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Date sent:       Sat, 19 Aug 2000 18:18:26 +0200
From:            Bernd Singer

Hello Steve, hello group, 

Here are some statements about the damaged Russian submarine Kursk

"At this moment" (MC):   {The dial pointer in the chart below is at the MC}

= (T1=0°) Cancer^MA = UR^HA = VU;  Injuries, working-energy, big damage, not possible
to control power  = (T4=90°) SU/HA  bearers of a secret, mutilated body   = (T8=45°)
NE/ZE = secret hidden arms, combustible gases, 
   JU/SA = sudden loss and separation 
   SA/PL = slow agonizing separation 
   HA/AD = cold, lost energy and materials, deep, grave 


Asc -  "connections at this place":  {The dial pointer in the chart below is at the Asc}

= CANC. ^MC = SU^SA = KR^VU = KN^KR; on the earth, death or restriction of the life,
separation, state-power and their connection   = (T2=180°) UR/CU; excitements in the
community  = (T4=90°)  ME/PL = SU/CU = SA/UR; commands in the community leads to the
death   = (T8=45°) MO/ZE = SA/AD = CU/AD; military association, halt, narrow pass,
death of the community, 


Further incriminating planetary pictures can be found with the axes of  AS^MC,  AR,  SU 

I think, that there is to be expected no longer human life. 

best regards from Hamburg 
Bernd Singer 

The web site link below lets you see more about the internal explosion devastated the nuclear
submarine Kursk before it went down last Saturday. 


NORSAR is today one of the world's largest seismological observatories.

Signals from presumed underwater explosions in the Barents Sea were recorded on 12
August 2000 on seismic stations in several countries, and among these were the
facilities operated in Norway by the NORSAR seismological observatory. The estimated
location of these events coincides well with the position of the Russian submarine

Preliminary analyses conducted by NORSAR indicate that there were two explosions. The
larger explosion occurred at 07.30.42 GMT at an estimated location of 69 degrees 38
minutes North, 37 degrees 19 minutes East. This explosion had a magnitude of 3.5 on
the Richter scale, corresponding to about 1-2 tons of explosive in water. A smaller
explosion with a magnitude of 1.5 was recorded from the same location 2 minutes 15
seconds earlier.

NORSAR is continuing its detailed analyses of these signals from the Barents Sea.


Date sent:       Sun, 20 Aug 2000 11:40:57 +1200
From:             Steve Lee

Dear Members,

Following Bernd's post on the Kursk submarine explosion, I have put on 
my web site four charts, using Janus software.  A few planetary pictures 
are given below.  The third chart is attached to this email (most people 
don't bother to surf over to web sites).


The pointer is on the MC. 360 chart.
Notice Vulcanus ^ MC, also:
MC ^ Sun / Hades 
^  represents a conjunction.
Of course, there is much more to see. Refer to Bernd's post.

http://junojuno2.tripod.com/kursk360HA.JPG   Also see chart below:

The pointer is on Hades. 360 chart.
The symmetrical picture here is striking:
Hades ^ MC / Admetos,   only 3 minutes orb and MC sextiles Admetos 1d24m !
Whenever I think of a submarine, I 'see' Admetos.
Notice also  Hades ^  Uranus / Apollon  (sudden experiences of many 
resulting from vile acts, destruction, etc.)

Other interesting aspects:  MC 180 Moon 1d23m orb,  MC 90 Apollon 44min orb,   
   Sun 60 Apollon 17min orb,   Pluto 135 Node 37min orb,  Uranus 22.5 Vertex 36m orb,  
   Sun 45 Zeus 39min orb


The pointer is on the Ascendant, 90 chart.
"Vp" = Vernal Point = Aries Point
Note the 'cluster' near 20 degrees: Mo=MC=Ap=Vu and this cluster is 
linked with the Aries Point and Kronos.
Another cluster near 50 degrees:  Ur=Su=Ad.  Notice how the Ascendant 
is linked with this cluster and Saturn (and Cupido).
Refer also to Berndt's post.


The pointer is on Hades. 90 chart. 
Orb reduced to only 10 minutes.
Here we see four personal points (Asc, MC, Ar Pt, Su) all linked with 
Ha = As / Sa = MC / Ad = Ar / Pl = Su / Ap

Apologies for not including interpretations, but Berndt did include quite a 
few. Anyway, in the immediate planetary picture above you can get the 
idea that Saturn, Admetos and Pluto don't exactly add much 'luck and 

We are of course looking at an EVENT chart, and not the Kursk's natal 
chart.  Maybe one of our members in Russia will give us this information.

I have found these charts to be very interesting.  It is a a little relief from the
boredom of the last week - of having the flu and being in bed.  If anyone has a chart
to add, I'll put it on site or attach it to a post as long as it is not too big (the
four above are each 70 - 80 Kb in size).

Kind regards,

Steve Lee

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