
I cast a chart for the geographical coordinates of Jerusalem, Israel (35E14 
31N46), in order to look at the midpoint trees. So, only the MC (and the 
pictures it is involved in) would actually be unique for that position (and 
they will be put in brackets). 


On the chart I cast for Jerusalem, the Vertex is conjunct Vulcanus. Now, I 
must ask here for help from other list members. I don't know how the Vertex 
is calculated, so I can't tell if it is conjunct Vulcanus all along the 
ASC=PL=SU=ME line (Syrian-African Rift) or just around this particular 
position. Would anyone with more knowledge of such "sensitive points" be 
kind enough to explain what the Vertex exactly is and how it is calculated? 

>From what I've read, the Vertex is actually a "magnetic Descendant", a 
point in the chart that is related to "fated contacts". It is described as a 
"pressure valve" through which built-up pressure is released, a doorway, or 
a point where things explode right in one's face. 

Vulcanus, in mytholgy, was a blacksmith who worked inside earth, and so is 
related with power, and may be related to earthquakes and Volcanos. It 
therefore seems appropriate, that the VERTEX in that case, would be on 
Vulcanus, as it would represent a pressure valve (in space and time) for 
releasing geological tension/pressure through an earthquake (or a volcanic 

Other examples for the way the VERTEX may work: 
1. John Denver was killed when his airplane took a nose dive into the 
Moterey bay, CA, when transiting Chiron was smack on his natal Vertex. 
Denver's data: Born: Dec 31 1943  3:55pm ST +6:00 104:32W 33:24N "Roswell, 
New Mexico". Killed: Oct 12 1997  5:23pm ST +7:00 121:55W 36:37N "Monterey, 
CA, USA." Chiron, in mythology, was a centaur, a healer, an archer, a 
maverick among other Centaurs, who was wounded by accident, because of wine. 
He could not heal his own wound and overcome his unbearable pain, until he 
gave up his immortality, and became a constellation in the sky. 

In Denver's natal chart Chiron is tightly opposite the moon (in his 10th 
house). I heard Denver was arrested, a few times, for being involved in car 
accidents when he was drunk. This Moon/Chiron opposition in his chart may 
point to the existance of an unbearable emotional pain, that may have 
brought about the drinking problem. Maybe his only way to be released from 
the pain, like Chiron, was to give up his life (I read his death chart hints 
to a possible suicide). When Tr Chiron hit his vertex (the doorway to a 
higher realm?), the pain could be fatefully released. This is, of course, 
only speculative. 

2. Linda McCartney's recent death is still considered a mystery, as to the 
time and place it took place. The CNN however came up with the following 
data for her: birth:  Sep 24 1941 (no time) DT +5:00  74:00W 40:43N New 
York, NY, USA. death: Apr 17 1998  5:04am DT +8:00 119:42W 34:25N Santa 
Barbara, CA, USA. When comparing the two charts, one finds the Transitting 
VERTEX at the time of death was exactly on Linda's natal Neptune, and so it 
may have served as a fated valve or doorway (in time and space) allowing a 
passage from the earthy to the heavenly relam. Once again, this is only a 

3. On the Jonesboro event, two boys, cousins (13 and 11 years old), shot a 
teacher and five female pupils to death, and wounded many others. This took 
place at: Mar 24 1998 12:43pm ST +6:00  90:42W 35:51N Jonesboro, Ak, USA. On 
this chart one can see the VERTEX is conjunct Pluto (opp. Fortuna, square  
the nodes and Pallas Athena) and therefore may represent a fated "pressure 
valve" for releasing feelings of revenge, or possibly "mind control" (this 
has to do with recent conspiracy theories that claim all those recent school 
shootings in the USA are actually caused by some kind of "hypnotic 
suggestions", or other mind control techniques, that the young shooters were 
submitted to by the American government who needed a justification for 
"disarming the people" and illegalizing the possession of weapon by 
civilians). Again, this is highly speculative. 

4. I personally tend to share my thoughts mostly with people (or  
groups) who have their natal mercury conj. my natal Vertex, whether they are 
willing to listen or not. 

