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The following post from Gonzo (Dr. Tamez) is a rather chilling account of
what is ahead of us:  World War 3 and  global economic collapse.  Note his
use of lunations, and the May 2000 stellium in Taurus (among many other
       -   Steve Lee

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Dear Fellows:

It is only right now that I sit around to re-read slowly the Predictions
for 1999 that our friend Naomi Bennett recently posted. I agree with her
opening remark that  "This will be a dramatic year for the coming end of
the century".  I think this is a year that shapes history. And I will
hasten to say that this is going to be a very bad year, all around. Of
course, here I mean for the world, that is in a mundane sense, a difficult
year for human kind and for our planet. In her analysis of the slower
planets in the signs, Naomi has advanced verious predictions that I think
are going to be proven right. My purpose now will be to sketch some
mundane scenarios that I predict will ripen through this year of 1999 we
are now commencing. 

We are all familiar with the astrological prediction that World War 3
shall start under the aegis of transiting Pluto conjoining the "nuclear
star", Antares, currently at 09Sagittarius44.5'.  Yes, the first partile
will be now in a few days: on January 19, 1999; second one on May 07, '99;
and last on November 17, 1999.   In other words, all through this year of
1999 we are having transiting Pluto standing on the nuclear star,
Antares... Through the last 15 years I have been in the tv as a mundane
astrologer dozens of times, and I always said that World War 3 would erupt
sometime within the span of this block of partiles. Now that the time is
here, far from retracting, I am convinced this prediction will come to

I thus uphold the prediction that 1999 will come to pass as the year
when World War 3 began.  And before we go on, let me remind you that this
imminent WW3 does not yet pose a real threat to the extintion of our
species on this planet. It is World War 4 in the year 2012-2013 that makes
me wonder about the possibilities of survival for our planet. We have
discussed extensively all these matters before here in this list.

Things look different in the ephemeris when it is years ahead than when it
is already around the corner, we know that well. But about a  bit over a
month ago, on December 01, 1998, transiting Jupiter did an Heliocentric
Ingress into Aries, and in the chart for this event, cast for the instant
jupiter crossed the Aries Equinox seen from the Sun, the orb of
heliocentric Saturn at 01Taurus31' SQUARING heliocentric Neptune at
01Aquarius33', is applicative of only 2 minutes of arc. This bad square
partiling just hours after transiting Jupiter enters heliocentric Aries,
is just another mirror showing that World War 3 is just about to commence
now, and  reveals the economic wreck it will cause.  Reckon that this
square of transiting Saturn in Taurus to transiting Neptune in Aquarius,
since we are talking heliocentrically, exhibits only one partile  (instant
when the aspect, a square in this case, has zero minutes zero seconds
orb), because there is no retrogradation seen from the Sun, so there are
no stations and the orbs of the aspects partile only once. That this very
important square seen from the Sun reaches partile orb only scanty hours
AFTER the Ingress of Jupiter, one of the 3 planets ruling number 3
(Mercury and Sun are the other 2) into the sign of war, Aries, clearly
spells the 3rd Great War is starting here, on December 2, 1998.  Only 2
weeks after this Heliocentric Ingress of Jupiter into Aries, Clinton bombs
Baghdad and unleashes very resentful feelings among other arab countries,
and in Russia, from where serious warning signals and threats of
retaliation against the USA are set in motion. Let's remember here too
that President Clinton's natal Mars in detriment in Libra is in square to
the Jupiter of the USA chart, in Cancer, with tight orb, and to US Venus
and Sun too, with wider orb. 

I remember almost 6 years ago, when Clinton was running for the presidency
against Bush, I predicted that he, Bill Clinton, was going to win those
elections, and that he was going to remain in office for 2 full terms.
Right now, I see many difficult aspect besieging President Clinton during
1999, but I still think that despite all this he is not going to be
removed from office.  I do believe though, that he is going to pass into
history as the president who started a war that turned into a complex mess
later on tagged World War 3.  That's Clinton's natal Mars in detriment in
Libra square the USA Jupiter in Cancer.  He is bound to commence a messy
war. And remember here also that he just bombed Baghdad 3 weeks ago
precisely when he was having a Return of transiting Mars to his natal
position; and under a New Moon when Venus and Mars both in signs of
essential debility applied a tight orbbed square in "T"square with the US
Sun in cancer over Sirius. Let's not forget that the chart for the recent
Ingress of the Sun into Capricorn featured a tightly applicative Venus
square Mars (peace and war) both in essential debility and in tight
"T"square to the USA Sun in Cancer over Sirius. Anyway, we know things end
the Millenium in a rotten way  because Saturn rules de last quadrant
(starts in Capricorn), and Neptune rules endings (Piscis), and we are
currently witnessing the effects of this transiting Saturn/Neptune square
at the end of the millenium now. 

Now, this transiting square, Saturn to Neptune, which seen from the Sun
just reached single partile orb on December 02, 1998, and only scanty
hours after Jupiter entered Aries seen from the Sun, is the same bad
square that for so many years I have been announcing as the astrological
correlate of the first global economic collapse.  Seen from Earth, as
there are retrogradations, this same square partiles thrice: on June 25,
1998; November 02, 1998, and the third partile still to come on April 06,
1999. Many years before the "economic globalization" and "global economic
crises" became household terms, I was announcing that the global economic
collapse was going to come to pass between the time spanned by this block
of 3 partiles of the Geocentric version of this very bad square between
Saturn and Neptune, both in transit, occurring just as Saturn enters the
sign of money, Taurus.  Now there is no doubt this was a successful
prediction because, although the world economic order is still up and
"functioning", it is clear it is dead-wounded and nothing can save the
world anymore from this total economic and financial chaos just ahead now.

