Subject:           First Brasilian Serial Killer
Date sent:        Wed, 12 Aug 1998 17:14:55 -0300

Hi Steve and Midpointers,

Would you care for having a look at the chart of the first Brasilian
serial killer? It's the first time in our history that we have a
serial killer, we're becoming a first word nation.... (irony) You all can
imagine how we Brasilians are feeling with something like this happening
for the first time. It's the talk of the country.

He killed 10 or more girls in a period of more or less 8 months. All
sexual crimes, he killed and rapped them. Got caught last week and
confessed the crimes and showed the places were he buried the bodies. It
was in a park in Sao Paulo.

His name is Francisco de Assis, yes, the saint Francis de Assisi name, and
is known as the Motoboy, because that's the way we call those boys that
work driving a motorcycle to deliver errands.

Francisco de Assis Pereira (motoboy)
29 nov 1967   20.00 GMT    20s48    049w23   asc14 Tau

As I'm still "fighting" with the midpoints and the trees I couldn't
figure out anything. As a matter of fact, what am I supposed to do?
Look at all midpoints? There's a lot of them. Which ones have more to do
with a case like this?

Can you help me?


Date sent:       Sat, 15 Aug 1998 13:29:23 -1200 
Subject:         ## Steve: Brazilian Killer 

Dear Uranians, 

Every so often astrological techniques quickly reveal a powerful  
picture of a person; there is no need for hours of analysis.  
Midpoints are seldom calculated by hand these days, so by pressing a few 
keys on my Solar Fire 4 program, the chilling yet intriguing karma of a 
killer appeared within  seconds.  It is times like this that I wonder how 
some astrologers manage to cope without the use of midpoints and TNPs. 

Several days ago Vania told us about the following (abridged): 

>Would you care for having a look at the chart of the first Brasilian 
>serial killer? He killed 10 or more girls in a period of more or less 8 
>months. It was in a park in Sao Paulo. Francisco de Assis Pereira 
>(motoboy) 29 nov 1967   20.00 GMT    20s48    049w23   asc14 Tau 

Perhaps many of us viewed the birth time as suspicious, since it is  
'on the hour' exactly at 2000 GMT.  I know that many of us will not  
do any chart work unless such a time is substantiated.  However, I  
have investigated this chart and found it fascinating, and the  
results lead me to believe that the birth time is accurate.  If you  
are still skeptical, have a read of the following... 

First of all, I must admit that I was a little ignorant of Brazil's  
world location:  the time zone is +3.00 hrs, i.e., it (the populated area) 
is way to the east of New York City.  So, if you cast this chart, use the 
time of 5 PM, Brazilian Time Zone 2.  Thanks to Vania for giving us the 
Asc of 14 Taurus. 

OK, for those of you who do not like the exact time of 2000 / 5.00PM, here 
are a few planetary pictures that should still be valid without a 
precisely accurate birth time:  (all natal) 

[ Su / Ve ]  = [ Ma / Pl ] 
[ personal attraction, magnetism, to repeat, to multiply, to  
lead] = [the attainment of one's own objectives by means of ruthless 
cruelty, brutality] 

This can also be written as:   Ma + Pl - Ve  =  Su 
Perhaps someone with a decent book on planetary pictures could  
interpret this for us. 

Here some more that are not dependent on a highly accurate time: 

Ze = Su / NNode   (2 minutes orb, 22.5 degree sort) 
"Associated with military persons; to come into physical contact with 
fire."   While 'Rules' says "fire", Zeus can also be "firing a gun, the 
bullet being fired" (my interpretation). 

Ad = Me / Ne 
Admetos [death, separation, condensing] brings energy to  
the midpoint signifying: [confusion, lies, want of clarity], or  
causing death by clouded thinking. 

Ad = Mo / Ju 
Admetos [death, separation, condensing] brings energy to  
the midpoint signifying "social successes, carrying out enterprises  
on a large scale." Or, we could say ' causing death to many women'. 

Ve / Ur = NNode / Pl 
[ surprising, sudden, new conditions] =  
[transformations through relationships]. 
My own interpretation of   Ve + Ur - Pl = NNode 
is "the karma of sudden force used sexually". 

Now, if we use the personal points (accepting that the natal time is 
accurate), the pictures are thrown at us in horrible clarity: 

MC sq Hades ( 24 minutes orb) 
"Bereavement and grief; to have secrets." 

MC sesiq Ap (2 minutes orb) 
"One's own life experience." 

Putting both of the above PP's together, we have: 
Great success (Apollon) with our own life experience concerning  

The MC reveals much more, however: 

MC = Mo / Me 
Instability, easily impressed, forgetful. 

MC = Ma / Po (exact at zero minutes orb ! ) 
To be an ethical or moral example. 

MC = Ju / NNode (3 minutes) 
General popularity, to be well-liked.  (Rules) 
The desire to be in soul-contact with other people. ( COSI ) 

Although the above two PP's are quite positive, when related to the  
other factors, the "morality and popularity" become  
terribly distorted and negative. 

Finally, the Ascendant gives a chilling picture: 
Asc  conj  Hades  (1 degree 3 minutes orb) 
"To come into contact with disagreeable things.  Acquaintances with  
disagreeable people." 

Asc = Ur / Ha  (2 minutes orb ) 
"Assassination of well-known persons; others commit wicked deeds." 

On the 22.5 degree dial, with the pointer at the Aries Point : 
Ar = Ze / Kr 
"Big fires, wars, deciding battles, energetic will in pursuit of a  
goal."  Another way a putting this is that the Aries Point comes into 
contact with the midpoint signifying [to assert oneself at all costs].  
The Aries Point is described by Jacobson as "impersonal contact with the 
outside world in general, such as out in the street, in the open, or at a 
public place."  Thus we see a person prowling the streets for victims. 

On the 90 degree dial, Hades is right smack inbetween the  
Asc and MC, all at  [ 14, 15, 16 ] degrees. 
 Ha = A / M   "To be connected with ugly and dirty things." 

Returning to Vania's letter: 
>He killed 10 or more girls in a period of more or less 8 months. All 
>sexual crimes, he killed and raped them. Got caught last week and 
>confessed the crimes and showed the places were he buried the bodies. It 
>was in a park in Sao Paulo. 

"Rape" is indicated by his PP of: 
Ha = Ve / Ze   "Grief through procreation. Illicit (sex)." 

In conclusion,  we can seethat the  planetary pictures reveal 
a "wicked person with a corrupt yet powerful moral behaviour, who  
asserts himself at all costs causing brutal, sudden, unusual death." 

    -   Steve 

Note:  Most all of the above interpretation was done with a 22.5  
degree sort (or dial), using very tight orbs usually less than 10  
minutes.  The 'Rules' book was used predominantly, but COSI also. 

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