I believe those four examples are enough to demonstrate the importance of a 
planet which is conjunct the vertex. Any comments? 
--------------------------------------------------- Going back to the 
earthquake chart: 

Using the 90* dial one gets, for example: 

AS=SU=ME=PL(external and internal motion of the surrounding 'body' 
{earth}?)= UR/ZE(sudden directed eruption) = [MO/MC] 


MARS/VENUS tight conjunction (physical excitability) = MO/NO(<exact>,change 
in connections)= HA/ZE(cramp,, paralysis) = JU/KR(high urge to expand, great 
luck) = CU/VU(powerful community) = VU/(AS,PL,SU,ME)(powerful internal and 
external motion of the surroundings...)= KR/(MA,VE)(action of the "helping 
hand"?) = CU/AP(scientific community?) = AP/(AS,PL,SU,ME)(expansion by 
motion of..) = MO/PO(spiritual people, medium) 

and also: 


[Vertex on] VU = AP = SA/AD = AP/VU = MO/HA = JU/AD = 
                     = [MC/CU] = [MC/(AS,AP,SU,ME)] 

AD=ZE= HA/AP = PO/(AS,PL,SU,ME) = [NO/MC] = [NE/MC] 



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Date:          Mon, 1 Jun 1998 13:57:26 +0300 (IDT) 
Subject:       Re: ## Val: explosion midpoint ? 

On Mon, 1 Jun 1998, "The Uranian Group" <> wrote: 
><<Anyhow back to the original thought, it seems to me that there are 
>explosions happening all around us these days and that it appears to  
>have escalated, is this because of the planet which is triggering the 
>explosions is coming closer in aspectto whatever midpoint is representing 
>the explosions?  Any thoughts? 
>I have attributed some of the above to the Mars/Pluto/Nodes mutable grand 
>cross currently in effect, and that it also happens to fall into the 
>February Eclipse point.  Trans. Moon gets pulled into all this later this 
>morning; think I will stay in indoors and not 'play in traffic'!   


Maybe we can also add to this, the powerful STATIONARY Uranus that occupies 
the following midpoints now: UR=MA/VU(explosions) =NO/VU(to show great zeal 
suddenly) =MA/AP(sudden disturbance, surprise, excitement, extended activity 
in science) =NO/AP(sudden expansion of the freedom or the sphere of 
activity) =PL/VU(sudden surprising alteration. Leaping mutations. sudden 
unhealth rushed  
=PL/AP(sudden change of the situation, or development with incisive 
   for the future. Suddenly grow and extend in all directions. sudden  
   magnification. sudden development of a science. sudden far  
   reaching and expanded transformation..) = 
=MA/NO(aggravations and excitement through concerted action)  

With all this Plutonian energy involved, this may also reflect the 
surprising, unexpected underground nuclear bombing tests that India and 
Pakistan have been conducting recently (Possibly as an act of intended 
defiance against USA's policy of allowing itself to act freely on such 
matters, while trying to prevent other countries from doing the same, 
thereby denying their right for technological independence/freedom?). Maybe 
some of these tests were connected, in some way, with the recent devastating 
earthquake, that took place in Afghanistan on Saturday (Just as tr Mars 
crossed the degree of the recent new moon in Gemini, that was widely 
conjunct Mars, opposite Pluto and square the Nodes. A similar severe 
earthquake took place in Afghanistan some time ago, when Mars crossed the 
degree of the Solar eclipse on 7Pisces55, from February the 26th, 1998. That 
Eclipse was Square Pluto and Conjunct Jupiter). 

best regards, 

Date:          Tue, 5 May 1998 02:24:00 +0300 (IDT) 

Hello all, 

A major earthquake that had been reported, very recently (4th-May-1998), 
took place in Japan. 

