A few brief hints...
Put the pointer on each of the Uranian "personal points".

The most important point (generally, in Uranian terms) is the Midheaven.

Look at the arrows that represent 45 and 22.5 degrees.

Even before you place the moveable dial on top of the 90 chart, 
look at some of the obvious placements !

You already know what the Su/Mo represents.

The A/M is also important.  It often represents one's vocation. Hopefully someone will send in more information about the A/M that can be shared with all students.

Unoccupied midpoints may be important, but do not spend a lot of time looking for these.

Remember to concentrate on planetary pictures with personal points, and to use small orbs.  Any exact (zero orb or only several minutes) 'hit' should be emphasized, especially if it contains personal points.

You may have other suggestions for doing dial work, found in your books or email letters from the discussion groups, so please send them in and they will be sent to all students.