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Using Advanced Astrological Techniques

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(this site is under construction)

We need extra researchers, at any stage of our Project.
You are welcome to join us.

Can you devote a (minimum of) two hours a month for analysis of charts, and / or research?

Do you have material that could be added to this site?
Do you have html, word processing, internet surfing, statistical or graphic skills?


  There are a variety of ways you can assist our Project, but we mainly 

need skilled astrologers who can analyze earthquake charts. 
  To join our Project, please send a letter of application to the project 
co-ordinator, Steve Lee, email:
  In the subject line of your email, please put Your Name - to Join Enceladus. 
Example:  Mary - to Join Enceladus. 
  Please explain your astrology background and experience, astrologcial software that you use, and other relevant information such as geophysical or mathematical knowledge. 
You will receive a reply within a few days. 
Thank you for your interest.  ~  S. Lee



  You will gain personal satisfaction in being part of an international team. 

  If you believe in the positive use of the Internet, and in international astrological 
cooperation, then you will be glad that you added to this effort. 

  You will learn more astrology. 

  You will have the option of your name appearing along with our published research findings. 

  If you already have specialized knowledge that could assist this project, 
then you will have the satisfaction of knowing your input helped us. 

  There is the real possibility that you will be part of a research team that either will successfully predict an earthquake, or will lead to such happening.  At least one earthquake (in India) has been successfully predicted, and published beforehand. 

  You will not be required to spend endless hours doing research. 
The idea is for a large enough team to share the work load. You will still have time for your clients and family. 

This site is under construction.   Please return later for more material.

          -  Steve Lee, Project Coordinator, 24 August 2001