Months before the first geocentric partile of this square, the
South-Eastern economies began faltering and breaking :  Indonesia, South
Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, etc...., and beating very badly all emergent
markets.   Then the number 2 economy, Japan's, came on its knees tight
with the first of the 3 partiles of the orb of this square last Summer!.
Right between the first and the second partiles of this square then,
Russia declared external debt payment moratorium and sent shock waves
through the world economies. The strongest European economies lost
billions of dollars; all the markets plummetted down, also the american
Dow Jones, whose mighty drop I and other fellow astrologers accurately
predicted here in Festival and Predict. The shock waves reached a
crescendo that made us cover our ears because this time the collapse
seemed inevitable as the impact of the Russian moratorium seemed to have
pierced the enormous bubble of the fictitious economy made up of options,
futures and other derivatives, hedge funds,  junk bonds and speculative
funds whose pathological development is currently crushing the real
economies around the world. I had expected the system to fall dead by
Halloween, as it was then the second partile of this same square we are
talking about. But, alas, far from worsening, things appeared to go better
by Halloween... The word got around that control measures on the world
economies were succeeding in containing the total failure of the world's
financial system. But as we inspect what has been happening since, we see
that the same curves announcing the total collapse of the global economic
system have continued racing towards their point of bursting and total
collapse.  Pat Gesiler commented on my Predictions pointing out that this
apparently reversed developments that spared us from a truly black
Halloween in 1998, are frequently the case for a second partile of a bad
mean stationary square, like the one we are talking about. 

The fact remains that the balloon of especulative financial activities is
about to burst and the implosion will disintegrate all real economic
activity, ushering an era of global economic depression starting this year
of 1999.  Although many countries are already in total bankruptcy, and
under the burden of unpayable debts, we have seen how thanks to the
strength of its own internal market, the US has managed to remain an
island of affluence amidst the massive disaster caused by the wrecking of
most of the rest of the world's economies... But in this year of 1999 we
are going to witness the onset of the most severe devastation of the
economy of the United States ever.  Transiting Jupiter in Aries squaring
all of the US planets in Cancer will add gigantic magnitud to the impact
of the bursting of the world's financial balloon in the household economy
of the american family, because statistics show that 46 percent of the
american families own some sort of mutual fund or bond of the sort that
depends on derivatives whose real value will vaporize to exactly nothing
as soon as the implosion of the false economy sucks the real economy. It
is thus clear that, upon bursting, the hyper-inflationary bubble of the
world's fictitus economy, whose nominal value in dollars is already many
many times greater than the combined gross national product of all the
nations of the world, and whose growth curve is already running amok out
of control day by day, will affect the american household even more than
the rest of the world. From the townships to the statal governorships,
from the universities to the banks, all civil and government institutions
and agencies, and most corporations, down to half of the american
hoseholds, depend in some measure on the income afforded by the interests
obtained from owning some sort of equity or mutual fund, or some junk bond
based on derivatives. Practically all of the retirement fund investments
of all americans rely almost fully on these type of financial instruments,
like most of the endowments of universities and other vital institutions. 

Last July and August, right after the first partile of the square of
transiting Saturn entering Taurus to Neptune entering Aquarius, for the
first time in history the revenues afforded by mutual funds dropped, and
actually in a quite dramatic fashion for this sort of conservative curve.
If this drop had not been immediately controled, by desperate multi-
leveraging, an upsurge of mutual funds panic sales could have reduced very
significantly the nominal value of most investment portfolios and brought
forth a sudden tsunami of bankruptcies among US banks, corporations,
universities, insurance companies, public and civil agencies, etc.,
vaporizing a substantial amount of everybody's retirement money, most
effectively sinking the nation in a severe depression that immediately
would drag further down the rest of the already half sunk world. And
although the first partile of the geocentric transiting Saturn square
Neptune did prepare the stage for the ennactment of this full collapse of
the world's economic system, the second partile, this last Halloween,
seemed to actually have begun to aleviate the economic situation. 
However, as Pat Geisler has said, this is partly due to the nature of a
number 2 partile of the 3 of any mean geocentric square. It is like when
an agonizing person shows a recovery only to immediately die the next day.
In principle, the proper action during this second partile, after the blow
of the first partile could have averted the sting of the third partile,
but in the case of this Saturn/Neptune square we are studying, proper
action was not started at all: the feds, central banks and the
international banks and financial organizations, funds and agencies, etc.,
rushed in to leverage things even more, thus pumping more air into the big
balloon of the fictitius economy!.   When chairman of the Federal Researve
board Alan Greenspan testified  before the US Senate's Banking Committe to
account for the 4 billion dollars he channeled directly to rescue
creditors and principals of the Long Term Capital Managment hedge fund
that went bankrupt last September (between the first and the second
partiles of this transiting Saturn/Neptune geocentric square we are
talking about), his declarations left no doubt that the wrong course of
action has been chosen and thus it became dramatically obvious that the
fed is not going to steer away from its current direction straight into
the abyss. The curves are now running amok and yet no one is going to do
anything about it:  the bursting is going to be thunderous and
catastrophic, effectively ushering the greatest global economic depression
ever dreamed. 

