Errors in the Book:
The errors here refer to the book "Handbook of Techniques for the Hamburg School" by Ruth Brummund and Udo Rudolph,  1992 English edition.   Some errors are quite minor.  If you have this edition, the corrections are: 

1)  Page 149, the LA and LM are reversed on the dial. 

2)  Page 151, The LA should be 2LEO41, not 2LEO11. 

3)  Page 160, the Poseidon symbol is missing from the dial. 
     It's position is 26LIBRA48. 

4) Page 163 and 164,  some more explanation is needed under 
  "Locating the day of the event via the New Moon." 
(a) The count for the times the degrees show up, does not include the MC or AS.  (Pg163) 

(b) On page 164, the four lines of dates shown, are found by subtracting the distances 3, 7, and 10, and also adding 3,  from/to 22deg30 thus: 
22.30 - 3 = 19.30,     therefore 19th/20th day after New Moon 
22.30 - 7 =  15.30,    therefore 15th/16th day after New moon 
22.30 - 10 = 12.30                  12th/13th day etc. 
22.30 + 3  = 25.30                   25th/26th day etc. 
   The above is not made clear enough in the text. 

Page 61 The Saturn/Apollon on the dial in the Pisces sector should be a sum, not a halfsum, ie Correct is SA+AP. 

Page 162, 3rd paragraph, Sun,Moon/Hades, not Sun/Moon/Hades, 
(ie, SU/HA and MO/HA) 

Page 113, Poseidon line is missing from the Frequency Table. 
It should read:  /    1   /  1   /   1     total 3. 

Many people coming to "Uranian" Astrology don't realise that the system has been evolving over the last 50 years in Hamburg, and much of the older methods have now been replaced by techniques that have been well researched by the Hamburg Study Group, and this book covers many of these methods. 

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