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Mundane research - Impeachment
A study from several astrological disciplines


Here is a collection of notes from several sources, such as Sabian symbols, horary and, of course, a list of midpoint trees, collected by Lea

Here's a posting from the NEPTUNE mailing list (celebrity astrology) concerning the "House Votes on (Clinton's) Impeachment Inquiry". Below I added a few planetary pictures for the 3:14pm chart, and another posting, from the [Astrology-l] mailing list.

<---- Begin Forwarded Message ----> (from NEPTUNE mailing list)

<< Full House Vote Chart
  Oct 08, 1998
  03:11:00 PM EDT
  077W02'00" 38N54'00" >>

I was listening to this live on NPR and had 3:14 pm on my watch at the time the vote was finalized...

I just ran the chart.  The MC and ASC will change by a degree, but look at the Sabian Symbols: 29 Cap--A woman reading tea leaves. 30 Cap-- Directors of a Large Firm Meet in secret conference.  (This seems more apt to me, but it is also the degree of the rising Neptune.)

21 Scorpio--Obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders.
22 Scorpio--Hunters shooting wild ducks.  And Lynda Hill further comments about this degree, "There is a need for an outlet for aggressive emotions." This sounds right to me!

Whichever time is accurate, Neptune is right at the ascendant.  This suggests some shady dealings, and not those of the original "crime." Someone(s) is hiding something.  It looks like the decision has been made to remove the president, without regard to the desires of the people who voted him in and still overwhelmingly support him, or to the nature of his supposed crime, which is not the "high crimes and misdemeanors" stipulated in the constitution.

Lalia Wilson
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Planetary pictures:
VE/JU "Luck and joy in the general public. Gorgeous celebrations"
ME/AP "Thinking of the masses. Spreading of an idea"
SU/AS "Physical relationship"
SU/NE "Uncertain times"
ME/VU "Generality under the impact of significant news"
AS/CU "House"
NE/CU "General dissatisfaction with marital or communal institutions"
MA/AS "impressed by actions of others. Arguments with others"
UR/MC "Mental tension all around. General excitement"
MA/NE "General infection, destruction, dissolution" (epidemic?)
SA/NO "Genral separations, breaking of connections"
MO/PO "Media"
ME/PL "Changes, development and adptability of the general thinking"
MO/HA "Hours full of anguish, fated ordeal. Resignation"
SU+HA-ZE "Leader of criminals"
JU+AP-VE "Much luck and joy through commerce"
ME+JU-SU "Happy mood"
JU+NE-AP "The good fortune which lies in the future"
SA+HA-AP "Appalling irresponsibility. Great weakening. To suffer many hostilities. To have many enemies"
JU+NE-VU "powerfull speculation"
SA+HA-VU "To be placed into great danger by the enemy"
SU+VE-ME "Men discussing love"
SA+KR-AS "Rulling persons impeded by others"
VE+AP-AS "To be around faithful and reliable people" (???)
SA+KR-NE "Fraud through impoverished/impeded government"
VE+AP-NE "Falsehood and unfaithfulness. Dissolution of friendship with many"
KR+PO-SA "Educational measures which are felt as unpleasant or which one resists or resents"
AS+ZE-SA "Other people enforce a discharge"
NE+ZE-SA "Scalded by others"
NE+ZE-PO "Fruitless or Dangerous ideas. Dissolution of mental compulsion"
AS+ZE-PO "To be forced to a mental attitude"
VE+AS-UR "Surprising expression of sympathy and goodwill" (huh?)
VE+NE-UR "Suicide as a result of love. Hidden or secret exciting feelings. Sudden/exciting deceptive hopes"
CU+HA-AD "To be banned, prohibited, outlawed by others".
JU+NO-AD "The end of a happy union"
MA+HA-AD "Unemployment"
MC+KR-AD "To end authority"
MA+JU-MC "Content with oneself"
NO+KR-MO "woman/public connected with authorities" "Connected with the nation's government"
MA+KR-NO "Connected with the government's activities"
CU+KR-NO "Connected with a meeting of heads of government. "Connections of the family of boss. Connected with the ruling political party"
MO+ZE-MA "Public working toward a goal"
MO+ZE-CU "Strongly lead group/community"
JU+KR-HA "Accomplish much with little. To impoverish a successful manager" "Successful management deteriorates"
SU+PL-JU "Successful striving for power"
VE+HA-KR "Control of morality. The boss's secret love"

