Trout Fishing 
New Zealand

Do you want the best professional trout fishing guide in New Zealand ?

Are you an expert fly fisherman (or woman) who would
like to raise your sport to an even higher level ?

Are you a beginner who would like the best teacher you will ever find ?

Are you tired of paying high fees for a professional guide ?

Do you want to meet someone who is friendly and highly skilled ?

Well, let me tell you something.... you have come to the right place !
I have made this web page for my father-in-law (he is not on the Internet).
He is the best-ever trout fishing guide that you will find.
Wayne has been a guide for over three decades, and now assists people
from the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Believe me, you will have an experience you will not forget.
Wayne receives mail from Americans, Brits, Aussies (etc.)
who have found him to be a friend as well as an excellent fishing guide.

Wayne also teaches fly fishing skills to adult (and younger)
students at the local college here in Masterton.

We are located in Masterton, north west of Wellington
(the southern end of the North Island),
a picturesque train journey of one hour.

The fishing (and hunting) here is superb,
and you will not have to fight the crowds
that you will find at Lake Taupo and the Rotorua district.

You may be interested to know that Wayne has created
a number of original dry and wet flies, and he is given credit
for these in several books.  If you want to know the secrets
of fly tying, Wayne will be happy to share his knowledge.

If you would like to get in contact with Wayne,
send me an email:

Steve  <>

16 April 1999