Indirect Midpoints and Midpoint Modal Sorts
Date sent:       Wed, 8 Jul 1998

Dear Midpointers,

An excellent way to learn about midpoints and the TNPs, imho, is to 
use midpoint modal sorts.  This technique is explained in the book 
"Working With Astrology" by Harding and Harvey.  If a few people 
encourage me to do so, I will try to explain this technique in a post 
and also put it on the web site.  (BTW, I will eventually have a 
place on the Uranian web site for our 101 group.)  Anyhow, let's not 
get bogged down with techniques right now.  Here is an example of 
a midpoint modal sort from Solar Fire 4:

Cardinal Points - ArCnLiCp

 Asc/Adm  00°Ar03  
 Ven/Kro  00°13'  
 Jup/Sat  00°18'  
 Cup/Pos  00°Li31  
 Ven/Zeu  00°Cn32  
 Vus/Pos  00°38'  
 Nep/Apo  00°Li44  
 Nep/MC   01°06'  
 Mon/Apo  01°Cn08  
 Mon/MC   01°30'  
 Chi/Nod  01°52'  
 ( etc.   etc .)

Before I purchased Solar Fire, I sent off to ACS to get my natal 
midpoint modal sort.  I was really curious if I could get similar 
results to Harding and Harvey.  So, I watched transits to the 
midpoints using the modal sort.  It was easy.  If you are lost now 
and think this is complicated, it is not.  Just get a modal sort 
using your natal chart, arm yourself with COSI and / or Rules, look 
up where a planet is using an ephemeris, and you will be amazed at 
the accuracy of what is revealed to you.  

Tight orbs are used, say 15 minutes or less, so you will be able to 
see manifestations in your life within hours or even minutes of time 
before the event happens.  I correctly predicted the  professions of 
two people (strangers)  that I sat next to on an airplane, using 
transits to midpoints.  It was a 4 hour flight and I knew that the 
options for manifestation were nicely narrowed.

I have investigated transits to midpoints using all planets, from 
Mercury out (but not the Moon and of course definitely not the Asc or 
MH) on a daily basis for about two years.  I did this with an 
emphemeris and photocopies of the ACS print-outs.  I did not have a 
computer at that time.  I had a lot of time as I was a Buddhist monk. 
We were free to explore our own paths as long as it was done in our 
own time, but the abbot would not have approved if he knew I spent a 
half hour everyday on this research.  As we were in a highly refined 
atmosphere (the monasteries were of the Thai forest meditation 
tradition) I had the unique advantage of not having a lot of 
extraneous and complicatging influences.  So when an event occurred, 
such as visitors or even the slightest of accidents, I could easily 
see the manifestation using the modal sort / transit method.  There 
were no complicating factors like crowds of people, traffic, 
television, etc.

I still use transits (and solar arcs) to midpoints on a daily basis, 
but no longer have the time to follow Merc to Mars to midpoints that 
include the TNPs.

Let's go back to the modal sort given above:
 Asc/Adm  00°Ar03  
 Ven/Kro  00°13'  
 Jup/Sat  00°18' 

Do you want a quick way to learn about the TNPs ?  Well, when Uranus 
or Neptune retrogrades over Asc/Admetos, Ve/Kronos, Ju/Sa  (see above 
midpoints), believe me, you WILL know what these energies are.  Try 
using the transiting sun for a few days on a modal sort of your 
natal chart and you will see what I mean.

Can't be bothered getting the ACS report (it is only a few dollars - 
see my web site for their address) ?  Well, find a friend with Solar 
Fire.  Or just calculate your own natal Su/Mo midpoint, and MARK THIS 
ON YOUR NATAL CHART AS IF IT WERE A PLANET.   Now find transits and 
SA's to this midpoint.  Again, when something like Saturn or Uranus 
passes over this point, especially if they are retrograde, you will 
absolutely begin to see what midpoints are all about !!

Oh, BTW, I just answered my own question that I posed to Jerry.
Look at this:
 Asc/Adm  00°Ar03  
 Ven/Kro  00°13'  
 Jup/Sat  00°18' 

Notice that Aries is listed for the first midpoint of Asc/Adm, but 
that the zodiac positions are not given for the other two midpoints.  
When SF gives the zodiac position, this indicates a direct midpoint, 
right  Jerry ?

Must go now.  Hope that this helps or at least raises a few other 
questions.  Apologies for the unanswered personal mail that some of 
you are waiting for, but I am swamped with many tasks.  And yes, this 
being "swamped" is revealed in the midpoint modal sort !

Kind Regards,


Date sent:       Wed, 8 Jul 1998 

Dear Jerry and 101'ers,

In case "indirect midpoints" raises questions among those on this 
list, just think of a midpoint as containing the energy of a planet.  
We all know that any planet will have subsequent energies at various 
places on the chart or dial, eg. at 180 degrees, 90 degrees, etc. 
Likewise with midpoints there are energy points at various intervals. 
Harding and Harvey use a 45 degree modulus which means that at every 
45 degree interval from a (direct) midpoint, there will be a 
manifestation at 45 degrees from either side of the midpoint, then at 
90 degrees, then 135 degrees and so on around the chart.  I know that 
some Uranian astrologers go down as far as 11.25 degrees and even 
less (just keep dividing by two).  On a 45 degree modulus I usually 
use an orb of 30 minutes either way ( + and - ), and for 22.5 degrees 
I use 15 minutes (and so on / keep dividing the orb by 2 ).

The huge number of midpoints can overwhelm beginners, but when only 
very close orbs are used, and when significant points are 
investigated (eg. the Personal Points, or specific indicators - eg. Mars / Pluto for violence), then midpoints become manageable.

Kind Regards,


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