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How Do I Join the MSO Web Ring?

Three easy steps.
Follow the instructions below:

Step 1.
The first step in joining is to fill out a Submission Form. Click here.

Step 2.
I'll send you an email welcoming you to the 'queue' with an attached text document containing a customized HTML fragment, the exact code you need to add your site to the ring. Download the text, open it, copy and paste it at the bottom of the 'home', 'index' or 'about' page of your school's web site. Save the changes. At that point, the MSO controls should appear. Upload the page to your server. Online, clicking any of the new links should now load a page saying your site is not yet in the ring. Once you make it this far, you're almost there -- just one more step!

Step 3:
Once the code is on your page, email me again. I'll verify that the links are targeted & active and will insert your site into the ring. That's it!

What happens after I join?
Traffic to your site will increase as visitors drop by via other sites in the ring. You may experience a warmly subtle, growing sense of excitement. To capitalize on this, help out if you can - I'm in the midst of an email campaign to locate and notify every Montessori school online - every little bit helps, so spread the word about the ring.

Let me know if you need any assistance. Really!

Don Jennings