  The catastrophic scenario I am portraying  is exactly the one I was
depicting  over 2 years ago the first time I posted in Festival about the
impact of transiting Saturn entering Taurus under the stationary squares
from  Neptune in the future of the world's economy; except the future has
arrived now, for 2 of the 3 (geocentric) partiles of this square have
already happened, and we have been witnessing their workings; and the
third geocentric partile of this square will be this coming 6 of April of
1999... I still believe that my old prediction will come to pass: namely
that history will clearly reckon that it was precisely in this time frame
dictated by the 3 partiles of the transiting Saturn entering Taurus square
Neptune in Aquarius, spanning 1998 and 1999, that the irreversible
conditions appeared that made the collapse of the world's economies an
inevitable result.  I am thus not saying anything different from what I
have been saying all along. 

But we cannot look at 1999 without keeping in mind that the conjunction of
the chronocrators, Jupiter and Saturn, lords of the economies of the
world, will occur on May 28, 2000, at 22Taurus42', just after that
singularly outstanding New Moon of May 04, 2000 at 14taurus00' featuring
the Luminaries and all visible planets simultaneously in Taurus, the sign
of money. So everybody meets in Taurus, including Jupiter and Saturn, as
Mars exits it, and as transiting Jupiter and Saturn join here in Taurus,
they both come deadly wounded from squaring Neptune and Uranus in
Aquarius. Here there is no option but the complete renewal; every mistake
will be paid dearly in the years ahead, as then both chronocrators head to
oppose transiting Pluto. But all this is not in 1999 but in the year 2000,
with the grand peak in the month of May, under the said Lunation with the
Luminaries and every visible planet meeting in Taurus, same month that
both Jupiter and Saturn square Uranus just before they conjoin in Taurus
under that potent Lunation. That's the seed of the New Economic World
Order right there, but in the interim we are going to witness the painful
and tragic disintegration of this current economic order we all now live
in.  A lot of this painful disintegration will come to pass in this new
year of 1999 that we are now commencing, I'm afraid.   But talking about
the conjunction of transiting Jupiter and Saturn of May 28, 2000, it is
noteworthy that it blasts on the worst natal aspect of the chart of the
New York Stock Exchange:  its Mercury in detriment in Taurus so tight
square radix Pluto in Aquarius on the one side as transiting Uranus is
arriving there; and square the progressed  Uranus in Leo in detriment on
the other side. 

The current liberal economic doctrine ruling the world, astrologically
speaking, as I have often remarked it in past posts, derives its momentum
from the fact that the 3 outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, entered
more or less at the same time into so- called liberal signs: Sagittarius
(Pluto) and Aquarius (Uranus and Neptune). These 3 outer planets
transiting in the 2 so-called liberal signs, have given a mighty momentum
to the free-trade treaties and agreements through out the world, defining
alliances and new economic blocks. This state of things, has decreed that
it be against the "spirit of the times" to seek proper legislation to set
limits to the speculative financial activities that are inflating the
balloon of the false economy through the issuing of hedge funds and junk
bonds at an exponential rate in such an unbelievable fashion: in the USA,
for example, since 1990 to present, the increment in stock market
capitalization is only 24 percent covered by increment in the gross
domestic product... 

In other words, in the last 8 years, the real economy of the US has grown
by 2.6 trillion dollars, while the fictitious gambling economy has grown
by 11.02 trillion dollars. That's the pathological growth I have all along
identified as the economic cause of the coming collapse.  Obviously,
Greenspan is not going to go against the spirit of the times to change the
world from this fated collapse. This same "spirit of the times"
correlating with the 3 outer planets transiting in the only 2 sign of the
zodiac traditionally called "liberal", has given the transnational
corporations full power to control the sovereign nations, and use them for
their mercantile purposes, while Saturn in Fall in Aries has been
hand-tied, unable to legislate limits to this state of affairs. The
Economic Liberalism currently ruling the international scene has been
creating these conditions that now are about to bring forth the collapse
of the world economic system.   Astrologically we can say it is only
overweight of slow planets in liberal signs: Uranus and Neptune in
Aquarius, and Pluto in Sagittarius.  And as you know, from knowing the
current positions of these 3 slow planets, this is going to be the spirit
of the times still for a long while!.  That's why the transiting Saturn in
Taurus square transiting Uranus in Aquarius is going to confront the
system with the toughest impasse imaginable. 

Transiting Saturn (norms and regulations, legislations) in Aries in its
Fall (essential debility) has been behind the blocking of all legislative
inititives tending to aleviate the upheaval by bringing back some of the
protectionistic economic measures that in the past so effectively shielded
the real productive apparatus and trading activities of most nations. Now,
transiting Saturn will be in Taurus, sign of money, for the next 2 and a
half years, and it will thrice partile squares to Uranus in Aquarius: the
essence of this difficult transits will be to come to terms with
experimental legislations aimed at wisely regulating to re-establishing
some sort of order in the chaos that the free market policies have brought
forth by then. Even though the international financial organizations like
the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have fully shown their
inadequacies and their inability to face the current crisis, a new Bretton
Woods monetary system may not be ready to regulate the world's finances,
until around May of the year 2,000, under the aspects we have just
reviewed above.  Around the time of that Lunation we saw when every
visible body meets in Taurus. But by then the current financial order
would have already collapsed, catastrophically, causing much grief all
around.  The relation between this economic catastrophe and World War 3
will be complex, and shifting in various ways. 

