An astrological exploration of human fertility, 
using Uranian / Cosmobiological midpoint techniques.

By Zivit      Email:  zivit@inter.net.il

The following is an edition to a post I sent to the Midpoint 101 
email list in the beginning of December, and reflects my first midpoint 
analysis attempt. Naturally I chose a subject close to 
my heart, and the data is personal.

Here is the story, in short: I am 43.4 years old, married 3.5 years ago. Neither I or my husband were married before or have children. Naturally, we started trying immediately to get pregnant, but up to now did not succeed. We tried almost everything medical science has to offer (from surgery to fertility drugs to donor eggs in-vitro fertilization), and are still trying.

I came to do this work after realizing that the obvious pictures for fertility, 
that is Mo/Ve are "afflicted" in my chart, with  a close 
Ve=Ne (square, 12' orb), Ve=Ad (square, 51' orb), 
and Mo=Ha in a 22.5 angle (about 14').

The idea of affliction here came from reading in Penelope Bertucelli's booklet  
"Friends, Family Romance and Uranian Astrology Pictures" : "... Moon/Venus     
When Moon/Venus equal natal Mars, Jupiter, Cupido, Vulcanus, Zeus, Meridian Ascendant, Uranus or even Pluto (and they are in fortunate pictures), there is a prolific gift to conceive. Directions will trigger the timing of the event. ..."

I gathered a long list of points that are supposed to connect to fertility/pregnancy/birth of children. My list is certainly not complete - and not all points may have the same potency (excuse the pun) but here are the ones mentioned in connection to conception and procreation. It's a long list, so I printed here only the formulae.

procreation : Ar/Ze    Ar+No-Ze    Ju+Ze-Ma    Ma/Ze    Ma+Cu-Ze    Su+Ze-Cu
Su+Ze-Mo    Ur+Ze-Cu    Ur+Ze-Ma    Ur+Ze-Ve    Ve+Ma-Su    Ve+Sa-Ze    Ve+Ve-Ze
Ve+Ze-Ar    Ve+Ze-Cu    Ve+Ze-Mc=As    Ve+Ze-Ur    Ze/Ze    Ze+Ze-Ar

This may be a language bias, but I think these midpoints show the male side 
of the issue more then the female side.

conception, conception and birth :  Ma+Ju-As    Ma+Ju-Ma    Ma+Ju-Mo    Ma+Ju-Ve
Mo+Ju-Ma    Mo+Ma-Ve    Mo+Pl-Ve    Mo+Ve-Ma    Su+Ju-Mo    Su+Ma-Ve    Su+Mo-Ju
Su+Mo-Ma    Su+Mo-Ve    Su+Ve-Mo    Su+Ve-Ur    Ve+As-Su    Ve+Ju-Mo    Ve+Mc-Ma
Ve+No-Ma    Ve+Pl-Ma    Ve+Ur-Su    Mo/Ve    Mo+Ma-Ze    Mo+Ze-Ve

Of course, this list is enormous, and if you look at the list, 
you can see how much of it involve  Mo and/or Ve.

Here are some negative fertility points :

Ma+Ze-Ne     Infected procreation. Abortion.
Su+Ze-Ne      Denial of procreation.
Ve+Ze-Ha     Grief through procreation. An unwanted pregnancy Illicit sexual encounters.
Mo+Ve-Ne    Denial of conception. Disturbed pregnancy.
Ma+Ju-Ur      Disturbed pregnancy. Abortion.
Sa+Ha-Ve     Serious abdominal diseases. Premature births. Miscarriages,
Su+Ze-Ha     A still birth. Miscarriage. Child bed sickness.
Ur/Ne            Unconsciousness. Stillbirth, apoplexy of the brain.

Mo+Ve-Ne was the first indication to me I am in trouble here - and may be should strike all Ve formulae (and perhaps Mo as well) and concentrate on what's left - which basically is Ma/Ju, as Penny advised. If I take ZE to mean male fertility, I should point that my husband does not have the Mo+Ze-Ne - but has Mo+Ze-Ha. Not too good either.

So, the basic question is "is there a hope for us ? 
Do we have a chance to get pregnant in 1999 ?"

Let's see where everything is in 1999 - the solar arc directions are computed for 1 Jan 1999 at 00:00, for the location of our home. Sun's position on this progressed date is 166.67 (I use the 360 deg decimal model, for ease with calculations). That's movement of 41.81 from the natal position. I still find 3 point formulas harder to do then "plain" midpoints, so I checked only the forms of A/B=(d)C or A/B=(d)C/D.

So, what gets directed to the natal Ma/Ju ? No personal points or planets get to pass this point in 1999. However, 15 midpoint combinations will, 8 of which involve PPs, one (Su/As) is all PP.

Directed Ma/Ju will pass some natal points in 1999 :
Again - no PPs in themselves, it will pass over Apollon, 
and 9 more midpoints, 6 of which include a PP.

Is that enough? and how does this year "rate" in contrast to former ones?
I checked 1998, since I pretty much know it is not my "baby year". Only one midpoint directs to natal Ma/Ju that year, and directed Ma/Ju passes Zeus and 11 more midpoints . 
That's far less - but then, we "only" did two cycles and one operation in 1998.

In 1997 we did a lot of "fertility business" - 5 cycles, plus one operation. No pregnancy, of course. Directed Ar, as well as Sa, Cu and 11 midpoints passed natal Ma/Ju, and directed Ma/Ju passed over Su, Mo, Ha, Kr and Po, plus 13 midpoints.

I was told to look at transits as well, as they should trigger the events the directions make available. So, let's say the directions do make the happy event available just for the sake of looking.

Working with 90/180/0 aspects gives one hit in 1997 (Ju, in March, my second in-vitro). In 1998 Ur hit the Ma/Ju midpoint 3 times (2n one ret.) - none fall on treatments. 1999 will see two hits : Sa in May, Node in October. 
Adding the 45 variety for 99 will have one more Ju hit at January 99. There were hits in 97 by Kr close to my first and second treatments, and by the node (on an off cycle).


1) If 1997 did not bring me a child, 1999 probably will not too, 
but at least it may be a bit more eventful then 1998.

2) I get the feeling that the more elements you check - the more you find things that can fit your expectations. That reminds me of the growing occurrence of "false positive" statistical significant results the more elements you check. Also - the more you check, the more confusing the results are. There has to be a way to narrow down the things you look at. I still don't know how to find a "critical element" to focus on. Perhaps reading more books will give me a better answer to this one.

As a post-note to this article, which basically is the same post I sent to the group, I would like to add another thing - A recent post to the Festival list, which I read too, mentioned a case of mysterious "delivery" of an unknown substance, with the symptoms of "giving birth". I can not put more details here, since the woman in question can not be reached for agreeing to put more, but according to her, age and other factors make it impossible this was a miscarriage. Yet, her Ma/Ju midpoint was highly "visited" at that time - both by directions and transits.

I can learn from that the rule stated in other posts to the midpoint group, and on this site - having the midpoints does not make the occurrence "sure to happen", but when it occurs, you will find that the planetary pictures are there. This is a bit disappointing to me. I'd rather have "foresight", not "hindsight" prediction to work with.

But, of course - this is just my first attempt to apply midpoints and Uranian rules to a question of prediction, so hopefully I will find ways to refine my tools the more I study.

January 1999
Email:  zivit@inter.net.il

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