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What is Symmetrical Astrology ?
This new term is put forward (by Steve Lee, 6-'99) as a means to incorporate both Uranian astrology and Cosmbiology, as well as other similar midpoint techniques.  While there are definite differences between Uranian and Cosmobiology, compared to traditional astrology (non-midpoint & non-dial), these two forms are quite similar. Also, it is a reminder to look for the symmetry of the overall planetary pictures, rather than to take a narrow view of only one midpoint stucture.

Why aren't houses used ? 
Actually, houses are used by many Symmetrical astrologers.  The Uranian system has its own set of houses (see Meridian Houses, etc.).  Many Cosmobiologists do not use houses at all, and it is fair to say that most Uranians do not place a strong emphasis on the use of houses, and the zodiac as well.  The question should be asked "Which house system is best, and why?!!!"  Not only is there great controversy over house systems, but mainly the symmetrical system emphasizes planetary energies.  Personally, I (Steve Lee) often hear a lot of nonsense when astrologers expand at great length using only the zodiac or house placement of a single planet.  To me, this is 'bad astrology', especially when planetary combinations are ignored !  In short, you will get better results by concentrating on planetary energies and how they combine - this is the essence of any chart.  Houses should be ignored by beginners; accurate insights can be gained without using houses.

Since the Transneptunian Planets are imaginary, 
      why should we take notice of them ?
The TNP's are not imaginary but hypothetical.  Witte and ----- calculated the position of the TNP's through mathematics.  We should take notice of   them because 'they work'!  If you don't use the TNP's at all, you are missing   out on many insights that would otherwise go unnoticed.  Be sure to see more detailed explanations on the Midpoints web site (see below for link). 

  I have heard that Uranian Astrology is "event oreintated" and is not good for natal delineation or psychological insights.  Isn't this detrimental to an overall approach?
This is true and not true...  Witte did in fact use events (e.g. of the First World War) to base many of his new techniques on. Uranian astrology does indeed predict events accurately. However, to say that Uranian (or Cosmobiology) is only for predicting events is erroneous.  Ebertin's work to this day (carried on by his son Baldur Ebertin) focuses on psychological issues.  Also, we should reflect on the inherent tie between each person's inner and outer worlds:  what happens to us in the external world affects our inner world, and vice-versa.  On this web site are various natal delineations using midpoint techniques (and the books Rules and COSI for interpretations) - you can see the inner insights provided by this method.

Why do Hamburg School astrologers use only hard aspects ?
Traditionally, hard aspects were only used but some Hamburgers are now using the soft aspects (eg. 30 degree series). More research is needed with soft aspects, but it is the hard aspects that are the important ones - most traditional astrologers would agree with this. Remember to use tight orbs with either hard or soft aspects - one degree is a good orb for beginners to use.  It is not a good idea for beginners to use soft aspects (such as sextiles) when starting midpoint techniques - just concentrate on the 45 or 22.5 degree hard series.

Dials seem out of date, now that computer programs 
     can do the same thing.  Why bother with dials ?
Uranian astrology is about 'symmetry', and one cannot get a feel for this symmetry on a computer screen. The combination of the tactile and visual senses  rotating the dial brings forth insights that are difficult to obtain  from a computer.  Along this line of thought, it is also important to 'get  out of the intellect' when doing any astrology.  This means talking to  clients, doing yoga, meditating, developing our intuition, and other ways of  not confining astrological work to 'the head'. 

Why are the books by Witte ('Rules...') and Ebertin ('COSI') so negative ?
         These books were written between the two world wars and reflect the  culture and history at that time, and probably also the style of translation into English.  It is vital, therefore, that astrologers use these books as guides only.  With  practice, the user should add interpretations of their own.  There are other, more modern midpoint interpretations, such as Michael Munkasey's.

The TNP 'Hades' has horrible symbology. 
        How can we use this energy wisely ?
        The keys to a positive manifestation of Hades has to do with 
        service, analysis, and antiquity.   The study of astrology or making garden 
        compost are two examples.

Can Uranian Techniques be used without using the Transneptunians ?
      Yes - the techniques of the Hamburg School 'stand on their own'.

Can I just put in the TNPs along side the traditional planets and points, 
        and use traditional methods of interpreting the chart ?
No, not to any extent !  Let us not forget that the TNPs were developed to be used with what is now called the Hamburg School techniques.  Of course there are many Uranian astrologers who use an 'eclectic approach' and get good results.  However the world authority remains with the precision of the Hamburg School. 

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