>From the CNN site 
Major earthquake rocks Okinawa; tsunami warning issued. 
- A major earthquake rocked Okinawa and 
  several smaller islands in 
  southwestern Japan on Monday 
  morning, but there were no 
  immediate reports of serious damage or casualties. 
  The earthquake struck at 8:30 a.m. and had a preliminary 
  magnitude of 7.7, according to the Central Meteorological 
  Agency. The agency issued a tsunami, or tidal wave, alert for 
  coastal areas in southern Japan. 
  The quake was centered at a depth of 12 miles (20 kilometers) 
  under the seabed 160 miles (260 kilometers) south of Ishigaki 
  Island. Officials said the first tsunami reached Ishigaki about 30 
  minutes later, but was only several inches (10 centimeters) high. 
  Nagahiro Uechi, an official with the Ishigaki city office, said there were 
  no reports of serious damage or injuries about one hour after the quake. 
  "After about 10 seconds of mild shakes, the quake felt stronger for 
   about 30 seconds," he said. "Drivers said their cars felt like they 
   were going over bumps." 
   Some goods were shaken off of shelves at stores on the island, 
   Uechi said. 
   The agency said the tsunami, waves triggered by undersea 
   earthquakes, could be higher than 6.6 feet (2 meters). The agency 
   issued a less severe tsunami warning for coastal areas as far north 
   as Osaka, which is 255 miles (408 kilometers) southwest of 
   Japan's state-run NHK television said residents were seen fleeing 
   coastal areas of Okinawa by car. 
   Ishigaki is one of the islands in Japan's southernmost prefecture of 
   Okinawa, about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) southwest of Tokyo. 
   Ishigaki has a population of 43,000. An earthquake with a magnitude of 7 
   or greater could be catastrophic if it hits near a metropolitan area. 
   Copyright 1998   The Associated Press. All rights reserved. 

Another report from the same site added" 
Undersea quake hits southern Japan; no major damage. 
A powerful undersea earthquake rumbled through Okinawa, Taiwan and the 
Philippines Monday, setting off a tidal wave scare and sending hundreds 
fleeing for the safety of high ground. However, there were no reports of 
casualties or serious damage....<snip> The quake struck Japan's most popular 
scuba diving region, an area rich in rare coral and sea life, which at this 
time of the year is packed with tourists...It was also felt on the east 
coast of Taiwan, where it was strong enough to sway buildings, and in the 
northern Philippines, where seismologists cautioned that aftershocks were 
possible... Had the earthquake hit closer to shore, it could have been 
           catastrophic. A quake registering 7.2 killed more than 6,000 
people and flattened the western Japan city of Kobe in 1995... 
------------------ Earthquake data: May 4 1998  8:30am ST (gmt+9:00) 127:50E 
26:20N "Okinawa, Japan". 

Neptune is stationary, as it just went Retrograde at 2Aqu10. Uranus is also 
almost stationary, about to go retrograde, at 12Aqu40, square the Sun (and 
the Vertex). The Sun (13Tau19) is conjunct the fixed stars ALMACH (Earthkid 
(an arabian badger or weasel-like mammal. Star on the left foot of the 
Ethiopian Princess. Constellation: [Gamma Andromeda - NGC 2477]), that is 
said to influence EARTHQUAKES, and MENKAR (Nostril of Cetus the Sea Monster 
        Constellation: [Alpha Cetus - NGC 3643]), which has influence over 
"Fishermen or those who make a living in some way from salt. (Noonan)". 
KRONOS is conj. the ASC. 

Looking at the Geocentric chart one can see: 
VENUS just entered Aries, and is a part of this cluster: 
On the 90*dial: 
AR=VE=MA(=CHIRON)=(physical excitability of forces of nature) 
=MC/VU(influence many people,tremendous passion, intense urge for action) 
=SU/AD(ground) =ZE/KR(great and energetic activity) =MC/AP(rich experiences) 
=MA/UR(sudden event, exciting action, energetic act, uproar...) 
=NE/CU(dissonances in family, =AR:dissolution of a family, 
                   =VE:dissonance in love marriage, 
                       Deception in love, breach of promise to marry. 
                   =MA:"impotence of the husband") 

Now comes the question: What do the MARS-VENUS tight hard aspect and the 
NE/CU midpoint have to do with an earthquake? As a reminder to the mythology 
of VULCANUS (related to seismic/volcanic activity), here's a citation from 
the following website: "Of Gods and Men: The A to Z of Mythologyand legend" 
( --------------------- 
"HEPHAESTOS (vulcanus) More commonly known as Vulcan,Hephaestos was the son 
of Zeus(JUPITER) and Hera (JUNO), and was born crippled,lame in one leg. 
Disgusted at this flawed product of her loins,Hera cast him out of 
Olympus,and falling into the sea he was rescued by Thetis and Eurynome. 
These two cared for him,and he abided there for nine years,fashioning many 
wondrous artifacts,using his inborn sense of creativity and genius to form 
the most incredible objects and machines. ....SNIP..... 

