Mary's Links to
Interesting Web Sites

Thanks to Mary, a member of the Uranian / Symmetrical Astrology list, for finding these Urls.  She has searched for only the best sites that have a high standard of astrological content. 
These are not hyper-linked, so just copy and paste them into your browser.  -  Steve Lee

Date sent:       Tue, 22 Jun 99 22:28:16 -0700
Esoteric Astrolgy is different from "mundane" astrology and was 
introduced through the writings of Alice Bailey early in this century.
Sign rulership is different in this system whose purpose is to augment the
more traditonal forms of astrology with information pertinent to the
evolution of the Soul.
This site aims to provide information about horary and electional 
astrology. There are plenty of links to horary-specific sites, as well as
info about horary software, training, as well as pertinent journals and
have patience with the slow-loading but lovely first page graphic. There
are ephemirides available for download and wonderful searchable databases for celebrity, mundane and the essential: royal family data. Extensive listing of online resources for astrology.
Zane Stein's site devoted to the study of Chiron and friends, the current
total of 13 Centaurs. Ephemerides for the Centuars 1998-2000 is posted on
the site, as well as an article on the discovery of solar systems with
A wide-ranging site dedicated to esoteric astrology. Adele Wilson's 
explanation of the inner meaning of the signs, the significance of the
rising sign in esoteric astrology, and even a link to a page selling a cd
rom version of the complete works of Alice Bailey.
Anthony Louis has published a book on Horary Astrology and his site 
includes an online glossory of horary terms as well as a discussion of
astrological geomancy. An online tutorial for horary and electional
astrology provides an excellent introduction.
Maurice McCann's very thorough site focuses on horary astrology. He has
done a tremendous amount of research on the subject and offers online
tutorials with the results of his explorations.