An Easy and Quick Way
to Use the Transneptunians
An explanation of fundamental Uranian Astrology - Hamburg School techniques.

An astrologer starting to use Uranian techniques often begins to use the TNPs as if they were just like the traditional planets.  That is, the TNPs are added to a chart and then delineation proceeds according to the normal rules and conventions that the astrologer has learned over the years.

This is an easy and quick way to use the Transneptunians.
It is also seriously flawed.

Let us all remember that Alfred Witte and Friedrich Sieggrun discovered these TNP planetary energies and formulated specific rules and techniques that should accompany the use of the TNPs.  It is the Hamburg School (of Hamburg, Germany) that still holds the essence of these techniques. While Uranian astrologers tend to be eclectic in their approach, it is the Hamburg School astrologers who remain the experts in this field. 

If your use of the TNPs produce unreliable, inconsistent results, do not then discard the TNPs.  If you conclude that 'Uranian astrology does not work', this will be one of the biggest mistakes you will make in your astrological studies.  It is not the fault of the TNPs, but it is your erroneous use of them!

To be skilled in Hamburg school techniques is not easy.  There is no real quick way to become an expert in Uranian astrology.  How many years do traditional astrologers spend becoming skilled ?!  We all know that any complex field cannot be mastered in a few months by reading a book or two.  
By exploring the pages on my two web sites you will pick up many valuable techniques, and if you follow the basic guidelines suggested by various Uranian astrologers (including Hamburg Schoolers) your astrological skills will be greatly improved.  However, always keep in mind that Witte and his present-day followers of the Hamburg School have a set of techniques that must be adhered to in order to obtain the precise results and deep insights possible.
Steven Lee
20 February, 1999
New Zealand


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