Welcome to the Symmetrical Astrology 
Voice Discussion Room

...please wait for the entire image in the box to load...

You are only moments away from talking to other astrologers! If you have been here previously you will soon see who else is in this discussion room. If this is your first visit it will be necessary to get the www.hearme.com plug-in software, from the box at the left.  It is a quick download. If you do not have a microphone, text chat can be used (Options). All users are assigned a random Guest Number, but you can change this to your own name by using Options. If you have problems, try going to the www.hearme.com web site. Sometimes Net congestion prevents voice contact. Previous users have found this hearme program easy to use, but if you have an old computer or a version 3 web browser, there could be difficulties. Please send your comments about your experience to Steve Lee at  juno@contact.net.nz   ALL USERS - CLICK ON OPTIONS, OPEN THE TEXT CHAT BOX, AND ALSO CHANGE YOUR NAME. Have a good time with your astrological discussion!  {Still confused on what to do?  See the notes below.}

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In case you need some extra help.....

First you MUST DOWNLOAD the plug-in !
You will see this in the box when you first enter this page.
Follow the instructions - it is easy unless for some strange reason you decide to reject downloading.
Don't worry - just go ahead - it is safe and easy and automatic.

You must have:
>> a PC
>> speakers so you can hear sound
>> a microphone (speak close to it)

Once you are connected,
you will see yourself as "Guest so and so Number".
Click on Options - at the bottom of the box, and change your Guest Number to your name,
and also open up the text chat window.  Read the window for messages from others - remember,
if you cannot hear or cannot speak, you can always use your keyboard.

Be patient.
Sometimes the system needs a few minutes to start.

While you are waiting,
you can always open up a new browser window by hitting Control + N
...so you can surf over to the Symmetrical web site, or the Hearme web site.
Yes - this means that you can do two things at once -
look at other web pages while you are waiting for people to talk with you.
Be sure to come back soon so you do not keep others waiting - they may be
sending you a text message in the chat box.