ME/HA "To harbor bad thoughts, to hide them" "To make mistakes"
SU/KR "Power of the state. President"
VE/ZE "To be devoted to one's work. The carrier of seed, the sower"
ME/PO "To appear moral/religious. To be the carrier of an idea"
UR/AP "To cause tension  to many"
AS/NE "To suffer from fraudulent deeds of others. To be decievd. Others are prejudiced or say "no".
VE/AD  "End of love. Have only a few friends"
UR/VU  "Sudden mighty display of power"
NO/KR  "connected with leading men"
MO/AR  "Influenced by the public or a woman"
CU/KR  "USA. Meeting of heads of government"
NO/AR  "personal contact with many people"
SA+NE-VE "Love habits/chronicle condition"
SA+AS-NE "separation through falsehood or lies"
SA+UR-AP,VU  "Sudden separation from many"
UR+PO-AP,VU  "Draw mighty attention from many Mighty, expanding propoganda"
CU+AP-NE,AS  "Concerted dissolution of union with many others Distrust among members of community"
MA+AP-NE,AS  "Other's deceitful activity is expanded"
CU+VU-NE,AS  "Beginning of a dissolution of a mighty political party"
MA+VU-NE,AS  "Mighty fraudulent activity of others"
SA+AD-NE,AS  "Others force hindrance of a long duration"
AD+PO-SA   "cultural hindrances. separation from basic morality"
MO+ME-SA   "Departure of a young woman"
ME+NO-PO   "conversations/debates with a moral theme"
ME+CU-PO   "Socially debating moral problems"
ME+MA-PO   " Hasty and overly hurried action so that one can be critisized morally. Subjectivity in telling the truth"
AS+CU-UR   "Excitement in the House"
NE+CU-UR   "Sudden dissolution of party under revolutionary aspects"
AS+MA-UR   "Suprising, exciting actions of others"
MA+NE-UR   "Attempted assassination"
SA+NO-UR   "Sudden breaking off of connections"
MO+PO-UR   "Exposed to new, unknown mental/moral/religious influence" "Unexpected mental contact" "Suddenly see through something, understand and know it"
MA+UR-AD   "Sudden great enmity"
NO+AD-MO   "Under strong public pressure"
CU+AD-NO   "Clique"
MA+AD-NO   "Connected with strongly pessimistic/depressed people" "Connected with the sinking of the market"
UR+HA-PL   "The cause or instigator of mean acts" "Trasformation caused by distinctly marked disgust"
MO+CU-PL   "Transformation of public parties"
MO+MA-PL   "Changes in working conditions"
JU+AD-HA   "Not intimidated by threat"
CU+HA-KR   "Vile meeting of heads of government"
MA+HA-KR   "Viscious and mean acts commited by leading personage or by the state. Judicial murder"
JU+NO-KR   "Acquaintace with the future boss"
AR+AD-KR   "Difficulties among authority figures"
MA+JU-AR   "Fruit bearing deeds. General satisfaction through activities"
CU+JU-AR   "Happy/successful connection with the public"
PL+HA-ZE  "Useless effort" "Unreliable / dishonest efforts"
MO+KR-ZE   "Efforts in relation to authority, or of great, leading nation"

<----Begin forwarded message----> from [Astrology-l]  Starcats Newsletter
October 9, 1998
House Votes on Impeachment Inquiry
October 8, 1998
3:11 pm EDT +4:00
Washington, DC
38N54 077W02
Asc: 28 Capricorn

The Ascendant = 28 Capricorn -- The House (28 Capricorn is conjunct Linda Tripp's Moon/Jupiter conjunction). The Asc at 28 Capricorn and Neptune at 29 Capricorn fall in the 12th house of the US Constitution's chart.

Seventh House Cusp = 28 Cancer -- The Litigation/Impeachment Inquiry and

it's litigator, Kenneth Starr.  (28 Cancer is conjunct Ken Starr's Sun/Saturn conjunction and opposes Linda Tripp's Moon/Jupiter conjunction)

Mars in the 7th house is conjunct the True North Node at 0 Virgo.

The Moon at 27 Taurus is conjunct the Arabic Part of Sickness and makes a square Bill Clinton's Sun.

Lalia, from the Neptune Astrology List offers:

Sabian Symbol:

" Clinton's progressed Sun degree is Libra 17: A Retired Sea Captain...  the transiting Sun was conjunct that yesterday.... are they "retiring  him"? Soon, his progressed Sun is going to hit the "Two Men Placed
Under  Arrest. "
(Should we pay more attention to Al Gore?)

Also from Lalia:

The Ascendant at 28 Capricorn would be: "A Woman Reading Tea Leaves." (that is: understanding the significance under everything). Neptune in the first house (conjunct the Ascendant) would be: "Directors of a Large Firm Meet in Secret Conference."

The Sabian Symbols speak volumes.

