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New Moon, 20-Oct 1998 26LIB49, Jerusalem-IL

When casting the chart for the coming New Moon (20-Oct-1998, 10:10am GMT) for Jerusalem's Coordinates, one finds Vulcanus conjunct the Desc (2' orb), and stationary direct Uranus Square the MC (2' orb).

(So, MC/AS=UR/VU="Sudden apearance of forces. Thunderbolt. Explosion.Mighty tension. Great display of stregth...Electrical high tension...")

On the 360* dial there are also the following tight hard aspects:

Saturn Square Neptune (about 1deg orb).
Mars Square Pluto (1:25 deg orb).
Hades Square Jupiter (48' orb).

The following clusters are on the 32th harmonic chart (11:25* dial):
1)  Su=Mo=Ad=Cu=Pl (Passing reunion, deep reaching transformation in community or art or social circumstances?)

Fated event:
Ugly propoganda? Things of the past come to life again? (sudden important archeological discovery, maybe?) Bring light and clarity into an evil/dark/obscure secret from the past? (sounds like halloween...)

3) ASC=VU=KR=ME=Juno (=AP)
Place where:
(Other) people's thoughts and talks about (a famous female figure that is connected with) politics? Political thinking? A place where politicians talk ? The parliament building?

"Joyous happening?" A vow or pledge?
(=VE/PL= NE/MC UR CH...)

This Chart seems to hold an important cosmic message, that I find hard to decode. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to read and interpret it, or any general predictions concerning that particular New Moon?

PS. the sabian symbol for the New moon Degree is:
"Libra 27 Like a great soaring bird  - a single brilliant spot in the bright sky- an airplane overhead sails about calmly."
From Rudhyar's book:
keynote: a conciousness able to transcend the conflicts and pressures of the personal life".

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