In past postings I have described WW3 as different from WW1 and WW2
because now we will not have a clear-cut polarization of 2 opposing blocks
but, rather, in a period of about 3 years starting now, this month of
January 1999, the world will see the eruption of multiple and relatively
independent foci of open war action in complex interaction from the stand
point of the powers involved. Fueled by a combination of political,
economic, ethnic and religious motives, each faction will attempt to shape
history as per its will at the hinge of the Millenium, and their clashings
will cost a great deal in terms of human lives and resources. We cannot
doubt that the initial struggle will be triggered by the current tensions
involving Saddam Hussain and the USA and Israel. Russia will not hesitate
to sacrifice its recent agreements and bonds with the USA to back up Iraq,
and one wonders if this recent bombing of Baghdad by the US have not
already unleashed some very dangerous avenging strategies right now ready
to kick back... 

Let's reckon that in a few more days the Lunation in Capricorn square Mars
and Saturn spells war, loud and clear, albeit the corresponding Full Moon
of January 31 shows distention again as it features a tight separative
trine between Venus in early Piscis and Mars in early Scorpio. But,
talking about this WW3 that will start this year, it would seem that
although most of the fighting will be with conventional arms, we might
also have a taste of "light" nuclear fire interchange this year, and more
again next year, to make it clear to anyone that the era of control of the
nuclear weapons belongs now to the past, as more nations and terrorist
organizations will begin to boast about their nuclear arsenals. Nuclear
blackmailing will do a dramatic appearence on the world scene. It appears
sure that the ominous Eclipse of August 11, 1999, featuring a Grand Square
in the Fixed signs of heavens, will have a great deal to do with the
instauration of this new regime of nuclear discontrol in the world. 

All through this year of 1999 transiting Pluto is going to stand in
opposition to the USA Uranus, certainly bringing nuclear novelties, as
this Pluto is standing on Antares, a star that has been paramount in all
the key historical charts in the development of nuclear weapons. Actually,
the first partile of this transiting Pluto opposition US Uranus was
already this Christmas, 1998, tagging with loud expressions of Russia's
open opposition to the recent bombing of Baghdad by the USA. In the Gemini
rising chart of the US, this aspect surely spells terrorist attacks
causing destruction and havoc within US territory, as in this chart Pluto
opposes the Ascendant as well.  Airplanes exploding is an obvious phrasing
for this opposition, too. But in this respect, things may not be that
tragic either, because the station of transiting Mars in Scorpio falls
short of opening orb of stationary square to transiting Uranus in
Aquarius, which would have spelled really worse scenarios... but still,
this Mars will not perfect the partile of trine to the USA Sun in Cancer
over Sirius, either. In fact the orb of this trine at the time Mars goes
stationary retrograde, on March 18, 1999, is of about one degree, hinting
that the protective measures may succeed in great measure, but not
totally, as far as shielding the american soil from damage by terrorist
attacks. Other types of nuclear novelties and hassles are to be expected
during this year of 1999 tagging with this transiting Pluto opposition US
radix Uranus, sure. On the good side, transiting Jupiter in Aries at the
end of March 1999 will release the best side of this mighty tension when
it trines transiting Pluto in Sagittarius and sextiles the US Uranus in
Gemini.  A very auspicious time for real advancement in scientific
research and technological innovations, including warfare applications, as
this Jupiter in Aries will expand missile technology. 

In other postings about mundane predictions I have established that the
fact that Boris Yeltsin's Jupiter is exactly conjoined the US Sun in
Cancer over Sirius, functions as an excellent lubricant, effectively
mellowing up all frictions between both nations.  The blessing of this
cushoning connection is going to be badly missed if Yeltsin dies in power.
But Russia's main chart shows a natal Sun at 14Scorpio21', SQUARE radix
Saturn at 14Leo13' on the one side, and SQUARE radix Uranus at 
19Aquarius49' on the other side. Conjoined the Sun in Scorpio is Russia's
Mercury at 16Scorpio31'too, involved in the same squares that now
transiting Uranus is ready to set-off: 

I predict that Russia will enter a Second Violent Revolution very soon, as
soon as transiting Uranus activates this radix "T"square. The fireworks
are just about to start there, this month of January 1999, as this coming
infamous New Moon of January 17 1999 features the Sun and the Moon square
Mars in detriment in Libra on the one side, and square Saturn in Fall in
Aries on the other, so that both Luminaries square both malefics in bad

As both Russia and the United States have a tight Sun square Saturn in
their respective radix charts, the lunar month starting this 17 of January
when Sun and Moon square both Mars and Saturn, is going to deteriorate
international relations quite badly: it will be clear what sort of year we
have just ahead now!. But later, in July 17 of this year of 1999,
transiting Saturn at 15Taurus37' squares transiting Uranus at
15Aquarius37', first of 3 partiles, and so we see how this square is
blasting here in Grand Square to the ominous Fixed "T"square involving
also these 2 same planets, Saturn and Uranus, in the russian chart.... 

