Date sent:        Tue, 4 Aug 1998 01:13:40 -0400
Subject:          ## Kenneth Starr birth time

Hi Steve, Lea, and All:

Kenneth Starr: July 21, 1946; 6:45 PM CST (+6); Vernon, TX (34N09;
99W17).  MC: 3:24 Scorpio; AS: 13:28 Capricorn.  Source: Lois Rodden's
"Data News", #71, June 1998.  Birth certificate data.  His birth time was
corrected from 6:56 PM, a typo, given in a previous issue of Rodden's
newsletter.  SA currently transits his MC axis. 


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Subject:          ## Monica Lewinsky's solar return

Hi All:

Monica Lewinsky: July 23, 1973; 12:21 PM PDT (+7); San Francisco, CA
(37N47; 122W25).  MC: 17:44 Cancer, AS: 15:39 Libra.

Lewinsky's solar return of this year partakes of the new MO at 0:31
Leo (July 23, 1998; 13:44 UT).  This lunation opposed NE, and its
antiscial degree opposed CU.  So we have SU/MO=NE and (SU/MO,NE
)/CU=AR.  Of SU/MO=NE, Witte says: cooling off in friendships because of
deceptive situation, misunderstandings or lies.  The denial of a
partnership or a marriage.  To me, (SU/MO,NE)/CU=AR speaks of the alleged
clandestine relationship between Lewinsky and Clinton, which again comes
to world/public notice partly because of the Lewinsky's dress, now
official evidence, which, as one straight-faced commentator put it, is
alleged to have been stained by "presidential fluids". Kenneth Starr hopes
to get a DNA match of this "stain" and Bill Clinton's hair DNA.  

Although Lewinsky will be influenced by the new MO in Leo lunation for
approximately one month, the MO had transited beyond the degree of the new
MO lunation by the time Lewinsky's solar return arrived, leaving her with
SU=NE (days of uncertainty).  CU will resume its transit of Sagittarius in
September, and will contact Lewinsky's natal AS axis (relationships).

>From a cursory examination, her solar return does not look too good. SR
MA transits in declination above the ecliptic limit of 23:26:22.  MA's
solar return declination is 23N40:05.  This may look like a small amount,
but it isn't in terms of the damage it can do.  MA also surpassed the
ecliptic limit the day after Monica's birthday, and we had the shooting at
the Capitol building, allegedly by Russell Eugene Weston, a schizophrenic
[shooting: July 24, 1998; 3:40 PM EDT (+4); Capitol Bldg, Washington, DC
(38N53; 77W01)].  Two policemen died in the line of duty, while a female
tourist and Weston were wounded.  The malefic fixed star Algol (26:09
Taurus) was prominent on the event Descendant (26:13 Taurus).

Contrary to the notion of an older generation of astrologers, who
considered only conjunctions of chart factors to fixed stars as
effective, I have found that other aspects definitely work with Algol.
 I do not make assumptions about aspects other than conjunctions to
other fixed stars since most of my work has been with Algol only.  The
traditional influence attributed to Algol is malefic to a marked degree,
and has an affinity for (but is not limited to) the neck area (hangings,
throat cuttings, broken necks, bullets to the neck, injury to the lower
jaw, etc.).  I have found the following degree areas to be effective in
generating Algol's influence (based on its current degree): 26:09 fixed,
11:09 cardinal, 3:51 fixed, and 18:51 mutable. The latter two are based on
the antiscion of Algol.  These degree areas may show up in the event
charts of mass deaths and catastrophes, but may also show up in relatively
minor events, such as cutting one's finger on the ring top lid of a can of
tuna (ask me about it!). Although the examples given so far have been of
physical damage, this star's effects can be other than physical.

Now getting back to Lewinsky's solar return, there are a number of
chart factors associated with Algol degree areas: MA (11:43 Cancer),
SA (3:10 Taurus), ME (26:10 Leo).  HA (17:55 Gemini) will creep up by
transit  to meet the others.  These degrees are automatically linked to
each other and to Algol.  Actually only one chart factor associated with
Algol is enough to bring this fixed star into the situation.  

