An Introduction to Horary Astrology

Horary is the branch of astrology which deals with answering questions. The astrologer can make predictions from these questions by judging a horoscope for the moment the question is asked. The horoscope is set up in exactly the same manner as any other form of astrology. One of the differences between horary and other branches is its reliance on a simple set of rules. These rules are important in the judgement of the horoscope. No other branch of astrology relies on rules to the same extent as horary. It is the rules that usually decide the outcome to questions. 

Most questions can be answered with a simple yes or no. Applying major aspects, or their absence, between the ruler of the ascendant and the ruler of the sign on the cusp of the house asked about or, the Moon and the planet ruling the sign on the cusp of the house asked about, can decide the answer to the question. The art of horary is in knowing the rules by which these major aspects will give a positive or negative result, and how to apply them. The meanings of the 12 houses can easily be obtained from any of the quality textbooks on astrology. 

Perfection can also be achieved when significators are within applying moiety of orbs by parallel and contraparallel, and also, by the antiscia and contrantiscia. 
List of Rules: 

The Void of Course Moon - Major aspects
The VOC Moon 2 - More examples in major aspects
The VOC Moon 3 - Parallels of Declination
The Voc Moon 4  - Antiscia
Receiving the question
Collection of light 1
Collection of light 2
Collection of light 3
Translation of light 1
Translation of light 2
Translation of light 3

When the Sun is within 8 degrees and 30 minutes of a planet, especially when it is not a significator, either applying or separating, it combusts that planet and renders it powerless. Combustion can occur either in or out of sign as it is the Sun's moiety of orbs that is the deciding factor. Combustion has always been regarded as highly malefic in horary. 

When the Sun is conjunct the ruler of the ascendant it will result in negative answers. Combustion may occur as a result of collection or translation of light where planets are either separating or applying to combustion. 

Combustion can also occur when planets are within 8 degrees and 30 minutes of a parallel of the Sun, especially when applying and the Sun is not a significator in the question. 

This condition will also occur when a planet is conjunct the Sun's antiscion point. 

When the Sun is conjunct the ascendant degree either separating or applying it can render the horary invalid. In other words, there is no way of telling the outcome to the question.

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