Our Electional Chart

Date sent:       Sat, 27 Jun 1998 15:47:55 -1200

Hello 101 Members !

We have been waiting a long time for this group to start.
For me, I have known of the need for a beginner's group for about
half a year.  So, welcome to our new group !

To chose an approprate time to launch Midpoints 101, Cindy suggested
the date (27 June) and a Sag Asc.  I then cast a chart that looked
good, and had this confirmed by a friend of mine here in NZ who
specialises in Electional Astrology.

Let's keep in mind, however, that although there are some very good
energies with this chart, it is up to us to use them to the best
advantage !

Details of the electional chart:

3:47 PM  NZST  -1200
27 June 98,   Saturday
Masterton New Zealand 40S57 175E40

++++  The electional (not natal) details are:

Asc  20 Sag 02 (ruler Ju just inside 5th H cusp)
MC  25Le12
Significator Merc in 8th H, Cancer
Merc trines Ju
Co - significator Moon in 9th H, Leo
Ruler of MC = Sun
Sun in 7th H

*** All of the above can be seen as positive points.
       Since no chart is perfect, here are the negatives that we need
       to be aware of:         Su incj Pl         Ve opp Pl
However, these are minor compared to the main points above, and we
should be able to handle these energies OK.  Remember that electional
rules are different than that for natal.

++++  The midpoints of this 'natal' chart are:

Merc = Su / Mo  =  Ma / MC
Moon = Merc / NNode
Sun = Merc / Hades
Chiron = Mo / Ur

These are very appropriate for our group, especially
Merc = Su / Mo  !!!
We should not be bothered by Hades ( Su = Me / Ha ) since Hades often
signifies Uranian astrology.

Would anyone like explanations of the above midpoints ?

Other 'natal' considerations are that  Kronos is in the 7th H along
with the Sun, and both Cupido and Pluto are in the 12 th H. I view
these placements in a positive manner.

Please note that 'Electional' rules are quite different than natal
work, and it is not exactly fair to mix the two methods.  However, I
have included a few natal placements, and it seemed obvious that we
should look at the midpoints as per a natal chart.  The electional
time was chosen by taking into consideration electional rules first.

In conclusion, I believe that we have a nice chart !



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