Remember that MA's declination was above the ecliptic, so its effects will
be outstanding in some way, not only through declination, but by
association with Algol as well.  MA rules the Descendant of her solar
return, the "other half" of a relationship. Lewinsky's natal does not
contain any of the degrees associated with Algol, so I am assuming (for
the time being) that she will not be the recipient of the Algol influence
as seen in her solar return as much as someone within her circle.  

Lewinsky does have a progressed vertex axis at 18:14
Gemini/Sagittarius. I recall the natal chart of actress Jayne
Mansfield who was decapitated in an auto accident.  The only Algol
influence in Mansfield's natal was on two TNP's: HA (11:27 Aries) and AD
(11:01 Aries).  There was additional Algol influence from her secondary
progressions. I don't mean to imply that anything similar is going to
happen to Lewinsky.  Try to keep Algol's orb small, say one degree in
either direction at the most, preferably less.  



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Subject:         ## Bill: Linda Tripp

Hi Steve, Lea & Group:

Linda Rose (Carotenuto) Tripp: November 24, 1949; 8:00 AM EST (+5);
Jersey City, NJ (40N44; 74W04).  MC: 4:27 Libra, AS: 14:28
Sagittarius. Source: birth certificate data ("BC in hand") from Lois
Rodden's "Data News", #72, August 1998.  A previously submitted birth date
of July 18, 1949, is erroneous.

Her penchant for "electronic eavesdropping" is evident as a natal
signature in this chart, as is the potential for her "mistaking"
someone else's property for her own.

I also have confirmation of her November 24th birth date in the form
of an arrest document copy sent to me by astrologer John Somoza.  I
will send you this under separate cover if you like.  The "e" in her
maiden name, Carotenuto, is rather difficult to make out in the
document.  Her record would lead me to question any virtue one may
read into her natal.

She was accused of taking $263.00 cash from one man, and a Jules
Jurgansen watch valued at $600.00 from another.  The two men were
apparently guests at an inn, and were staying in separate rooms where the
crimes occurred.  The report lists her crimes as "grand larceny, 3rd
degree, 2 counts".  

According to the arrest document, the crimes took place: May 12, 1969;
2:30 AM EDT (+4) and 4:00 AM EDT; Greenwood Lake, NY (41N14; 74W17).

Tripp was arrested: May 12, 1969; 8:30 AM EDT; Greenwood Lake, NY. 
The arrest report lists the names of 4 accomplices, 2 women and 2 men.

> From: John Somoza <>
> To:
> Subject: Linda Tripp aka Linda Rose Carotonuto
> Date: Thursday, March 19, 1998 11:35 PM

> >From the Internet I have down loaded the 2 page arrest report for
> Tripp aka Linda Rose Carotonuto. A bit hard to read. Get a
> magnifying glass. I have attached them to this post.

> According to the report by the Police Department of Greenwood Lake, New
> Linda Rose Carotonuto was born on -

> November 24, 1949 
> Jersey City, New Jersey

> Here education was listed with Katherine Gibbs (a secretarial school
> those who don't know). She is right handed.

> At age 19 she was accused of a crime that occurred 2:30 am on May
> 12,
> in Greenwood Lake, NY along with other accomplices. A complaint was
> and she was arrested at 8:30 am, May 12, 1969.

> She supposedly stole a watch from one man and a money from another. She
> pleaded not guilty.  

> In today's TV Tabloid news the story of the case ended with a
> plea accepted by Linda Tripp.  Supposedly her accomplices had placed
> stolen items in her purse without her knowledge.

> If you look at your Astrological calendar Saturn will return to its
> position, Taurus in a few months.

> Linda Tripp is in danger of losing her job for lying on her
> employment application that she was never arrested. She is currently
> making
> plus working for the government (approximately 49,600 pounds)

> John S. NYC 

09 Aug 98 01:37:11 +0100 Subject:         
 > > Hi Anny,

 > > Here are some of the birthdata for the major characters in the 
> "Lewinsky affaire"

 > > For Pres. Clinton there are a few different charts, used by
 > > Different astrologers:

 Is there one with the time:13.30 G.M.T?  Now there are so many
 different horoscopes I keep this one.
 Together with Lewinski and Kenneth Star and Clinton's Solar 1997 and 1998
 13.30' is allright to take the challenge for research.

