The Antivertex and East Point
 20 Jul 1998 

Hello Megan & Midpointers,

>By any chance, what is the East Point? According to Astrolog I have
>the EP at 00Aries - no explanation given - and I would especially be
>interested in to not just what it means, but how it is arrived at.
>Thanks, Megan

A very good booklet is available from ACS - AstroCommunications 
Services in California,  entitled "The East Point and The 
Antivertex", at a cost of only $4 USD.   See my web site to order 
this.  It is written by Maritha Pottenger.  There are 35 pages in 
total, with 22 pages devoted to a description 'in signs and aspects to'.

Although this does not have anything to do with midpoints per se,
since we have had little mail recently, here are some extracts from
the booklet. If you think that the East Point really is significant
(does anyone on this list use the EP regularly ?), then you will want
to purchase the booklet.



Generally, both the Antivertex and East Point function as auxiliary
Ascendants-additional keys to themes of importance in our basic
identity, our self-expression in the world, our personal needs and
actions, energy and drive.

They do not seem to be as important as the actual  Ascendant but do
offer useful clues to major themes in the nature of the individual.
Either angle requires more attention when a planet falls closely in
conjunction. This is almost as significant as having that planet
conjunct the Ascendant. The planet(s) involved denote major, keynote
principles of that individual's sense of self, identity, assertion and
being in the world.

The East Point is usually in the twelfth or first house of the chart.
The Antivertex is usually in the eleventh, twelfth, first or second
house. At extremes of latitude, the Antivertex can vary widely,
falling into the third or tenth houses and occasionally into the west
side of the horoscope. The Ascendant, East Point and Antivertex all
intersect at 0° Taurua  and 0° Libra. Thus, these angles will begin to
cluster from late Pisces through early Aries and late Virgo through
early Libra. The Ascendant, East Point and Antivertex will be the most
spread out (often in three different signs and houses) when Cancer or
Capricrn is rising. Note that the East Point will always be within a
5° square to the Midheaven. If it is not, check your calculations.

The Vertex and West Point function as keys to our relationships, the
kinds of qualities we seek in relationships, the sorts of attributes
we may project and unconsciously attract other people to express for
us. Close aspects symbolize fundamental issues in our self expression
and our one-to-one interactions. Both axes, as oppositions, show
themes-by sign and house-wherewe are working to integrate, seeking the
middle point. Both ends need each other. They are natural partners. We
are learning to express some of each side, to support the
synthesis-the best of both ends. 

Because of their polar nature, these angles are often important in
synastry with strong contacts between charts. Those issues which are
most important for an individual will be repeated in several ways in
the chart, including through aspects. The more we can be aware of the
rich variety of options we have, recognizing and utilizing the many
different sides of our own nature, the more fulfilling lives we can

If the East Point and Antivertex operate as auxiliary Ascendants, then
logically the West Point (opposite the East Point) and the Vertex
(opposite the Antivertex) operate as auxiliary Descendants. Again,
they are not usually as important as the actual Descendant, but do
imply themes. If repeated elsewhere in the chart, the themes are

The Descendant, Vertex and West Point are all keys to our
close, committed relationships. They symbolize the feelings and
experiences we seek through others close to us (spouses, live-in
partners, therapists, etc.). Often, they operate as points of
projection. These angles can point to qualities we tend to meet first
through other people-attributes of ourselves we may learn to face
through seeing someone else express the energy. The danger with
projection is over doing. If one person in a relationship is "doing it
for" someone else, the first person is likely to do too much of
whatever the quality is. 

So, all of these angle axes-Ascendant/Descendant, East Point/West
Point and Antivertex/Vertex relate to that basic self / other
polarity. Each gives us clues about balancing self-will and
independent action with sharing and committing to others. Generally,
it is easier to personally identify with the eastern end of each axis.
It is easier to disown and see as "out there" (in other people) the
western end. 

This potential of "giving away" a part of who we are and 
unconsciously attracting other people to manifest that missing side
contributes to what has been called the "fated" quality of the Vertex.
Where other people are involved, we have less control and less power
than when we are concerned only with our individual needs. People who
externalize responsibility for their own lives call such interactions
"fated." Operating (instead) within the world view that life is a
mirror, means that we attract people from whom we can learn. Everyone
in our lives is teaching us about a part of our own nature and

Thus, both axes (East Point / West Point and Antivertex / vertex)
point to a basic self / other polarity in the life that must be faced.
In any opposition, the goal is integration. There is a natural
complementary. Both ends need each other to be fully effective.

A good example is former President Jimmy Carter.
His East Point conjuncts his Saturn in Scorpio. His Antivertex
conjuncts his Jupiter in Sagittarius. His East Point and Saturn
conjunct his Juno in Scorpio. The conjunction with Saturn symbolizes
his energetic pursuit of executive power, the ambition to make it to
the top. Jupiter symbolizes our ultimate values, including traditional
religious beliefs (as well as education, spiritual quests, travel,
etc.) Jupiter combined with the Ascendant, Mars, first house, Aries,
East Point or Antivertex can manifest as the missionary type: "I have
the truth and it is the only truth. Take it, world !" The conjunction
of the East Point to Juno, the "marriage asteroid," indicates a close,
personal involvement in a committed partnership; the desire for an
equal sharing. Jimmy Carter demonstrated his power drive in seeking
and obtaining the US presidency. His marriage to Rosalyn was and is
very equalitarian; she is reported to have tremendous influence and
impact in his decisions. His strong (Baptist) religious convictions
were particularly unusual for a modern-day politician.

For those who prefer working directly with trigonometric functions,
the formulas for these angles are:

East Point = arctan (COSRAMC/(-sinRAMC* cos obl))
Vertex = arctan ((-COSRAMC) /(SinRAMC* cos obl-sin obvtanlat))
Antivertex = Vertex ± 180 degrees
"obl" is obliquity; "lat" is latitude; and "RAMC" is right ascension
of the Midheaven. The quadrant of the answer can be determined from
the signs ( + or - ) of the numerator and denominator in the arctan.

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