The Antisica of the Moon is 2 Leo, which conjuncts Bill's Saturn. The contra-antiscia is 2 Aquarius. *For Antisica tables, see below. The Antiscia for Saturn, ruler of the Asc and the vote is 28 Leo, which is the eclipse degree for August 21, 1998. The contra-antiscia is 28 Aquarius

10th House=  20 Scorpio -- William Jefferson Clinton, conjunct the fixed Star UNUKALHAI, the Neck of the Serpent. **See Below to learn about this fixed Star.

The Fourth House Cusp at 20 Taurus is conjunct Clinton's natal Moon. 12th House=  02 Capricorn -- The Votes (votes and voters are the 12th house as usually voting is secret)

Declinations: Mercury contra-parallel Pluto; Mercury contra-parallel Saturn. (Contra-parallels are like super oppositions)

Chiron at 18 Scorpio is in nodal degree to Bill's natal nodes: South 18 Sagittarius/North 18 Gemini. Chrion's antisica is 11 Aquarius. The contra-antiscia is 11 Leo, which is conjunct Bill Clinton's Pluto.

Transiting Pluto at 6 Sagittarius is applying to a conjunction with the Constitution of the US's chart's Moon at 7 Sagittarius in house 10.

Transiting Uranus is conjunct the Constitution's Ascendant at 8 Aquarius. Pluto at 14 Aquarius in it's first house will take the Uranus hit on February 4, 1999.

The Ascendant (28 Capricorn) is near its sign boundary indicating that there is nothing that can be done; the die is cast; the House has already made up its mind. Saturn, as ruler of the First and the 12th, is

retrograde, a sure indicator that the House is exercising a "malefic" agenda. The fact that Saturn is retrograde also indicates many delays in the process (that should please the Republicans), and that the end result of this matter will be tragic. Whenever a retrograde Saturn is found as the significator of the first house of an event chart, you can bet your bottom dollar that whomever or whatever  is represented is in someway damaged. If it is a person, the person's fate will ultimately be negative. Suffice to say that the Impeachment Inquiry holds malefic consequences for all involved.

In horary charts, Saturn in the 7th or a retrograde Saturn in the 7th indicates that the astrologer has made a mistake calculating the chart, or that the querent (the asker) will be very angry at the astrologer when he/she hears the answer to their question.

Neptune in the first conjunct the ascendant is indicative of nefarious behind the scenes activity; a lack of clarity as to the scope of the inquiry; and a lack of procedure with which to conduct the inquiry.

Uranus in the first house (retrograde) is the third malefic significator

(Neptune and Saturn are the first two) indicating that a ripping apart or further split into hard bi-partisan politics has occurred and will continue to occur throughout this process. The South Node at 0 Pisces in

the first house, ruled by a retrograde Jupiter in the second house, signifies an end to American values as we currently understand them. Jupiter is the great benefic, and its retrograde status seriously debilitates this chart and cannot testify to a beneficial income even in part. (Venus, the lesser benefic, is only 6 degrees from the Libra Sun (in fall) and is therefore under the beams. That means Venus is debilitated by her closeness to the Sun which, if conjunct, would indicate "combust," or a burning away of Venus' benevolent powers).

The Moon (27 Taurus) in the 4th (where all things end) rules the 7th house cusp at 28 Cancer. The Moon's last aspect prior to 3:11 pm was a sextile to retrograde Jupiter, which does not help the House nor the impeachment inquiry process. It is indicative of the "end of trustworthiness and loyalty" as a value among party members. Prior to the vote, 15 Democrats had already decided to abandon their party by joining the Republicans in voting for an inquiry that would not limit the scope. The Moon applies to a sextile to the Ascendant and to Neptune in the first house, thus reiterating the theme of nefarious, deceptive activity in regards to the impeachment inquiry process.

Mars, in nodal degree, (house 7) is the ancient ruler of the 10th house cusp, Scorpio, which signifies the President. Mars indicates a fight for the President's political life which is further exacerbated by Chiron's conjunction to the midheaven (shy two degrees), and Pluto's residence in house 10 at 6 Sagittarius.

Because the Ascendant is late indicating that there is nothing anyone can do, it also indicates that the situation has to develop further before more will be revealed. Neptune will achieve SD direct motion this Saturday, October 11th. Perhaps we'll find out who the 15 democrats were who crossed party lines to vote for the impeachment inquiry.

The New Moon of October 20 at 26 Libra brings a Moon square Neptune and a Moon opposite Saturn. Both Saturn and Neptune are the significators of the House and its vote on the impeachment inquiry. Because the Moon on the 20th makes stressful aspects to the significators in the chart we are examining, it is my guess that by October 20th the public may well know more about the hidden agenda of the Judiciary Committee. Because Neptune is associated with leaks, you never know who might let another cat out of the bag. Sometimes it's just the bag that scares me.
--- Claudia Starcats

(Antiscia and Contra-Antiscia are also like conjunctions and oppositions).