 Saturnus is quadrate is his own place in Clinton's horoscope and
 Kenneth Star's horoscope shows me a Capricornus Ascendant. Sidereal

 It is interesting to see, that Clinton has most planets from X to IV in
 the radixfigure and Kenneth Star from IV to X all planets. Seems to me
 Clinton did it all by him self and Star needs others to make it in the
 world. Two  contrary characters the same year and season born. May be
 Kenneth Star looking grave and Bill Clinton is a sunny man.

 In my figure Bill Clinton has Leo Ascendant. Only Leo's take up the
 challenge to be a President. But they need the love and trust of the
 country to go on with the great job. He needs our prayers.

 But all three of them have their Moon in Aries.

 Besides that: Lewinski is born in 1973. Is she your enemy,  then you have
 a problem.

 He 'll not have it easy next year, in accordance to the solar 1998.

 > > If you use a search engine, you will find many articles on the 
j> WWW, discussing Clinton's natal chart, with different times. > > 
If I recall well, The Mountain Astrologer journal published an > > 
article, a few years ago, presenting and discussing Clinton's > > 
various birthcharts. > >

 I need the help of my son to go in the WWW.
 I am quite happy with the NZ mailinglist.

 > > ~~~~~~~~ ~~~ The birthdata for Kenneth Starr:
 > > ---------------------------------
 > > Jul 21 1946  6:56pm ST +6:00  99:30W 34:04N "Vernon, Tx, USA" 
This > > should be "July 22, 1946, 00:56 GMT", if I'm not mistaken. 
j> BTW, how very close to Monica Lewinski's birthday (July 23rd)!

 They must  have something  in common. I 'll take a look some day.

 > > Surprise surprise! Starr has a Jupiter/Juno/Fortuna tight
 > > conjunction in 19Libra+, right where Clinton's Chiron and
 > > AntiVertex (opp Admestos) are, square that famous coming
 > > MARS/VENUS/VULCANUS triple conjunction in 19Cancer40 (August
 > > the 4th, 1998). He also has a MARS/CUPIDO tight conjunction on 
j> Clinton's CUPIDO. Clinton's CERES (opp Saturn) is on Starr's > > 
EP, while Starr's CERES is opp Clinton's Mercury. Clinton's > >
 MOON/Kronos conjunction is Square Starr's Vertex. How > > 
interesting, They have the same natal VESTA position (VESTA > > 
stands for Sexual rituals and complexes, among other things), > > 
only 8 minutes apart. While Clinton's Vesta is retrograde, > > 
Starr's Vesta is direct, and they are both tightly opposite > > 
Clinton's > > ASC/EP/MARS/NEPTUNE/POSEIDON very tight stellium in 
Libra. No > > wonder Starr is so adamant (Sun/Saturn tight 
conjunction in > > Cancer) in trying (and maybe succeeding) to "nail"
Clinton > > (Jupiter) on this case of alleged sexual betrayal and marital
> > infidelity (Juno) (Admetos opp. Jupiter/Juno/Fortuna in his > > own
chart, tightly aligns with Clinton's Chiron, Admetos and j> Vertex, and
with USA's Juno/Chiron exact opposition).

 > > Compare USA's chart to that of Ken Starr, and you will find
 > > some interesting things.

 Yea I did. Quite interesting, I made some figures these days,
 try to find time to have a look at it.

 > > ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ The birthdata for Monica Lewinski (once again): 
j> ----------------------------------------------- Jul 23 1973 > >
 12:21pm PDT (GMT-7) 122:25W 37:47N "San Francisco, CA, USA"

Thank You  for your help!

