by Eileen Nauman, DHM(UK), EMT-B
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Symbol: The "cross of matter" with a crescent Moon over the top of it. The ability to protect those under your care or authority. The ability to bring change about, and physical manifestation to those you love, care or protect. Authority with the blessing of the Creator.


  •   Illness or health problems with one's father, or a male, 
      older figure in the family (grandfather, uncle, etc.)

      Medical mal-practice suite being brought against a health practitioner. 

    3. Government (state or federal) "raid" on a health practitioner. 

    4. Legal problems of a medical nature being brought to one's doorstep to contend with (if you are a health practitioner) or thinking of bringing a lawsuit (if you are the patient) against a health practitioner. 

    5. Bureaucracy meddling in matters of medicine, health, and alternative medicine (and you are the consumer). 

    6. A doctor who is at the top of his/her peer group. A specialist who has decades of experience at his/her specialty. 

    7. The health practitioner is older and may be male or female (crone/menopausal).

    8. Governmental research project that has to do with testing in a health or medical area. 

    9. Laws governing the practice of medicine and alternative medicine in a state as well as federal mandates. 

    10. Medical insurance companies. 

    1. Medicare. 
    2. Any state, federal, or country/government-runned health care (social security, Medicare, as examples). 
    3. Lawyer who practices medical and health cases. 
    14. Going to court over a legal matter (may involve health issue or not). 

    15. President of a hospital, nursing home, or hospice. 

    16. Political group who pushes new legal/law legislation for health or medicine practices. 

    17. Health and medical licensing board (state) that you may have joined, have input with or you are being asked to stop practicing, or there is a problem in how you practice. 

    18. Ultimate medical authority(ies). 

    19. A person who is the 'best' at their health/medical trade--be it traditional or alternative medicine of some kind, such as homeopathy, acupuncture, Naturopathic doctor, Reikie, massage, etc. 

    20. Leader in their health field. Health advocates. Health/medical lobbyist in state and federal legislation. 

    21. Judicial judgment being passed in a health/medical matter that is brought to court. 

    22. Legal confrontations involving health/medicine. 

    23. The American Medical Assn. (AMA). The use and abuse of power of traditional medicine against alternative medicine practitioners.


    1. Likes to be in authority; to be seen as the lead authority in some 'thing.' 
    A higher octave of SATURN. 

    2. A specialist in a given area who is the master of their trade/vocation. 

    3. Strict, conservative, authoritarian. Is not flexible. They are absolute about boundaries with themselves and others. 

    4. Unable to be flexible at a moment's notice. They are 'fixed-rut' people. 
    If they get thrown out of their rut, they flounder, get stressed out easily and 
    are very unhappy and let everyone know it. 

    5. The authoritarian symbol; the "boss", the leader, the head of the family, etc. 

    6. Wants to be self-sufficient. Does not want to 'lean' on others. Would hate being placed in a nursing home. Would rather live and die at 'home' instead of at a hospital. 

    7. At their best, may be a leader (world-class) in humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors toward the world. They work for humanity. The rest are corporate leaders/raiders, president, senator, judge, or a leader in their particular vocation/career slot. 

    8. They 'follow the rules' and abide by the 'laws' of the land. 

    9. At their finest, they are of unimpeachable integrity and the highest of moral fiber. At their worst, they are the opposite. 

    10. They often work in state or government jobs; police, justice-of-the-peace, municipal workers, etc. 

    11. They hold the vision for a place of peace with integrity, honor and true justice for all. A utopian dream. 

    12. Administrators. Good with discipline, organization, and common sense. 

    13. Because they are leaders, they may have a lot of pride. "Pride goeth before a fall." They can't admit they are sick, or ill. They may "hide it". They may not be able to show their emotions, either. Poor at communicating personal, emotional information to others


    1. Working via a therapist to understand the power of the father in our lives. 

    2. Father-figure problems/old tapes/conditional patterns that need to be looked at and come to terms with. 

    3. Soul recovery and extraction that will address father-figure issues. 

    4. Seeking out the best in their field to have medical or health information from. 

    5. Utilizing a specialist who is the very 'best' in their field; especially in the realm of surgery. 

    6. Doing research, in-depth, to understand the entirety of their disease process, the options that are available--doing research engenders some control over your own life and this is very important to a Kronos person. 

    7. Doing things in a logical, step-by-step sequence. 

    8. Conservative or traditional methods to get well will appeal to this person--NOT the more alternative medicine methods. They are 'set' in their ways and are not open to, or flexible about, the newer, more natural ways to heal that are available to us today. 

    9. Trusting the authority in which you place yourself under.


    1. Petrified Sequoia--so they do not take everything so personally (and therefore have a pound of flesh torn from them) at work. This will help them rise above things and be Zen-like without being disconnected from what is going on.

    2. Cottonwood Tree--when they have over worked and abused the privilege of their body, or they've taken hit after hit and are reeling, but still moving forward when they should rest. For Life's devastation's.

     3. Chaparral--for a deep, deep internal cleansing to keep them free from cancer or other deeply rooted diseases. Also supports immune system. Should be used every 6 months as a 'tune-up' for 30 days.

    4. Colville's Columbine--to reconnect their heart with their mind so they begin to think and act/react in a more balanced manner.

    5. Phal. Stone Pinto Orchid--for those who work too hard and don't know when to quit and go out and "play." This balances out their work vs. play routine. It helps to re balance Type A behavior into a more moderate, less stressful pace.

    6. Yellow Bearded Iris--to release old thought/condition patterns of a mental variety. Helps with any harbored negative emotion that stunts our growth. The ability to 'see' or 'perceive' on a much more macrocosmic level.

    7. Century Plant--to create a breakthrough in the person's mental construct so they can get out of it and widen their mental horizon/construct of reality. For those who adhere to some fixed, rigid


    8. Hollygrape--for those who are mentally rigid and incapable of looking or appreciating or respecting anyone else's 'take' on reality/belief system. Adds flexibility to one's limited thought processes and helps the person to see the greater macrocosm instead of their own microcosm. For those who have harsh prejudices of any kind against any person, country or idea.

    9. Colville's Columbine--to link the power of living in their head back with their emotions and emotional life/capability via their heart. Both must be in place in order to advance spiritually.

    10. Aquamarine--to soothe a fractious and taut central nervous system. Also helps the person to sleep and addresses insomnia from a "squirrel's cage" mind that won't shut off and stop thinking.

    11. Almond Blossom--to help bring back the playful child side of an adult (or child) that may have been lost.

    12. Black Tourmaline--if caught up in the stress of a lawsuit, to get rid of the tremendous stress associated with it and to use it when in court to protect from the negativity and emotions of others around you.

    13. Tree Peony--to address very deep seated emotional issues; particularly surrounding "heart" issues, that just won't rise due to power of repression/suppression of the person.

    14. Peridot--powerful immune supporter for those who operate under tremendous, constant stress.

    Eileen Nauman, Moderator

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