*Tables of the Antiscia in Signs
 Gemini = Cancer
 Leo = Taurus
 Virgo = Aries
  Libra = Pisces
Scorpio = Aquarius
 Sagittarius = Capricorn
 "This technique is used in nativities and horaries, but is particularly useful in synastry. Firmicus attirubutes its  discovery to Hipparchus (who lived in the second century BC), and gives an interesting example of it in Matheis.  The procedure is this: draw a mental line between 0 degrees Cancer and 0 degrees Capricorn -- the solstice degrees -- and mirror one side of the chart onto the others. So if a planet is at 3 degrees Capricorn, its antiscium  (the Americans call this its solstice point) is at 27 degrees Sagittarius. Or, if a planet is at 10 Cancer, its antiscium  is at 20 degrees Gemini. It is the same number of degrees on the other
side of that imaginary line. The contra-antiscion degree is then 20 degrees Sagittarius. It acts rather
like a conjunction. The antiscium of Saturn on a promising planet can spoil your hopes!"

 Horary Astrology Rediscovered, by Olivia Barclay, Q.H.P., Whitford Press, p. 143.


**Fixed Star: UNUKALHAI.
English Translation: Neck of the Serpent. Sometimes called Cor Serpentis, The Serpent's heart.
Constellation: [Alpha Serpens - NGC 21158].
Planetary nature: Saturn-Mars.
Longitude. 1900: 20SCO40.
Longitude. 2000: 22SCO05.
Declination. 1900: +06.44'.
Declination. 2000: +06.26'.
Right ascension: 15h44m.  Latitude: +25.30'.
Spectral class: K2.  Magnitude: 2.8
Influence of the constellation: Mines and minerals. (Noonan).

It is said to give wisdom, craft, deceit, malice, a feeble will and danger of poison. (Robson). General influence of the star: Associated with the top one-fourth of the colon. (George).

In the Neck of the Serpent, Unukhalhai shows its properties as a Martian force combined with Saturn and is often really dangerous  and destructive. There will be chronic diseases, which are not easily detected, these will result in a weakened state of health and operations will be necessary. There will be accidents. This is especially true with Uranus or with Neptune. The conjunction of the latter with Unuk will make the native prone to infectious diseases and also to poisoning. If with the MC and in conjunction also with 'malefics' it is damaging to the social position, often there will be many difficulties in the professional life. (Ebertin). Violence. Danger of poison. Accidents. Immorality.(Robson).  Many quarrels. Seriously affected by the death of family or friends. Many disappointments. Unfortunate life. (Robson).  The neck, rather than the head, is where a snake has its brain, its seat of knowledge. So this star is all about that knowledge that the good doctor has won from his labors, that knowledge of where we came from, what we are, where we are going, what holds us back, what to do about healing it. (website's authors note; he is referring  to this star's position in the constellations Serpens and Ophiuchus, which are related to medicine and healing). This Saturn-Mars star does in some measure merit the black  reputation it has gained from the debasers of astrology, for those who will abuse and, mis-use, the gifts available here, are as deserving of being struck off the register as any corrupt doctor.  But those who will give service, in healing or teaching of what they receive, have only good fortune where Unukhalhai shines on them.  (Dr. Eric Morse).

Moon: Clever. Hatred of authority. Banished. Evil environment.  Involved in intrigues and plots. Imprisoned or hanged for crime  probably by poisoning. (Robson).

Mercury: Dishonorable. Ill health. Accused of forgery or theft of papers. Danger of bites from poisonous animals. Narrow escapes. (Robson).

Venus: Jealousy of own sex. Bad for domestic matters. Enmity. Favorable for gain. Secret death probably by poison. (Robson).

Mars: Lying. Quarrels. Violence. Crime. Violent death probably by poison. (Robson).

Jupiter: Deceit. Hypocrisy. Banishment. Imprisonment or exile.(Robson).

Saturn: Often physician or nurse. Intelligent. Studious. Shrewd,  cunning. Usually unmarried. Secret crime and poisoning often for no reason. Secret insanity. Drug taker. May be confined in an asylum or prison. May commit suicide. (Robson).

Uranus: Spasmodic insanity. Bad for marriage. Wealthy and luxurious environment. Often fails to obtain
inheritance. May commit crime. Sudden death often by suicide. (Robson).

Neptune: Ingenious. Courageous. Intuitive. Persistent. Shrewd. Trouble through opposite sex. Bad for marriage. Bad for gain. Often criminal. Evil environment. Violent death. (Robson). ----

Namaste, Claudia Starcats

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