And this is but one Lunation away from the very grave total Eclipse of the
Sun of August 11, 1999 which we've been studying for so long. Israel's
radix chart is under very heavy afflictions at this time too, so there is
no doubt that both Russia and Israel are tossed in the same salad. But,
talking about this awful Eclipse of August 11, 1999, that we have
identified as capable of lasting devastation in various ways, we fear that
 beyond all the big hassles of a commencing World War 3 and a rampant
global economic depression arriving to stay, something even more terrible
and utterly ominous may suddenly appear to cause much destruction, shock
our collective psyche and re-shape human history on this planet!.  For
years we have been talking about this awful Eclipse of August 11, 1999 and
we all have advanced all sort of hypothesis as to what it could possibly
mean for our species, and for our world at large. Since squares in the
heart of the Fixed cross of heavens often tag with big teluric events,
other astrologers have considered an upsurge of earthquake activity maybe
in connection to a meteorite impacting against our world. 

Naomi Bennett has already phrased her conjecture that a big explosion of
the El Popo volcanoe near Mexico city may be a part of the show of this
August Eclipse. She has pointed out that Mars of the Foundation of Mexico
city is at 14Leo02, pretty close to where the action is going to be.  I
think she is correct; the transiting Uranus opposing this Mars as
transiting Saturn squares it, leaves no doubt this volcanoe is going to go
wilder than it has thus far. Late July and early August 1999 are months
when the El Popo is going to get definitely violent. After all, transiting
Mars is about to station over the mexican Jupiter at 01Scorpio54' opposed
radix and transiting Saturns under transiting Neptune "T"squares; and this
same station of Mars in Scorpio also means thrice partiling conjunctions
to the mexican Mars at 09Scorpio34'.  A red alert will be enforced and
massive evacuation of peasants from the surrounding villages will be a
necessary measure.  Other Mexican astrologers think that the Uranus note
appears sufficiently high as to warrant worrying about something even more
surprising than that: right next to El Popo volcanoe is the Ixtlaccihuatl
volcanoe, also called "the sleeping woman" because its snowed profile
resembles a woman laying down on her side, and they fear she could wake
up.  But I do not believe things will go that far, and that the activity
of the mexican volcanoes will remain basically a side show in the context
of the horrors of the August 11, 1999, Eclipse show. 

Often I have described to this list the technicalities of how I
successfully predicted, publicly and 17 years in advance, that the El Popo
was going to re-awaken after over half a century of total quiescence under
the partiling orb of the transiting Jupiter/Pluto conjunction smack on the
mexican Sun at 28 Scorpio under stationary transiting Mars squaring it
all, on December 02, 1994, coinciding  to the day with the oath ceremony
of the current President of Mexico, and the phenomenal devaluation of the
mexican peso 20 days later, that directly caused that every mexican lose
half its nominal assets in one single day against the US dollar. Interest
rates soared above a 300 percent  and everyone owing money suddenly had to
pay 3 or 4 times more interests. 

That was the economic importr of the very same transit that re-awoke el
Popo, namely the transiting Jupiter /Pluto conjunction partiling over the
mexican Sun.  Three our of every 4 companies went bankrupt and nobody
could pay the banks so they went bankrupt too, along with the federal
reserve... It was all worsened by the fact that shortly before  the
mexican government had issued massive treasure bonds in dollars, which
were mostly in the portfolios of american investors.  As Mexico and
Clinton have Suns in tight square, this transiting Pluto over Mexico's Sun
in Scorpio was for Clinton a transiting Pluto square natal Sun!.  Clinton
found violent opposition from the House to bail- out the mexican treasure
bonds and the needed 51 billion dollars were denied by Congress.  But
Clinton resourced to an special executive fund for protection of the US
dollar to apport 20 billions and through his endorsement the IMF put down
the remaining money to bail out the bonds issued by the mexican
government.  Clinton was really risking his chair by going against the
Senate here, as elections were ahead and if, as it was feared, Mexico had
not paid back all that money by then, having rescued the mexican bonds
would have effectively tripped his re-election.  But by the time
transiting Pluto separated the orb of this conjunction to the mexican Sun
square Clinton's Sun, Mexico paid all the money back and the Republicans
lost their best weapon to stop Clinton from winning this second term in

...continues in Part 2

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Here in Part 2, Gonzo refers to the 11 Aug eclipse, the stockmarkets,
extraterrestrial contact, cloning, and more...

If I think the Mexican volcanoes will only be a side show in the circus of
the August 11 Eclipse, it is because the Solar Return chart for Mexico’s
chart does not endorse anything very extreme developing, as the Return
Mars sextiles the radix Sun.  It is true that the Return Moon is tight on
the Return Pluto in teluric Sagittarius, where the Moon was the last big
killer quake; and the Return Mercury in detriment in Sagittarius applies a
very tight square to the Return Jupiter in Piscis, yet this is the Mercury
which stationed just before partiling this latter orb, clarly spelling
that the big bad news, the feared big calamity, almost happens, but it
does not.  I already wrote and posted about  how this station of Mercury
just before partiling the orb of square to transiting Jupiter in Piscis
last November was the reason why I said that Clinton was going to “almost”
bomb Baghdad under transiting mars in Viirgo square US Mars in Gemini, but
not quite... and indeed you remember that Clinton backed up from bombing
Saddam back then in the last minute, and did not actually bombed until
almost a month later when transiting Mars in Libra separating from
conjoining Clinton’s Mars square US Jupiter in Cancer advanced to square
the US Sun as it received the square from transiting Venus in Capricorn
oppose US Sun. And as I said at the beginning of this article, that these
orbs were still applicative, and peripartile, in the Ingress chart of the
Sun into Capricorn (Winter Solstice), a few days after the bombing,
reveals that that was not the last bead of the rosary: this Winter holds
more war developments involving the US.  And we have already seen how this
January 17 Lunation announces a heavy war episode flaring out. 