Hephaestos was god of fire,the unbridled,unchecked,raging inferno that is 
the heart of the volcano,and indeed this was fitting,as he was first and 
foremost a smith,a worker in metal and fire. ...SNIP...... 

Aphrodite(VENUS) married Hephaestos (Vulcan) 
who,after being told by Helios(APOLLO) of his wife's amorous liaisons with 
Ares(MARS), caught both of the perpetrators in a cunning net of his own 
design,and brought them before Zeus(JUPITER) ,demanding punishment.... 
Although Hephaestos was married to Aphrodite,the goddess of love,he had no 
children by her,perhaps due to the fact that he was a cripple. 

Looking at the Heliocentric chart one can immediately see JUPITER smack on 
the MC and the following tight T-square: 
VENUS-Square-APOLLON-square-VULCANUS. On the 90* dial: VU=AP=VE =UR/KR(great 
tension and collected power, =VE: love quarrels, =VU:suddenly appearing 
great force, =AP: sudden expansion of power). =EA/AS(?) =(AP/VU) =ZE/PO(the 
formal proof, the evidence, stand firmly or testify to religious and worldly 
convictions). =NO/CU(family connection or convention) =(VE/VU) 
=PL/CU(changes in the family. Tradition.) =(VE/AP) =NE/PO(abstract things, 
metaphysics, mirror, false pretence...) =ME/NE("imagination, confusion, 
lies", movement of the sea: tidal waves? tsunami? undersea movement?) 

On this earthquake's geocentric chart, we also find the following trees: 

=VE/AD(mediate? end of love?) 
=NE/VU(the might of the fine material forces, extraordinary deception) 
=AS/HA(relation to socially inferior, come into contact with disagreeable 
=ZE/AD(interior of the earth) 
=MO/AP(multitude or spreading of people? well-being of a nation?) 
=NO/ZE(work with kilns or stoves or furnaces (VULCAN?). working with 
=MC/ZE(creative ability, thirst for action, passion to work (VULCAN?)) 
=ME/PO(ideals, ideas) 
=JU/CU(lucky, happy community. art with success) 
=SA/UR(quarrels, sudden separation. maybe: damped/restrained eruption) 
=VE/MC(sensation of (happy) love?) 

UR=SU(=KR=VERTEX)=(tense/nervous body? sudden physically exciting event?) 
=VE/KR(great helping hand) =VE/AS(beautiful surroundings) =NO/VU(application 
of force. eagerness) =AS/ZE(the immediate environment. together with others. 
pressure from others) =MC/AP(experiences. scientific experience) 
=ME/PL(external and internal motion) =SA/CU(to part from a community. 
Separation in the family) =ME/MC(agility, motion) 




AP=VU(=VESTA)-growing big. mighty expansion. science of geology? 
=UR/AS(excited surrounding) 
=JU/AD(lucky, happy crowd) 
=UR/KR(great tension and collected power, sudden appearance) 
=SU/AS(physical surrounding) 
=SU/KR(physical capability) 
=MO/JU(fortunate nation/people) 
=MO/HA(people who are victims, hours of fated ordeal) 
=PL/CU(changes in human society) 

MO=AD=(crowded people) 
=SA/MC(feel a burden, dejection) 
=ME/JU(cheerful mood) 
=(JU/VU-mighty luck) 
=(HA/AP-misery of the masses) 
=(NE/NO-dissolution of unions? connected with the sea?) 

* For whoever wishes to explore earthquakes, 
  here are a few resources,   on the WWW, 
  for earthquake data and links: 

1.Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo 

2.Seismology Resources on the Internet 

3.U.S. Geological Survey - Earthqualke Information Center, 
                          Golden Colorado 
best regards, 


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