25 February 2000

This site is still being updated !

Be careful of getting routed back to the old out-dated web site.
How will you know ?  Well, have a look at the bottom of this page - the links below the search engine are correct.  However, you may encounter a page somewhere in this web site that has the older 2 or 3 'rectangular buttons' at the bottom.... do NOT use these buttons because they will either result in the "404 Not Found" message or you will get lost in the old web site (which is due to be terminated soon).

Group Members:  If you have problems with the new eGroups automatic list server (such as getting unsubscribed permanently) please direct your letter to my email addresses noted on the link below "Email".

Volunteers are now working on preparing numerous pages for this web site.  This is interesting and rewarding work (they agree!), so if you have basic word processing skills, please send me an email.  It is not difficult work, but if you know simple html editing then you could be creative.  Your work will benefit many astrologers world-wide. Thank you.

Errors on this web site:  I am aware that there will undoubtedly be many errors - hopefully minor.  It has taken me many many hours to get this far, especially with the recent June 99 revisions.  For example, it is 2 AM now, and there is still so much to do.  So, please bear with me, as this is a labour of love and service, and progress is sometimes slow. 

Remember that I create these web pages at my home here in New Zealand. 
This is not a commercial web site - I do not make money out of this site and I do not pay professional web designers to make and check all of these pages.  It takes a lot of time to correct the errors and to add new information !  Probably all of the large fancy astrology sites that you see are commercial sites.  My site does not have many fancy frills - just excellent content provided by many astrologers in my email groups.

Update 10 July 99

What is "Symmetrical Astrology"?
This new term is put forward as a means to incorporate both
Uranian astrology and Cosmbiology, as well as other similar
midpoint techniques.  While there are definite differences between
Uranian and Cosmobiology, compared to traditional astrology 
(non-midpoint & non-dial), these two forms are quite similar.
Also, it is a reminder to look for the symmetry of the overall
planetary pictures, rather than to take a narrow view of 
only one midpoint stucture.

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