  Based on a Solar Return in the mexican chart, I was able to predict
accurately and 10 months in advance in the local newspapers, the date,
intensity and approximate number of casualties of the killer quake that
wrecked Mexico city on September 17, 1985. It was an applicative square of
the Return Mars to the Return Pluto over the mexican Jupiter in Scorpio
square Mexico city’s Sun in Leo.  The main orb  partiled during the same
day of the Return, and a simple progression of the Return chart yields the
date of the killer quake.   Other times I have been right predicting with
the Solar Returns in the mexican charts.  And thus I trust my conviction
that because on the ruling Return not only Return Mars sextiles Mexican
Sun, but also Return Jupiter trines mexican Moon, the situation can not
get out of hand badly. On the other hand, as Naomi has pointed out in her
recent Predictions for ‘99, the transits do appear quite threatening and
they are likely to bring some dire developments: end of July and early
August, 1999, will be pretty intense in terms of earthquakes in Mexico and
the 2 currently active volcanoes, El Popo and Fire volcanoe of Colima,
will be of very serious concern and special measures will be taken to
evacuate people around these volcanoes then.  These aspects may even
witness the re-awakening of one of the many other quiescent volcanoes in
Mexico, but the snowed sleeping woman will continue slumbering and this
whole thing will not be in the main ring of the mundane show, as said,
during this coming eclipse next Summer. 

   Like so many of you, I confess that I see the chart of the August 11
Eclipse so ominous that I am ready to expect a traumatic episode stricking
to change things for the worse in an enduring fashion on this planet. Like
when a thus far perfectly healthy person suddenly suffers a stroke and for
a while death is the immediate reality,  even if the person then recovers
through proper attention and so forth, the trauma remains and life will
not be the same from then on.  That’s how I see this August 11 Eclipse in
terms of its impact in the collective psyche of our species. We have been
discussing it so many times in this list through these last 3 years.  I
think I was the one who first posted about this Eclipse in Festival.  We
have reviewed several scenarios trying to find a best fit for what we see
in the ephemeris and the astro*carto*grams and so forth. Among other
things, we have feared that the story could have something to do with the
return of the Cassini probe to our planet, scheduled precisely for this
same date of this dramatic Eclipse, carrying 30 kilograms of deadly
radioactive plutonium which if spilled in the atmosphere could mean the
end of all life on our world.  Every microbial, vegetal and animal cell
would die of general cancer in a short period of time once the plutonium
is dispersed in the atmosphere. And it would coincide with what
Nostradamus said about the “terror descending from the sky” and so forth.
But several of us here in Festival have carried on detailed analysis of
the chart of the launching of the Cassini probe and decided that whatever
catastrophe the deadly Eclipse of August 1999 announces, it is unlikely
that it has much to do with this probe even though, as Carolyn Egan has
pointed out, Hades was at the very Zenith at launching time. Hades has a
lot to do with destruction, but it also has much to do with discovering
the secret ways of nature.  So, if we are to trust the chart of the
Cassini probe launching, nothing is to be feared from this probe’s
returning to our planet with all that plutonium coinciding so tight with
the Eclipse’s date...

Others have feared that since the Sun is so involved (total Solar Eclipse
in Leo under squares from 3 malefics, etc.), it might not even mean that
the Sun is going to undergo a massive coronal ejection capable of
scorching everything across the land.  Or some other form of solar
function anomaly decreeing that the Sun ceases to be as friendly to life
on Earth as it has been thus far since we reckon, generally speaking. This
hypothesis gains support from the fact that lately there have been some
strong but far from tragic episodes of massive coronal ejections hitting
the Earth from the Sun, and one of them tagged with the Eclipse we had in
Leo last August. 

This ‘98 Eclipse in Leo, about which we have posted a lot in other
contexts (it squared the NYSE Sun and brought a mighty drop of the Dow
Jones which we predicted here in Festival), despite it featuring a heavy
Mars/Saturn/Neptune “T”square in early Fixed signs, behaved milder and
more benign than we expected, in general, and we concluded that it might
have something to do with it being in conjunction to a good star, Regulus,
in Leo.  The aspects from transiting mars to the site of the Eclipse did
not brought as enhanced telurism as we are accustomed to see in other
Eclipses, either. But it did tag with some massive coronal ejections in
the Sun affecting Earth in various ways. 

And so now, this coming Summer, we again have a hard Eclipse in Leo...
Except this time the number of bad squares is greater and the Eclipse is
not close to a good star like last year... so maybe we will have stronger
and more damaging coronal ejections or some other solar function anomaly
this Summer ?.  The question is open. We still have a few months to keep
talking about it. 

As we have already seen, the Lunation preceding the Eclipse of August 11,
namely the New Moon of July 12, 1999,  features transiting Jupiter already
in Taurus squares transiting Neptune in early Aquarius, and Mars in
Scorpio is “T”squaring this square.  Although the fortunes, venus and
Jupiter, are in trine and their midpoint is US Venus, this pretty awful
“T”square involving Neptune, the planet ruling the stock exchange, can be
trusted to correlate with a grand bottom for the stock exchange markets
around the globe. Massive bankruptcies of major banks aggravate the
financial confusion. This great and murky turmoil chastasing the world's
financial markets here in July 1999 seems to signal that the big balloon
has been pierced again but most likely his time the multiple leveraging
does not occur like it did last Halloween, most likely because of
interference from dire mundane developments making it impossible to patch
the big balloon again. 

