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The A/M  and  Su/Mo Midpoints

Hackers2 :   Ne = A / M

Half way between the Ascendant and Midheaven is the A/M midpoint.  Over the last five years I have followed transits and directions to my natal A/M and have found it to be an important significator.  Of course, the A/M is highly dependent on an accurate birth time, so this is one way that you can check the validity of a chart.  If you are not convinced of your own birth time, you can use the A / M as one way to check it.  Hard aspects to the A / M are also valid.

Recently, over the last several weeks, bogus subscription notices have been sent to me.  In other words, someone (a 'hacker') has been sending me false emails to subscribe to either the Midpoints 101, the Uranian Group, and even my free midpoint lessons.  It is cleverly done, as the full email header does not reveal the true source (there are ways to hide where an email is coming from).  At first it was easy to see that the subscription notices were false, since 20 were sent within a few minutes time (not one of these emails turned out to be genuine, after I sent them a 'screening letter' to see if any were astrologers).  One bogus email was from the US Navy !

A graphic ephemeris clearly shows what is happening: natal placements are indicated by horizontal lines and Neptune has been running nearly an exact parallel, within an orb of about 10 minutes of my natal A/M, during recent weeks.  If you use Solar Fire, like I do, you will have to use a ruler and draw in your natal midpoints.

Interpretations of Ne = A/M are:
COSI:  ...The misfortune to be surrounded by deceitful or bad people.
Rules:     To be deceived by others...

Within a couple of days I will also have Sa = A/M, which indicates "having professional difficulties; separation from others." (Other positive interpretations are possible, of course.)

While I can attribute Ne= A/M to a hacker sending bogus emails, the addition  of Sa = A/M is manifesting with difficulties that my wife is now experiencing with her business (I am only indirectly involved).  She has finally split with her business partner amidst unfounded and acrimonious allegations (from her ex business partner).  My wife is experiencing Admetos = Sun / Moon all this year, and her business difficulties started when Ad first activated her Su / Mo.

Ad = Su / Mo    indicates "the end of a partnership"  (Rules).

If you have never investigated the A/M and Su/Mo placements, you should find that they have much to reveal.


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