 > > Yet another surprise! Monica has a Uranus opp Mars/Chiron
 > > conjunction exactly on the same axis of 19-20 Libra/Aries,
 > > that will be squared by the famous triple conjunction (4-Aug). 
j> Her Asc falls smack on Starr's Chiron (she must represent a > >
 "painful issue" for him)! Her MC is very close to his Desc. > > Her
 Jupiter is smack on his CERES, square HER Moon (remember, > > her
 mother is deeply invovled in this affair, too). Her > > Sun/Vesta is on
 his West point, square his Moon. all orbs are > > very tight.

 > > Hint: try to do the synastry on a 45* dial or 22.5* dial and
 > > you will find some very interesting contacts (like, for
 > > instance, each of them has his Uranus "on" the other's
 > > Admetos. Don't Uranus and Admetos have a rather opposite
 > > nature?).

 Yea I have that in my programm. The 22.5 sometimes, it is most
 Aries what I see from it. I am not used to it to make an opinion. Are

 > > ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Some more intersting birthdata:
 > > -------------------------------- Jennifer flowers: Jan 24 1950 
 5:45pm > > (GMT-6)  97:30W 35:30N "Oklahoma City, Ok, USA"

>>From "Linda Tripp and Vernon Jordan" by Arlene Kramer, at:
 > >

 > > "Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. was born at 11:57 p.m. on August 15,
 > > 1935 in Atlanta, Georgia."

 Who are these people? Jennifer Flowers?Jones? Thank you anyway;
 I am going to cast the figures! Thank you very much!!!

I am going to connect myself now, otherwise it is too late. I am going to

Have a nice day and interesting surfing on Internet!!

Regards Anny


Date sent:       Mon, 3 Aug 1998 08:43:34 -1200
Subject:         ## Lea: Ma/Ve/Vu & Clinton

> The Mars/Venus/Vulcanus conjunction and Pres. Clinton's Natal chart
> -------------------------------------------------------------------

> During the Conjunction in question, one finds the following tight
> transits to Clinton's Chart (30' orb):

> 1. The triple conjunction is square his natal Vertex/Admetos
> conjunction (in the 8:51am chart) or his MC and Fortuna (on the
> 3:44am chart). 2. Tr Sun is on his natal Pluto. 3. Tr Mercury rx. is on
> his natal Sun. 4. Tr Juno (avenging goddess of marriage) is back on his
> Mars/Neptune (and ascendant in the 8:51am chart) natal conjunction (opp.
> natal Vesta), just where she made the Rx station on January, when the
> "Lewinsky affaire" exploded. 5. Tr Apollon is on his natal Chiron, opp.
> his Vertex/Admetos conjunction (or MC, in the other chart). 6. Tr Lilith
> ("mysterious" woman who gives one a lot of trouble) is on his Juno, opp.
> his natal Hades. 7. tr stationary Rx Jupiter is square natal PALLAS,
> while tr Kronos is opp. that same PALLAS. 8. The Hades/Saturn alignment,
> sits right on his natal Cupido (90* dial).

> Now,let us see what natal axes the triple conjunction "activates" in
> this chart (90*dial):

> (VE=MA=VU=SU) tr = VERTEX n = (30' orb) (=natal midpoints:)

> =SA/ZE (Oppression. Anxiety. Anguish. obstacles and hindrances in
> activity) =NO/ZE (Elect, select, Union for procreation, or creative
> accomplishments) =MO/CU (The wife. The mother in law). =SA/NE (Habit.
> Things of long duration. chronic ill health. suffering) =NE/NO (lack of
> team work. Dissolution of unions). =AS/CU (The home. Social connections.
> Business partnership) =AP/PO (Fellow sufferers) =MC/CU (Family and
> community minded. One's family/marriage/community). =SA/PO (The pattern.
> Education. Ideological separation). =NO/PO (Mental connections) =MA/CU
> (Work or marriage partnership. Fights/quarrels in the family/marriage).
> =CU/KR (United States. Head of a family. Meetings of heads of
> government). =CU/ZE (Marriage. Military organization). =NE/CU
> (Dissonances in the family or in association).

> Another very tight picture:

> SATURN (stationary Rx.) tr = 
> natal (SU/VE "Love separation of a man. Disharmony"
>        =PL/HA "Grievances which cannot be removed for a long time. A bad
>                situation grows worse".)



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