We all know how sensitive the markets may be to other types of mundane
turbulence. Russia is heading right into chaos this year of 1999, and this
will have very adverse effects both on the global economies and on
peaceful coexistence in the world. It seems utterly unlikely that the
current moratorium of foreign debt payments by Russia will be lifted, as
it comes to happen just before everything seems to disintegrate badly in
Russia's chart!. This means effective loses of billions of dollars for the
main european powers, specially Germany. At a time when the euro, the new
currency of the EU is going to be creating more problems than it is meant
to help solve.  The euro just began circulating officially on January 01,
1999, and its Inception chart clearly shows that it is not going to
succeed at all in changing the critical economic situation: it is just a
chip of another color with which the financial speculators will gamble,
effectively only pumping more air into the balloon of the world's false
economy. In july 1999 the economic situation has gotten out of hand and
the necessity of emergency measures working against the "spirit of the
times" will impose itself, under the first partile of transiting Saturn in
Taurus square Uranus in Aquarius. 

Volcanism and telurism appears very enhanced too in this Lunation in
Cancer.  Big tsunamies are to be expected this lunar month as the Moon/Sun
conjunction in Cancer (Water) is partile on Pluto’s Node and also tightly
on transiting Pluto’s antiscium point, spelling sea quakes and mighty
tsunamies as transiting Neptune in early Aquarius “T”squares the Mars in
Scorpio opposition Saturn in Taurus.  The Venus trine Jupiter is weakened
because Venus is in essential debility in early Virgo, but it may help
somewhat, as its partile mediates between the square of this same Venus to
Pluto in Sagittarius.  The Saturn/Uranus square is already applying only
half a degree orb of squaring each other (first partile) in the heart of
the Fixed Cross. Heavy and lasting environmental damage is to be feared

  There will be 3 partiles of this transiting Saturn square transiting
Uranus in the heart of Fixed signs, all  right on Russia´s radix
Sun/Mercury/Saturn/Uranus "T"square there.  Of these 3 partiles, 2 will be
in 1999, on July 17 and November 14; and the third one will be the one we
already mentioned occurring under that Lunation where all the traditional
planets meet in Taurus on the year 2,000, on May 13th. Crucial events will
be staged here, affecting all humankind, as the heart of the Fixed Cross
of heavens signifies enhanced lasting historical transcendence.  The 15th
degree of Aquarius is often termed the Degree of Humanity... 

Last time Uranus transited that degree, brought us the mundane conditions
that caused World War 1 and the Bolshevik Revolution, among other enduring
historical developments.  Plus a great deal of scientific and technologic
advancement, yes, including airplanes.  Now Uranus returns there, under
squares from the lords of the economies, Jupiter and Saturn in the middle
of Fixed Taurus. But since the Russian radix chart shows Saturn squaring
Sun (plus Mercury, and opposed Uranus), we can be fully certain that when
transiting Uranus in Aquarius, just before returning to its natal position
in Russia's radix, comes to perfect the squares to the radix Sun in
MidScorpio, a lasting havoc will come to pass in that country, affecting
the whole world, likely triggered by the destitution or death of Boris

As you know, as an astrologer, one of my specialties besides rectification
of the Ascendant, is the calculation of death from the birth chart.
Knowing this, Lee Miller has asked me to write a note advancing my
prediction as to when Boris Yeltsin will die, to host it in her WebFest
site. I have agreed to do it, because this would be an interesting mundane
datum. However, there are several extant dates for Yeltsin's birth, and I
have not yet reached full conviction pertaining his rectified chart, for
which reason I cannot yet offer the exact date of Yeltsin's demise, based
on his chart. 

However, given that in the Russian chart the radix Sun is in Scorpio
(death of the leader, which initially was death of the Czar) in square to
both Saturn in Leo and Uranus in Aquarius, we cannot doubt that as in
transit these same 2 planets that in radix afflict the Sun come to their
squares to Uranus in the same place as they are in "T"square in the radix,
they could possibly fail to correlate with Yeltsin's death.
Unfortunatelly, not having fully rectified Yeltsin's chart yet to decide
which of the several offered birth dates is the right one, we cannot
confirm this directly in his chart. 

Mid April appears as a very tough time for him, as transiting jupiter in
Aries squares his natal Jupiter over the US Sun at Sirius in cancer while
stepping on his natal Uranus, thus activating the worst square of his
natal chart capable of upseting the fact that his exalted Jupiter in
Cancer or his domicile dignified Saturn in Capricorn can promise a long
life, if only either were almuten of an aphetic House. Then in May, 1999,
this transiting Jupiter in Aries will move to square his natal Pluto in
Cancer while conjoining his secondary progressed Sun in Aries which either
has just partiled the square to natal Jupiter or is about to do so,
depending on which birth data you subscribe to. 

