90 Degree Chart and Interpretations
of the
20 April 1999 Littleton Colorado Killings
[ Slobodan Milosevic info = below]


The above chart is from the superb Janus software, and sent in by Dechen.
For info on Janus, go to my two web sites below.  -  Steve


From:            "Dechen" <cartoon@ihug.co.nz>
To:              "The Uranian Group" <juno@contact.net.nz>
Date sent:       Thu, 22 Apr 1999 19:41:02 +1200

Hi Uranians

At the 11 20 time given is immediately drawn to the 
asc/mc   axis which has   vulcanus / zeus  prominent. 

So on this  asc/mc  axis we find
vu/ze    A mighty event involving machinery, weapons,  wars
ma (sa, ne)/ha  vulgar acts,  murder, sudden attacks

A shameful act of murder clearly possible at that time and place.

What where the points in the persons responsible charts?
Does anyone have their data ?




Date sent:       Wed, 21 Apr 1999 23:53:40 -0400
From:            "William F. Land" <land774@juno.com>

Hi All:

The time of 11:30 AM is, I believe, the approximate time of the 911
call. CNN published the following on their website, 4/20/99:

"A student who called a television station on his cell phone said he had
heard renewed shooting about two hours after the incident began at 11:15
a.m. MDT (1:15 p.m. EDT). He described two fellow students who were
wearing black hats, black masks and black trench coats."

That time would give us: April 20, 1999; 11:15 AM MDT; Littleton, CO
(39N37; 105W01).  MC: 2:16 Libra, AS: 19:56 Cancer.  The ME to ZE
opposition is riding the MC axis.  Actually (MO, ME, ZE)=MC: "point in
time of a public threat" or "inflamed or temperamental dispositions" or
"youths (MO/ME) with guns (ZE) now (MC)".

The MO (3:28 Cancer) and ME (3:05 Aries) of that chart are antiscially
related to an occultation of ME by the MO at 26:27 Pisces which occurred on:

April 14, 1999; 4:53 UT; Littleton, CO.  MC: 19:18 Virgo, AS: 3:44 
Sagittarius.  This AS aspects the occultation via the 22.5-degree series,
thus increasing the possibility that this place (AS: Littleton) would see
action based on the occultation.  Something similar to the event chart is
set up in the occultation chart
(MO/ME)/ZE=AR   and   (MO/ME)=AS 
("kids with guns here in Littleton are acknowledged by the world"). 
The AS axis also brings in the general element of confrontation. 

So the MO and ME squared in the event chart, and "set off" the occultation
(MO conjunct ME), both through antiscial relationship and repetitive 
emphasis of same energies (MO, ME & ZE).  You may counter that 
MO/ME pertains to "female youth" and that the principle youths involved 
here were male youths (SU/ME), but the pattern seems, to me, to 
emphasize the emotional tilt of the kids, not to mention the quality of
the event, a MO thing for sure. 

The occultation is in hard aspect to the 11:20 LEO lunar eclipse, a root
"cause", so to speak.

Astrologer Paula Roosa e-mailed me today with the birth dates of the
alleged perpetrators.  She related from a press conference aired today
Eric Harris born 4/9/81 [April 9th] and 
Dylan Klebold born 9/11/81 [September 11th]. 
Both had commited 1st degree felony trespass
1/30/98 when they broke into a car and stole something - didn't say
what". Their trespass was one day before the LE on 1/31/99.  I haven't looked
at their natal charts yet, but I did notice that Klebold's chart features
UR at 26 Scorpio opposed to that darling fixed star, Algol, indicative, to
me, of "loosing one's head" (literally and figuratively).

I've found that Algol "works" from its regular and antiscial axis and
hard aspects to these, so-called minor (22.5-degree series) aspects included.
I can't say this for other fixed stars.  Some say there are other
factors, other fixed stars at these degrees, to account for destructive energies,
but, as far as I can tell, they don't account for the fact that the
energy comes through as "neck" phenomena, a signature quality of Algol's

The chart of Slobodan Milosevic is a case in point.  He has
MO (3:08 Leo) conjunct PL (4:36 Leo) in natal 4th.  The MO is currently
related to the antiscion of Algol (3:51 Leo), and his PL is related to
the antiscion of Algol at his birth (4:39 Leo).  His mother hung herself
(Algol) in the living room of their home [natal "promise": "mother" MO
conjunct "death/transitional" PL in the "home" 4th house,
(MO,PL)/Algol=AR, an element of his notoriety].


Note:  the data I have for Slobodan Milosevic is:
20 Aug 41
10:16 PM  rectified by Linda Reid, Australia, but incomplete rectification
Posarevac Yugoslavia   44N37     021E11

-  Steve

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