This could mean a bad health crisis and death, depending on House 
rulerships we still are uncertain about since his Ascendant remains 
unrectified. But the New Moon of July 12, 1999, among other interesting
aspects of dire mundane transcendence, features this square between Saturn
in Taurus and Uranus in Aquarius with an applicative orb of only half a

This is the first of the 3 said partiles of this square which we just said
will form through 1999 and 2,000, in tight “T”square to the russian radix
Sun  that in radix is afflicted by squares from these very same planets. 
Although I will be sharpening things as I gain conviction about the
rectification of Yeltsin's natal Ascendant and thus identify his aphetic
and anaretic points... nonetheless, just from studying the chart of
Russia, it appears very certain that around August 06, 1999, only 5 days
before the Solar Eclipse, there is great turmoil peaking in Russia and
this involves either death or destitution of the main leader, for then the
transiting Sun in the heart of Leo partiles both the square to transiting
Mars in midScorpio smack on the Russian Sun, and the opposition to
transiting Uranus on the very same day, and then the square to transiting
Saturn in midTaurus 2 days later. 

Thus, the ominous total eclipse of the Sun of August 11, 1999, will occur
only days after this dreadful episode afflicting the Russian Sun in such a
deadly fashion. I will be posting in greater depth about the details of
Yeltsin's death as soon as I accomplish a satisfactory rectification of
his natal chart, and the final conclusions will then be hosted in Lee
Miller's web site.  Several of us are beginning to work on the
rectification of Yeltsins birth chart, to then be able to apply classical
techniques to figuring out his length of life. Michael Buckner has just
posted here some preliminary conclusions to this end. 

  I have printed all the New and Full Moons of 1999, and tabulated all
aspects and so forth, ready to run a more detailed analysis of the
critical clusters of mundanely interesting aspects, to get a better
preview of what the year holds in store, but this post has grown
inordinately long as it is, and thus I will post about these Lunations of
1999 later on.  I will also be saying more about the ups and downs of the
markets.  I think that among the worst financial troughs of the year will
correlate closely with the 3 partiles of transiting Jupiter in early
Taurus square transiting Neptune in early aquarius.  The dates of these 3
partiles are: 1) July 21, 1999, with Jupiter at 03Taurus06’ and Neptune in
the same longitude in Aquarius.   2) October 10, 1999, with Jupiter at
01Taurus36’, retrograde; and then the last defleting partile already next
year: 3) March 16, 2000, with Jupiter at 05Taurus50’.   Later I will put
these squares in the perspective of the NYSE chart, to see how the Dow
Jones will do around these dates of top turbulence and financial confusion
in the world at large.

 Oh, before closing... I did promised a couple of students that I would
include in this report my comments about the possibility of
extraterrestrial contact in 1999.  Well, I remember that 2 years ago, at
the onset of 1997, I posted here in festival my predictions for that year
then commencing.... Did a long post with Janice Elkins about the economy
here in Festival, and we were very accurate in our forecasts for the whole
year; but I also posted other mundane predictions and adventured to say
that if the conjunctions of transiting Jupiter plus 3 other planets all to
Uranus in early Aquarius, with real tight orbs as you remember, and exact
trines to Mars stationed then in Libra opposed Saturn sextile the stellium
over Uranus, that were going to happen 2 months later, in February of that
1997, was not official extraterrestrial contact, then I just did not see
another transiting configuration with greater significance as correlate
for extraterrestrial contact, and would then  restrain myself from
predicting such contact in years to come, because simply there was no
match ahead for that great Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius as it
came then. 

It tagged precisely with the news about successful cloning of a ship in
Scotland, as you remember...  And we did expect that breakthrough, because
Jupiter rules cells and here was conjoining Uranus, planet of knowledge, 
science and breakthroughs, in the sign of science, Aquarius, etc.   Yeah,
but at the same time this was happening then,  the Hale-Bopp comet was
confused for an extraterrestrial ship disguised as a comet by some
fanatics who committed suicide to go in spirit with the comet, etc., as
you may recall, which also came to happen on the very same week of the
said Jupiter plus the faster planets all conjoining Uranus in Aquarius and
so forth.  Well, at least the “extraterrestrials” did make it to the main
pages in the papers, which I had anticipated well.   So, because of that
vow, made here in this list, I this time will not go as far as predicting
official extraterrestrial contact, but I definitely predict some very
heavy developments in this context, simply because Aquarius and Uranus are
so heavily configured, you know.  The involvement of Uranus in the Eclipse
of August 11, 1999, is going to overflow through this significant channel,
no doubt about that!. Particularly because we will be living through the
conjunction of the transiting South Node of the Moon to Uranus, both in
Aquarius!.  That is indeed an aspect of unusual UFO sightings and news of
bizarre incidents involving extraterrestrials. The orb of this South Node
of the Moon/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius is partile in a very dramatic
convergence with the New Moon of May 15, 1999. Actually, seizing the fact
that, using the True Nodes, the orb of this South Node of the Moon/Uranus
conjunction is partile (meaning zero minutes zero seconds orb) in the
chart of this New Moon, I am fully certain that there will be a tremendous
mundane development involving extraterrestrial contact in that month,
something really shaking, albeit it may not be official contact
nonetheless. The main part of the story may occur in the United States, as
that would be a significant part of the transiting Pluto opposition US
Uranus... So, look at this chart and judge by yourselves. This same
Lunation in Taurus holds a great deal of interest in terms of the global
economy, but I will pick this thread up on another ocassion... 

 As for the Y2K problem, I think it will not pose a threat nearly as grave
as we have been led to expect thus far, just take a look at the chart for
the first instant of the coming year and you will see that there is not
much reason to get alarmed as far as this matter...

 For now, thanks for your kind attention.

      Very Cordially

    Dr. Gonzalo Pena Tamez


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